What does it take to be Authentic!

What does it take to be Authentic!

What’s the one thing you are most afraid of?  Spiders, heights, the dark?

Throughout life we are faced with all kinds of things that scare us, but I’m hedging a bet there’s something that freaks you out even more than the ones you know to be true for you.

It’s being completely yourself.

Be authentic.   Go on…just TRY.

It’s not as easy as you think.

Being truly authentic is really hard.

I know.  As someone who used to be completely inauthentic, I have come to realize one thing. 

We ALL live our lives based on how we think others will judge us and that holds us back big time.

We hide our light in fear of what others may think. We fail to stand up for ourselves and others because we’re afraid we will lose what we have. And we don’t risk speaking our truth in case we get hurt in the process.

In my long, often arduous, but deeply rewarding journey from being totally inauthentic to finally owning my truth, I’ve learned many things. So here’s my top 4 ideas to be truly authentic. 

Try them, if you’re brave enough.

Let go of the need to be liked.

Most of us grow up in families where we take on a certain “role” from a very young age. Often we are not given the space, freedom and loving acceptance to risk being who we really are. We’re put in a box, told to silence our truth, and made to conform for the comfort of others. So we jump to meet this expectation because we want our loved ones to be happy and we want to feel loved.

Getting rid of this need to people-please is so essential to living authentically. Letting go of the need to be liked doesn’t mean we don’t need love. It means knowing who we are, so that we can be respectful to ourselves and those around us, and still love and be loved. It involves releasing the need to do what everyone expects. It means letting go of making others happy and accepting gratefully that we must take care of our own happiness first.

Know what matters to you

Our desire to please others also means we have learned to deny ourselves. We drop our dreams in favor of what is important to those around us. We give up on our desires to feel loved and accepted. But when you’re living from a place of deep self-denial it never ends well.

Taking time each day to decide what you want and know what matters to you helps you build self-love so you can receive REAL love from others. Define your values. Identify what is important and what you can let go of. Then live according to yourself and not others.

Soon you’ll find yourself able to invite others into your life by being the real you.

Learn how to speak your truth

Because we have learned to please others to receive love, most of us need to develop communication tools to speak our truth once we know what that is.  Saying what we really believe, our truth, can often result in getting hit with a tidal wave of disapproval from others. So instead we keep quiet and we tolerate. We allow ourselves to be controlled and we hide our light.

Speaking your truth means learning how to express what matters to you with respect for everyone involved. It means sharing your experience of what is real for you with another person in a way that allows others to be who they are. It means making requests while respecting the boundaries of another. It means being able to stand up for yourself.

Share yourself openly

When you’ve mastered not needing to be liked, can vulnerably speak your truth with conviction, and you know what matters to you, sharing yourself openly is easier. But I’m going to be real with you…at first it’s terrifying. The demons of your past and self-sabotage rear their ugly heads trying to beat you into submission so you’ll continue to play small and not shine your light.

It takes guts to be vulnerable and bold at the same time. Mastering this frees you up to enjoy life the way you were meant to. 

When you come from this place, that’s when authenticity shines brightly and the world opens up in all kinds of new and wonderful ways.

Anything is possible!

Anything is possible!

Notwithstanding all that COVID-19 has brought into our world, have you noticed there’s a distinct “drag in the air” that’s new and definitely annoying?

Follow any astrologer on Instagram the last few months, and you’ll hear lots of talk about how Mars is in Retrograde.  Seriously Gail? Mars is causing us problems?  I know, I know. What a concept, but hear me out.  It seems that Mars is commonly known as the planet of “fiery passion”, or the Red Planet, and it controls energy, motivation and perseverance.

We sure do need some of that right now.

Here’s what the astrologers are saying: Mars is “in retrograde” and this means it’s as if it has stopped moving forward, and appears to move backwards instead. By the way, I didn’t know this, but Google told me apparently all planets normally move forward in the same direction; anti-clockwise around the sun. When a planet is in retrograde (the most common one being Neptune), it’s not really that the planet is moving backwards.  It just seems that way because of the distance from the earth and sun. That’s why it impacts our life on earth.

Some of you may have experienced this (I know I have) but when we need to slow down, and we can’t see it, the universe will give us signs. If we don’t pay attention, it pulls out all the stops to make sure we get the message.

Kinda’ like a serious illness, financial crisis or even a global virus, you may ask?

Hell, yes!

When a rest or pause needs to happen on a personal level, we (try to) keep going.  However we often feel like we’re pushing water up a hill, fighting with life, and scrambling to get momentum.

If you think bigger scale (like global) then when we ignore the signs (like global warming, pollution, corruption) the universe makes sure we take notice as a whole. Eg world disaster, stock market crash, health pandemic; you get the picture.

This could explain why the planet and humanity is on pause and reassessing its future right now.

This current “Time Space Reality” is at a critical juncture.
And your life is smack in the middle of this.

Just as the world is in a massive review, now is the time for us to assess our life as it stands today. We’re being supported to take a step back. With this Mars energy (or lack thereof), do not jump into anything or make any major decisions.

Your job, right now, is to plan for your future.

You see, the future timeline of our world is hidden from view deliberately, so you can’t try to figure out the big picture, even if you want to. Instead you have to start to plan a better future for you and your loved ones (no matter what happens) right where you are.

That could scare the crap out of you, I get it, so I thought you may need some help.

I’ve created a unique 90 minute session which draws from your intuition, dreams and aspirations. We will create your own personal map for where you want to go when things start to improve. The process has been fine tuned over the years working with many individuals and it creates profound results.

Will you go within for the answers, or are you waiting for the media, government or someone else to tell you what to do?

ALL THE ANSWERS are inside you, we just have to get them out of you, and on to paper. That’s where I come in.

In 90 minutes, we will create a plan for YOUR future, no matter what Mars, the universe or the world does. Learn more here Create Your Own Reality.

Although I’ve been assured that the energy will begin to move forward through December, the problem is, it’s not going to be a fast return. It is going to take time.

You’re being given a chance right now to get a head start. Are you with me?

Manifesting the life you want is not that hard when you use Law of Attraction. That’s what this session uses (along with other proven successful tools) to get you started on what you really want. I will guide you question by question to create something amazing!

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I can assure you it’s only going to get tougher if you wait. And I know you don’t want that.

It’s simple. Book into my calendar now and in our 90 minutes together I’ll take you through my unique process. All the information you need to know will flow right out of you. I guarantee it because I’m good at what I do. You will get results immediately, and you’ll begin to feel excited about your future.

You’ll be creating it in the speaking of it.

Receiving a recording of our entire session, plus a unique written report with all your thoughts and answers helps you understand what your intuition told you.

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No one has a crystal ball to tell us our future, but one thing I know for sure. Your INNER KNOWING is the best guidance you have, and together we can ACCESS IT EASILY AND EFFORTLESSLY.

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