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What people are saying…

Gail has been a long time colleague and peer for many years.  In July of 2018, I was confronted with a physical ailment, and during a regular coffee meeting with Gail, she selflessly brought her metaphysical expertise to my situation.   Applying her unique coaching process, we discovered that past trauma was perpetuating my problem, and that this was having a bigger impact on my life, even more than I could have imagined.  

Gail gave so fully to get to the true heart of the problem, which on the surface initially seemed purely physical, but which we ultimately discovered was an “unconfronted” emotional wound. Her insight, intuition and grace in how she “coached” me was divine.

It was this session and time with Gail, that got me on a quest to truly love and accept myself and to make positive life-affirming changes. I have now embarked on a game changing weight loss/lifestyle program, begun meditating, and working on healing the inner me, as well as the outer me.

I cannot stress how important this was for me so if you are looking for a brilliant insightful guide, I highly recommend Gail.

David Cohen

Author, Business Coach & Facilitator, The David Cohen Group

I have had the honor of working with Gail Scott for two years and she is one of the most dynamic and compassionate coaches and speakers you will ever find. She tells stories that will touch your heart and her passion and enthusiasm for everyone she works with lights up the room. If you ever have a chance to get her in front of an audience you do not want to miss it!!

Barbara Fagan

Co-Founder and President, Source Point Training

I want to thank Gail for helping me break through a barrier I didn’t want to face.  It’s been a week since I did so, and I feel so free with new possibilities emerging.  Without Gail’s support and coaching, I question if I would have ever gotten past my self-imposed barriers. Thank you so very much!

Miguel B