Stop the Pandemic – Connect With Our Global Family

Stop the Pandemic – Connect With Our Global Family



Your Spring Equinox is the start of something new, a shift in energy and light on your planet, and for your DNA within your physical bodies. For the light photons are increasing exponentially in order to assist you with this dimensional upgrade that you have predestined for yourselves. We do not come with scientific data for this is not the nature of this conduit to bring these kinds of messages, but more assistance for you at an evolutionary and human perspective, an easier way to understand it, so to speak, for there shall be many more changes for you.


And how do you cope with this present moment, for it is in the present moment that you are living? However, your minds tend to ruminate on the past or project themselves into the future attempting in many ways to control what happened and the outcome of what is to happen. This is not going to be the nature of you or your future, for this dimensional change will assist you in being more in your now moment, in the present so to speak, for it is in the present that you are truly living your lives. It is only with the nature of your linear time that you experience the memory of what has happened and the projection of what is to happen. This is simply an attempt, a desire to control your future. It is a fun exercise, an interesting way for you to live your lives, but it is not living in your current dimension. 

The third dimension is a heavy, slow vibration filled with many emotional states that are difficult to process. You are moving out of this dimension which has been in place for a very long time, known as the Kali Yuga, and you are progressing into a higher evolutionary state in order to assist your species to upgrade. This upgrade is something that has been predestined as we have mentioned before and so you will notice that time begins to standstill so to speak, for in the now moment there is no time specifically. This has to happen slowly for you to assimilate into it. The vibrational level of your bodies become more attuned to this new energetic medium in which you sit, the “soup of energy” so to speak. 

There will be forthcoming many other changes and these changes will assist you to acclimatize yourselves, your minds, your bodies and your spirits into this new dimensional reality we are calling the fifth dimension. This transitionary period, this fourth dimensional state, is fraught with new experiences for many of you. Realizations about your reality and perspectives of who you are and how you have been so far, and who you are becoming. 


Each individual unit of humanity has their own different vibrational level and these are the way that you exist within this soup of vibration. You are not automatons or cyborgs or robots, and so it would be boring for you if you were all the same. The variety that is amongst you, creates this alphabet soup so to speak, meaning that each one of you contributes greatly to the whole as you are. And as you move through this transition, keep in mind that each one of you is unique, different, separate, even though there is this bigger picture idea that you are all one, for you are. However, to live in this reality you have become separate, almost like grains of sand or snowflakes. And so when you look at it from the larger perspective, you see only one beach, only one expanse of snow, but in reality were you to use your microscopes or look a little deeper, you would see that each individual part that makes up the whole is unique, one of a kind, singular and yet it is in the soup of all of you together that creates this picture of your reality. 

Why are we telling you this? 

We wish for you to become much more aware of the community in which you live as a species, in a sense your global family, for until now it has appeared very separate, from the individual homes that you live in, in your individual families, to the individual continents on which you reside within your beautiful Gaia planet. But your technological advances, your, we call it the Internet of your existence, this new communication strategy that covers your entire sphere of being, now assists you to realize that whether you live at one side of the planet or the other, you are intimately connected through this technology. And this technology assists you to see, although you may seem to be separate, you are in fact, all one. This will be required in order for you to transition and move through this dimensional change for what affects one affects all. 


So begin to notice the changes that are happening in other parts of the world around the way that this pandemic is being organized and affected. For some of you, you are still very separate, believing that your country is different from another one, however, it is not. It is simply the area of the beach in which you inhabit. But notice that some solutions that have come forward from some areas might actually help you. And so begin to expand your horizons of knowledge. Openly educate yourselves about what is happening in other parts of your world. Reach out and read their news, listen to their dialogues, discuss what is happening with them at the ground level, so to speak. Look to what their governments are doing and vice versa. For you will learn, mature and evolve faster by seeking out the differences of how you are evolving through this different time.

 It is not to say that one way of dealing with this situation is better than another, but it is to say that the variety of ways of dealing with it will bring you more closure to this pandemic situation, faster than were you to try to solve the problem individually.  Many of the bodies which are organizing relief from this situation, are not in fact, bringing the solutions that will work for you. It is important that you go to the ground level and that you speak to, and listen with, the people who are in fact, creating the better changes. We say better, but we do not mean better in that it is the most effective, we simply mean the most vibrationally helpful for you. For just as there is not one way to solve a problem, there is not one solution to this situation, but you are a very highly effective and idea filled community, meaning that because you are unique, you can in fact bring many different perspectives and possibilities in order to solve any problem. Not that this pandemic is a problem but it is a situation in which you find yourselves that is less than ideal. 


It is simply another evolutionary state for you, a different kind of war experience although we do not mean war in the term that you would understand it. It is simply a word we are using in order to assist you as you go through this new state of change. State of change, or upgrade, is a better way of describing it rather than the word war but the word war is for you a more understandable word when you are thinking about the evolution of your species on the planet, for it has been in war times that you have made the greatest inroads and the biggest changes have happened. 

So look to others on your planet, in different areas, to see how they are existing, coping, managing, moving through and evolving in these times. And we suggest that you look at it from the perspective of peaceful negotiations and peaceful changes that are the least detrimental to individuals on the planet, in their particular communities, how have they moved through these changes with the least harm to you as a species? There are many offerings right now on the table so to speak, in order to bring you through this situation. Have you looked at them fully and completely to determine if they are the most effective for you at any level, in any area, in any country, for any particular part of your population? 

And so, this communication, this transmission, is directed at your entire planet, to anyone who chooses to listen to it from any particular place. There are many, many individuals working very hard to bring this resolution in a peaceful way coming from the light, from love, and because you are a unique species with individuals, there are many others coming at it from their own perspectives, their own self, we would not say “centered” way, but from a place that is to their benefit, rather than the whole. 


And so, just open your minds, be curious, look at it from all angles, and then decide from a heart centered place whether something feels right or not. This is your barometer to know whether something is in your highest good. Does it intuitively feel right? If there is any coercion, manipulation or persuasion, perhaps it is time to take a step back and decide whether or not that actually works for you. You have the right to do that as an individual, as a human being, as one of the parts of the whole.

We are not suggesting that you instigate any kind of defensive reaction for this is not helpful but we are suggesting that you take a look at things and decide whether or not it works for you. It is only through you as an individual unit of the whole, that you can begin to really connect to what works best for you, and if it appears that any particular proposed solution does not work for you, then reach out and do some research and look at what other proposals are coming forward. For if you can imagine that your population is similar to the grains of sand on the beach, then you will recognize that there are many other possibilities and alternatives of how to solve problems. This requires that you expand your own level of consciousness and awareness, acknowledging that each individual on your planet can contribute to the solution of the whole. And it is not that the loudest voice wins the game so to speak, but that all of your, we shall say, smaller voices but we do not mean it from that perspective, it is that your individual voices can join together to create a louder voice in order to bring completion, in a sense to this situation. 


Remember that you are united from a global perspective. You are in fact all the same, even though you are unique and different and that there are different perspectives available to you from others on your planet. And so begin to reach out, look at news channels from other countries, read articles from other countries writings, talk to people in other countries. Begin to connect in a greater way with those around you who think like you. This may create some unrest and it is not that we are encouraging that. What we are encouraging is that you diversify and you begin to notice how each of you can play a part in the creation of this new amazing world that you are moving into. For recognizing that each of you has something to contribute is a major way of moving forward. And so in a sense, we are telling you not to be like everyone else. Think for yourselves, decide what works best for you and recognize that your inner intuitive knowing will always guide you in the most accurate and highest good perspective for you. 

We, as a galactic council, are here to bring you alternatives, new ideas and suggestions for we feel it is time to begin to assist you in a more direct way. And with that we are complete.

Spring Equinox 2021 – Big Energy Changes Coming

Spring Equinox 2021 – Big Energy Changes Coming

We are a small Council of the 9th dimension whose main purpose is to focus on the evolution of science within the galaxies. We bring forward many, many varieties of ways of looking at things, we would say from a scientific perspective. 

3D Experience of Science

Your scientists on your planet have been evolving, learning and working to understand how your planet works, and how your planet works within the star system, and how the star system works within the galaxy. However, the availability of knowledge for you is limited based on your 3d experience, for there are many concepts about which you cannot yet understand based on the limitation of your language.  For there is no language yet for you to understand some of the concepts of science that exist outside the realm of the 3D experience on planet Earth.

But we commend you, for you are doing well in this arena. Slowly bit by bit uncovering the scientific knowledge that assists you to understand how you operate within this dimension. This is changing as your planet evolves and uplevels in her consciousness, and so too do you, as a species living upon it. 

New Science for our New Paradigm

New science will become available to you but we are not here at this time to share or divulge this new science to you for it is not time yet for that. We are here to give you hope; for you to understand that more is coming, which will help you to make sense of your environment and understand at a greater, deeper level of how you operate within this system. 

If we are not here to give you this information at this time, then why have we come to communicate with you? 

It is important that you begin to understand that there is more that you do not know but that shall be forthcoming. And it is important that you begin to open your mind to understand that you have been limited in your knowledge and your knowledge base around the study of science for in your experience it has been limited, and in that limitation comes a lack of awareness about how things really work. 

This may sound a little confusing to you at the moment and that would be appropriate for you do not yet understand the implications of the science that operates within the universe at your level on your planet in this dimension. And as your planet up-levels and you as a species increase your level of conscious awareness, you will become aware of new paradigms, we would say, that will assist you in understanding how you fit into this part of the universe. Many scientists have attempted to understand the entire nature of the universe, but the nature of the universe is vast. So it is impossible to understand everything, given the limitations of your intellect, consciousness level and experience for there are many things you have yet to experience. Your scientists have only yet scratched the surface. 

We call ourselves the Paradigm Shifters for we are able to bring you information that allows you to add a greater level, and in a sense, shift your own personal paradigm, and in the shifting of the personal paradigm it shifts the entire paradigm for you as a group, as a whole, we would say.

Slow Shift

This shift is occurring slowly at this point, for there are many things which have yet still to evolve and it is necessary that you move slowly into this new paradigm, this new space, this new dimension, for many things that you have thought to understand, will change. And then with those changes, you will begin to understand things differently. 

It may sound as if we are teasing you with information that we are not yet willing to share and that is indeed the case. But we wish you to know that there is more information coming down the pipeline, so to speak, as you evolve, and we wish to encourage you to move forward into this new dimension. For within this new dimension shall come great awarenesses about how you fit into the puzzle of the universe. 

We wish to give you hope, that there is a better world available to you; a new paradigm, and you are just on the precipice of shifting into it. As your now moment shifts and changes into the next now moment along your timeline, this linear space in which you inhabit, you are coming close to a pivotal moment. 

March Spring Equinox – A Pivotal Moment in Time

For as you reach this point of no return in your March Spring Equinox, there will come a point where the paradigm will shift. For many of you it will be imperceptible, you will not notice the difference, but for some who are already operating at the 5th dimension, this will become very clear. 

And you will begin to notice and feel the difference of this paradigm shift. It will be a shift into more ease. It will be a shift into a state of joy that shall come and shall not leave. No matter what else appears to be going on in your third dimension, this state of ease will come and stay, and you will begin to understand the inherent nature of change, which is constant. And no matter what happens within your third dimension, those of you who are operating within the fifth dimension, you will begin to understand the nature of everything at a far greater level than you have ever understood before. 

This paradigm shift, which shall begin to occur upon your Spring Equinox, is being revealed slowly, but methodically, through your astrologers and those who study the energy of your planet. It is important that you hold fast to the new knowledge that is coming through, for it is going to be difficult in the face of all of the other things that are happening at a third dimension. Hold fast to the knowledge that the light will always overcome the dark, and is in fact morphing and transforming it in front of your very eyes. For this timeline of the third dimension will exist and continue to exist for some, but slowly and deliberately, others will begin to shift into this new paradigm. 

For many, it will not be an easy transition and they will require the assistance of those in the fifth dimension. 

What to Expect With the Changes

It is an exciting time for your species on Earth, as the new science that will come forward will greatly assist you in this evolutionary process. And as science is revealed to you, you will begin to understand how you can play a part for the planet and for your species, to evolve into its greatest evolution. Science is only a small part of the experience you have on planet Earth for there are many ways in which you can experience being a human on this beautiful consciousness, you call Gaia. 

And so as you go through the Spring Equinox, understand that there will be changes coming forward and these changes will bring for you a shift in your awareness of how things operate from many different dimensions, not just the scientific realm. 

We’re here to assist you in this paradigm shift, for as it gets closer and closer, many of you will become more aware energetically of how you operate in this current paradigm. And as the shift happens everything will change. It will appear somewhat the same for most of you at this time but gradually over time, as the water reaches the shore in the ocean changes of the tide, you will begin to see these changes. It may seem at this point that the ocean is far away from the shore when it is at low tide; this is where you are at right now. And before you know it, as high tide approaches, the water covers the shore and this is what shall happen with your awareness of this new paradigm. 

Trust the Process

And so be patient; be patient as these changes come forward, as this paradigm shifts, as your linear time passes, and trust the process of this evolution of your consciousness, of your planet, and of you as a species. For in this shift shall come great changes; changes that will assist you to live a happier, more spiritually fulfilled, deeper connected, and ultimately more satisfying life and experience on Earth in this realm. 

We are greatly encouraged by your willingness to change as a species and as a planet and we support you at this time. And we shall bring forward more information as this evolves to assist you in this change. And with that we are complete.

Will the New Earth be Simple or Complicated?

Will the New Earth be Simple or Complicated?

Simple or Complicated Lives

We wish to ask you to consider the idea that your lives can be simple or complicated, and that the choice of this is completely up to you. 

You may decide that you want a life with all the bells and whistles, modern technology, conveniences, high priced items and lots of materialistic wealth. There was a time when your lives were more simple we would say, for there was not this abundance of choice.  You lived very simple, but modest lives, not all, but most people, and over time, we would say in the last century, this life has for the most part manifested itself into a greater heightened awareness of realizing that you have the ability to amass and manifest more; more things, more joy, more problems, more. 

Why do we bring this message to you today?


We bring it to you because it is possible to be happier with less. This does not mean that your income, your material wealth, goes down. What it means is that your consciousness of who you are, goes up and with that all of those other things drop away in their level of importance. You may have noticed that since your, we shall call it the pandemic situation has arisen, that life has become infinitely more simple, for in the restructuring of your time and availability to do things, you will have noticed that there appears to be less time, and yet more time. 

What do we mean by this? 

What this means is that although you are less busy than you were before, you actually have more time available to you, and yet, it is as if it is slipping between your fingers in any moment for you are beginning to notice the delicate nature of your time on your planet, that what was important before in life has shifted, and now you are realizing what is really important for you to enjoy this life.

Is it more simple or is it more complicated? 

The Future

There will come a time on your planet when this will all be history, and you will look back as, an individual or a generation, and see that this was a necessary thing to happen, for in the time that you have right now, you are maneuvering through this transitory period where being busy and having material wealth, though somewhat pleasant, is not actually the nature of your being. The nature of your being is far more highly evolved when it focuses on the joy and the simple pleasures of one another, and your planet. 

It is not to say that your future will not have technology for it shall, in fact it shall have even more than what you currently experience, but that your attitudes towards life will have changed. You will in a sense, realize the value of your human interaction, you realize the value of your homes and the creature comforts that you enjoy, you realize the value of nature and more especially, you realize the value of each other. 

This pandemic situation has been an opportunity for you as a species, from a global perspective, to become aware of the simplicity of your life, and the tendency for you as a species to complicate it. For it is in the simplicity that you begin to see the nature of your being; you are social creatures, you enjoy the company of one another. You had for a time, given the health and mental state of your population we would say, less attention. 

Three Worlds

Of course, you will be transitioning through a change as you move out of this pandemic situation, for the elevation of your consciousness shall create in a sense, three worlds. They will not be physical worlds, these three worlds, but from an energetic perspective, from a feeling sense, from an emotional state, you will begin to notice that there are three worlds existing. 

You will have your original, complicated world where individuals are not aware of their choices, their actions, in a sense their being, their attitudes, their beliefs and their behaviors. They are, we would say, hidden from view. This is the nature of living in the 3rd dimension 

You will also have in a sense, a world where individuals are operating at a higher level of consciousness. They are very much aware of their impact on the environment, on individuals, on the workplace, on the family. Their desire is for cohesion, for collaboration, for co creation, and this type of attitude in this type of life is a heart centered, loving place where these individuals are very aware that their behavior has a distinct and long standing effect on themselves and others. They do not believe everything that they think they believe. They question, and in that questioning they evolve, for they have a greater sense of self, contribution and other.

The other world that will materialize will be a group of you who struggle between both of these worlds. For there shall be moments where you shall have no recognition of yourself. You shall simply be in the motions of living without real self awareness, and then difficulties will arise through which you shall have to work through; traumas, triggers, situations where it cannot be the way it was, and yet you do not know how it can be. It is a struggling situation. This is the essence of moving from the complicated to the simple, for in the simple you realize what really matters, and that is love, and that there really is nothing to fear.  

When you live in the complicated it is a sense of coming from the ego, from fear, from scarcity in fact, from lack, from a very deep, not knowing of what really matters.  This is not good or bad for this has been your state of being for a very long time, but as you move out of that dimension, and into the higher fifth dimension, this transitory state is the fourth dimension. It is not a separate way of being, it is simply a transitory state. Some of you will choose to move through this faster than others, and some of you will struggle and you will require more assistance. And for some of you, you will not move into 5D at all, or even 4.  You shall remain very entrenched in 3D, in oblivious ignorance that there is any other way to live, and this is all fine. This is all perfect for it is the nature of some of your souls to be in this place. 

So for those of you who end up in this 4th dimension, difficult place, please be gentle with yourselves, recognizing that you are evolving. For those of you who are in the 5th dimension, stay true to your hearts and allow your fellow humans to be in the place where they are. 

Changes Coming

This is not a simple situation that you are moving through on planet Earth, but more of a highly adventurous and forward thinking place to be. For it is this transitory period that will evolve you as a species into your New Earth, and that New Earth will bring many changes; more technology, but technologies that shall allow you to live from the heart in a far more simple way.

it is not that you will be less conscious or less evolved when we say the word simple, but in fact the very opposite, where you shall be more highly evolved. This is coming. For some of you you are already aware of this kind of life, but for many of you, you do not yet quite understand what this means and this is wonderful for we shall assist you with this journey. 

Do not be concerned about how this transition is going to come through for you are supported by many in the galaxies, and we as councils, and we are many in this transmission, we shall be here to assist you fully as you evolve. Planet Earth is up leveling herself, and in this up leveling, you shall begin to notice more moments of joy, more moments of delight, more moments of authentic passion where you can more fully enjoy your simple and yet far more evolved world. 

Ask Questions

If you have questions about this, you should seek answers from one such as this, and others who are in communication with the energies that exist outside of this planet on which you live. For we have answers for you and in the questioning that you bring, the evolution of your consciousness will raise as you seek to find out how to evolve into this new space, and for that we are more than happy to assist you. 

In the meantime, return to the simple things in life that you have discovered are important to you as a result of going through this pandemic experience, and with that we are complete.