What Do You Choose to Believe, Trust and Listen to?

What Do You Choose to Believe, Trust and Listen to?

Dying is only scary if you haven’t lived your life fully. ~ Gail Scott

I get sent one every day, sometimes two.


Some are confusing, some are hilarious and some are so controversial they are removed from YouTube before I even have time to watch.

I’m even starting to make my own videos … coming soon to your inbox.

On a daily basis doctors, celebrities, and intuitives  bring all kinds of conflicting information to us.  And let’s not even talk about what comes out of mainstream media. The facts and projections change from morning to night.

What, and who, do you believe?

As a psychic channeler I bring exceptionally useful messages from non-physical energies for those who want to hear them.  They are remarkably accurate, but it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.  Sometimes when I tell people what I do, certain people say “I don’t believe in any of that stuff” and I totally respect this.  I get it.  It is pretty woo-woo.

However, these same people who doubt me and my psychic messages, rarely if ever say “I don’t believe in any of that” when faced with the conflicting information spewed out at us from the media, government and other so-called mainstream experts.  Instead, they choose to believe the widespread fear, controversy and inaccuracies.

So let’s look at this a little differently.

We are a conscious species, or at least we are moving towards this faster and faster.  We have been given free will to choose what works for us, and what doesn’t. 

When you feel fear, this is a sign you’re going down the wrong road because you are not meant to live in fear.

Your birthright is to live in a state of peace, calm and love.

Let me repeat this. 

Your birthright is peace, calm and love.

Now, I’m not saying life shouldn’t be challenging (because it would be mighty boring if we didn’t grow and evolve), but we are not meant to live with stress and anxiety.

It’s time to stop blindly believing whatever someone else says, because they are frequently wrong, inaccurate or even have their own agenda, and that negatively impacts you, your health and your mental state.

In my coaching sessions most clients come to me because they lack self trust.  They look outside of themselves to find their answers. After working with me they know themselves deeply, and they trust themselves.

If you find yourself in fear, anxiety and self-doubt, this way of being is not going to work well for you going forward into whatever your new normal is. 

As the world changes it’s imperative to move with the raising consciousness.  You have a personal responsibility to know yourself better now more than ever. 

Going through this huge transition you have a choice. 

You can listen to others whom you believe know better than you (and live in fear and uncertainty), OR you can start to trust yourself, make informed decisions by looking at all the pieces of the puzzle, and ultimately feel more at ease in your body, mind and soul.

Which one do you want?

The first step is an invitation to doubt. 

Doubt everything. Doubt what I tell you. Doubt what the news tells you. Doubt TV and radio. Doubt the internet. Doubt intuitives. Doubt doctors.Doubt government.

Begin to ask questions.  Of everything. And connect instead to what you know to be true in your heart. 

Because at the end of the day that is all that matters.

The funny thing about doubt is that the more you doubt, the more questions you have. And the more questions you have, the more you will connect to yourself. The more you connect to yourself, the more alive you will feel.

The more alive you feel, the more conscious you will be. 

Are you catching my drift?

We are in unusual times.  Our global nervous system (the internet) keeps us up to date with the “state” of the planet on each continent and in every country.  All you have to do is turn on your TV or computer to be swamped with “maybe COVID this, and potentially COVID that”.

Instead of blindly believing what someone else tells you, go within and ask yourself the important questions.  Check in with your personal nervous system, assess your own state, and listen to your unique inner guidance. 

Ask your heart, not your head.

Because you’re going to need to learn to use it more and more moving forward.  

Schedule a discovery call with me and we can find your answers.  They are all inside of you.

Because what you choose to believe, trust and listen to, impacts (either positively or negatively), your physiology, psychology and emotional state.

It affects everything.

So choose wisely. 

What you choose to believe impacts either positively or negatively your physiology, psychology and emotional state. It’s your choice.  ~ Gail Scott

Life’s a bitch, a bore, or brilliant

Life’s a bitch, a bore, or brilliant

I have two friends who haven’t had a day off work since the pandemic started. They’re working longer hours, have more stress and worse deadlines than before COVID, and all because they work in essential services, thankfully not the front line.

Life’s a bitch.

There are some other people I know who grow more bored by the day, complaining they’re Netflix’d out, gaining weight and fed up with the whole pandemic thing. Oh dear.

Sucks to be them.

And some of us, isolated with family, or perhaps even alone like me, are loving the entire experience with no desire for any hurry back to normal, whatever that means.

Life is actually pretty good.

Sometimes it takes a huge pain (like a pandemic) to change our life. 

Or exchange “pandemic pain” for your own flavor of bitch … you know what I’m talking about … divorce, mental breakdown, sudden firing, major illness, bankruptcy … take your pick.

You never know what life’s gonna throw at you. 

Are you ready?

When you are ready for anything, life comes together beautifully.

Carolyne knew all about this.

She came to me in January because she’d had her fill of pains. She knew something needed to change.  

Carolyne wasn’t new to change (as I’m sure you aren’t either), but she was stuck, and didn’t know what to do next. 

She needed someone who could help her.

Can you relate?

It’s probably better I let her tell you all about it.  Click here.

Carolyne’s future looks and feels quite different now. She’s so hopeful.  And her smile just fills a room.

Can you see how beautiful she is, and how her energy is positively glowing (click here to watch her testimonial)?

Don’t you want some of this too?

Message me today.

Seriously, none of us know what’s gonna happen, but I can tell you one thing.  It’s a whole lot easier with someone by your side.  

You may end up laughing, crying, questioning and reflecting, but at the end of it all you’ll be skipping all the way to your own new success.  Ready for anything.

And you will be glowing and smiling like Carolyne. 

Excited about the future you’re creating. Woo hoo!  Ain’t no need to be bitchin’ ’bout dat!!!!

Just saying.  

I’m waiting to help you get there.  Let’s start today.

We are all hurting people.  And hurting people hurt other people.

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