Reverse Your Karma

Reverse Your Karma

I’m standing in line, minding my own business, waiting to pay for my groceries.  With social distancing it’s hard to know what’s going on, but suddenly I’m aware that the lady in front of me can’t get her debit card to work.  

I’m a little antsy because I’ve got a client in 30 minutes and time is ticking, and inside my head I have the thought, “you should have picked the other line Gail!

Then a new thought jumps into my head.

“Would you just hurry up and fix the problem already?  I’ve got somewhere else to be”.

Five minutes later it’s clear that whatever they’re doing is not working.  Next thing I know the cashier comes out from behind her glass wall, and says “you need to put in your number” and I hear “… but I don’t know my number”.

A new thought jumps in.  And not a nice one.

Really? You don’t know your PIN number? Come on?  Seriously lady?

I hear myself in a loud voice say “you should know your number”.  I don’t where it came from but it’s out before I can help myself.

Then, as if to make matters worse, I repeat it. “You need to know your number”.  With the mandated 6 ft physical distancing I want to make sure she hears me so I’ve raised my voice. Looking back at me she says apologetically “it’s not my card“.


My eyes scan the store and looking at the other cash that’s open, I see its lineup is now 5 people deep.  


Five more minutes pass which feels like an hour, and I finally ask the cashier, in a somewhat exasperated voice “could you please take this lady to the side to resolve this.  I want to pay for my groceries.  I’ve been standing here for a long time.”

Next thought  … Can’t you see me?  I’m important.

They both look up at me and say nothing. Recognizing my stress and lack of control in the situation, I pull out my phone.  

9:48 am.  My call is at 10 am.

I send a text to my client.  “I’m running late. I will call you by 10:15”.

I begin to calm down, and eventually a supervisor shows up, the situation is resolved, and I pay for my groceries.

Then I hear it.  It’s not loud, but it’s there.

A new thought, in the form of a wee voice inside my head saying “you were not very nice Gail, go and apologize.” 

It’s not a new message, but normally it comes from my kids when I’ve been rude to a server.  “Mom, why’d you have to be such a bitch?”

Being stressed can ruin any good situation.  Being rude can really get in the way of joy.  

Lucky for me the lady’s still there, standing off to the side fumbling in her purse.

“Excuse me” I say, as I bring my cart up to hers, totally forgetting about the 6 ft physical distancing.  “I was rude to you earlier.  I was frustrated and shouldn’t have talked to you like that.  I’m sorry”.

She looks at me wide-eyed.  “It was my fault”, she says.  “I just got here.  I’m from India”.

Oh crap. Now I feel worse, and a memory floods back to being in a Slovenian grocery store with my daughter purchasing her first groceries, and desperately hoping her credit card works.

I’m suddenly aware the lady’s still talking.   “It’s different in India” she’s saying “I don’t know what to do here”.  

I feel worse.  Then another thought comes.

Everyone has a story. We never know who someone is, or what they’re going through.

I smile because I’ve had this thought many times.

“Welcome to Canada”, I tell her.  “I’m sorry I was rude”.  She smiles back.  “it’s okay, thank you”.  

And as I leave the store another thought comes to me.

Karma reversed.

What goes around, comes around and self-awareness can change it. 

This is the guiding principle in all the work I do. It’s the first A in my “4A Process”; AWARENESS. 

When we know better, we do better.

When we want to change our future we need to be intimately familiar with our present.  And self-awareness can change what happens next. 

Want to know how? Watch my Dream Life Masterclass here.  It will teach you the 5 steps to creating a life that you will love.

This is not the first time I’ve gone back to apologize.  Eat crow.  Own my stuff.

In 12 Step Recovery Programs it’s called “making amends”.  It’s when you realize you messed up and you want to make it right. Sometimes making it right is just to yourself.

An offer of forgiveness is triggered by another person, healing for us and never about them. 

Don’t get me wrong, there would have been a day when I would have felt very justified speaking like that and I wouldn’t have given it a second thought.  I would have also told the story to anyone who listened and it would have been total drama.

Drama creates karma. 

Which thoughts are you having? What karma are you creating?

If you’ve got old patterns, limiting beliefs, and heavy baggage from the past showing up with jealousy, anger and projection, you need to let go of all that, and change your karma.

Connect with me today and let’s get you started.

Are you having a Spiritual Awakening?

Are you having a Spiritual Awakening?

“Diving into the past to understand the present is your spiritual awakening in the Now”. ~ Gail Scott

“I’ve never talked to anyone about these things” she says softly. “No one has ever asked”.  

Speaking her truth, big wells of tears drop like bombs from the sky of her eyes.  She curls up in the chair, cocooning herself in the soft, purple blanket that wraps her from head to toe. 

She whispers to herself as if I’m not even there,  “I never thought it was important, I didn’t realize I was important”.

She’s wakening up.  To herself.

It’s something I take every client through. 

The conversation reveals a lonely past with no loving mother and an emotionally absent father; a survival life of success that’s had to be “uber-independent”, yet lonely and unsupported.

Each week, as we work together, she wakes up more and more.

When we live a life that looks successful on the outside, yet our inside universe is crumbling with depression, anxiety or overwhelming fatigue, life is shit.  It’s a shit life that looks good but doesn’t feel good.

It’s a dissatisfying life with an inner gnawing that “something’s not right”, all the time.  

Or it’s a stressful life that brings an unexpected situation (normally a health and/or relationship crisis) that we don’t have time for.

I’m seeing the latter happen frequently with a combo diagnosis of depression and cancer.

Whichever one it is, life sucks.

But it doesn’t have to be like this.

Watch my Dream Life Masterclass. It’s chock full of tips and strategies to help you shift any situation. Click here to watch. 

After you’ve watched it, let me know what you think.

My client and I worked together for a couple of months.  When I check in with her 6 months later, she’s confidently and happily living her life with lots of exciting things going on.

She thanks me for my help in her awakening.  

“I’m honored” I tell her. “It’s always an honor to help someone wake up to their greatness”.

YOUR greatness is laying in wait for you.

As the world evolves and changes, some watch and wait.  Others post on social media about their new, or not so new (aka familiar), truths.

And then there are those who are too afraid, so they don’t say a word.  They’re numb.  In shock.  Hoping it will soon go back to normal.

But there’s no going back to normal.  The familiar isn’t going to work in the new world we’re moving into.

My client cried that day, because for the first time she was able to speak her truth about her life, and in the sharing of it she was released from the shackles of her inner pain.  She was able to make changes and create a better future having now connected to her truth and her greatness.

Life isn’t always easy when we speak the truth.  It’s also hard to recognize our greatness, but it’s always easier with someone who can really listen and is on your side. That’s the job of a good coach.

Because your truth (and your greatness) are your birthright.

If you find huge boulders of resistance to speaking your truth, that’s normal.  Resistance showing up means it’s time to work on it.

Even the tiniest spiritual awakening reveals your truth and greatness and that can help shift even the biggest boulder.

Fear will never go away until you face it, and there’s no better time to wake up than right now.

Let me help you.

Click here to set up an appointment today. There’s no pressure because I don’t work with people who aren’t ready.  Our conversation will simply show you where you’re at, and then you can decide.

And don’t forget about the Dream Life Masterclass.  It’s free for now. 

What are you doing with all this time on your hands?

What are you doing with all this time on your hands?

I wish I could tell you it’s going to be over soon.

But I can’t.  Not yet.  No one can.

But what I can tell you is, it IS going to be different.

Because it already is.

Before the ‘Rona, all I heard from new clients was …

I’m tired.

I’m stressed.

I’m exhausted.

I’m not having any fun.

I have too much to do.

I’m exhausted.

I can’t relax.

I am super busy.

I can’t meditate.

My body is in overdrive.

I need a nap FOR A WEEK.

I’m in debt.

I feel drained.

I want a vacation.

Can I run away?

We recognize that we are all still in a situation that’s unclear, uncertain and unpredictable BUT our collective energy is changing. 

There’s now …

Time to think.

Time to spring clean.

Time to read.

Time to watch movies.

Time to chat with friends and family online.

Time to garden.

Time to relax.

Time to cook something new.

Time to go for a walk.

Time to focus.

Time to breathe.

Time to be with the kids.

Time to talk on the phone.

Time to sleep.

Time to work.

Time to be together (with those we live with).

Time to feel rested.

Time to take care of paperwork.

Time to be present.

I believe we were all due for a “reset”. 

Our world needed to stop. 

And this is what is happening.

Whether we like it or not.

Maybe for some of you …

Life still sucks. 

And it’s getting worse.

And you’re scared.

And if you’re in that place I have news.  

It’s going to get even worse.

Because here’s what’s going on.

Our planet is up-leveling. 

And things are going to be a whole lot different.

So let’s figure out why your life sucks.  TODAY.  Let’s get you help.

There is HOPE.

Complete my short intake form, and let’s talk.

Let’s talk about what you really want with your life.

Let’s start to plan so that your future is brighter.

Let’s make your today and tomorrow even better.

There’s no time to waste.

This ‘Rona time space reality’ won’t be here forever (thank God), and for you, when it’s all done with, it could just be same shit, different world.  

Is that what you want?

No, I didn’t think so.

Here’s that form.

Once I get your form, we’ll have a real conversation about your world … and see if we can help you create something better.