Huge Energy Connection Happening

Huge Energy Connection Happening

We are a new collective for this conduit to be transmitting messages through. We shall call ourselves “The Connectors” in order for you to understand the nature of our transmissions. We are a multi dimensional galactic council with a grandfather type of energy. This description alone does not really give you an accurate description of who we are, but it gives you a sense of the nature of our energy and why we are bringing this message to you. 

Your internet is the lifeblood of your connection system between all of you now on planet Earth. This description is given to you for you to understand it from an electrical impulse dynamic, for of course you are all intimately connected energetically as one. It is important that at this time you begin to understand that you have the beginnings of a new connection being created for yourselves on your earth, on your planet. This connection is a connection that has never been in place before for the light that is bombarding your planet and upgrading her, is creating in effect a ripple into you as the species that inhabit this planet. Of course, you are not the only species to inhabit this planet at this time, but you are the ones that are at the forefront we would say, of consciousness on your planet. 

Why is this relevant? 

It is relevant for you to understand that changes are coming. Changes which will impact the structure of how you live together, the means by which you support each other, and the authority given to each one of you in order to maintain your existence cohesively, harmoniously and with peace, health, harmony. At this time, there is much change arising for you we would say, lots of energetic impulses connecting many different aspects of life on Earth. Many of which you cannot see, nor yet understand, but you are getting there. In order for you to progress intellectually, emotionally, spiritually, physically you must begin, as a collective, to understand the nature of your connectivity between each other. This awakening experience shall happen as we have explained in the form of a ripple. The energetic field around your planet is, being in a sense, upgraded. In a sense, it is as if you have gone from 110 to 220 or we should say, this is happening as we speak. Of course those numbers are not exact. They are simply an example for you to understand the nature of this energetic impulse and of course, this rise, we call it a rise although it is not a rise, it is simply a shift, will bring about, maybe some turmoil for you, as you move forward, shaking things up so to speak. 

And so you will notice that many things will begin to move. We say move, but it is not that they move from A to B, it is simply that they transform into a newer form, a different form, one you would not have seen before, an upgrade, so to speak. And so you shall begin to notice things changing. New structures will begin to form, new patterns created. This is being done for your planet herself to shift into a new vibration in order for you to exist more harmoniously than you have before. This shaking up is almost as if, like in a snow globe, everything is being upset and it shall be a little discombobulating for you as a species, but it shall not last for long. And as this one always says in her videos, stay the course. 

Hold on tight to your seat belts as you move through this, we would say explosive increase in your information highway, where new discoveries shall show up, where new levels of awareness shall suddenly materialize in the collective, where changes will spark the impulses of you as individuals and as a group and become much more coherent, where you will in a sense, be able to connect the dots for each other, with each other, through each other and for the benefit of each other. It may not appear to be organized. In fact, it could be, appear to be, complete disarray, but hang on, for as the snow globe takes its time for the white to settle, and for you to see the beautiful clear picture beneath it, so too shall you see this on your planet. This is a very expansive time for you and for Earth. 

For some, this connection will not be relevant, and they shall move on to a different level of experience, a different energetic sphere so to speak, for these new connections are not for all. This is not to say that this is a bad thing for this is part of the evolution of each one of your souls, you who have incarnated onto Planet Earth over the last 100 years for that is the timeline of the duration of your existence approximately; each individual living for approximately one century maximum of course. But this also shall be shifting for as this energetic connection comes into play, the structure of your bodies will also be changing, and the connection within your bodies shall change, which shall allow you to exist healthier for longer. This may seem like a difficult concept to understand so we shall not complicate anything with more information at this time but suffice to know that over the next 100 years or so, a generation in fact, you shall notice the difference and history will show this to be true in your future.  

Our mandate as a collective is to provide you with information that will assist you to understand some of the connective changes that are coming down the pipeline, so to speak, energetic impulses, generational shifts, and species upgrades, as well as the energy on your planet. This conduit will be bringing forward more information surrounding technology, however, at this time, this is not being done for this shall just confuse you as you sit in the midst of this snowy globe situation. Suffice to say that you can feel rest assured that you are being fully supported, held on so to speak, and held within a safety net that will allow you not to in a sense, fall off the edge for the energetic connectivity on your planet is going through a massive transformation. And you may feel this in your health, in your electrical systems and in your energy as a whole. Do not be concerned, fearful or unsure of what is happening for you cannot at this point understand the nature of these shifts and changes yet, but all shall be revealed to you as this progresses.  

This is an exciting time for you, as a species, as a planet and as an evolutionary shift for all of you. It is, in fact, a great time to be alive on your planet. Much of the dark situation in which you find yourselves shall shift quickly, being superseded by this photon light, which will, in a sense, bring a brighter sun. It will not appear that way immediately but over time, and this is not a long time, you will begin to notice that things that you were fearful of will fall away, and changes will happen. This connection, upgrade in a sense, has been predestined for your planet and for you as a species, even though this is something that has never, ever happened before on your planet, in this time space reality, and so at this time it is not absolutely crystal clear exactly what it will look like. But there is a plan, an intention of what is perceived to be your future reality, and so we cannot tell you exactly what it is going to look like, for you in a sense as a population, will be making choices, decisions, to assist yourselves in these evolutionary changes that are coming down the pipeline, so to speak.

The essence of love is the energy with which we would encourage you to begin to connect more deeply to. The essence of love is not the essence of being “in love”. This has been explained in a previous communication. The essence of love is that energy in which you are when you are inspired, to be creative, aligned, and moving forward with purpose. When you are operating from that dynamic, this situation shall be much more simple, accepting that you are one and the same. And connecting at that level, to assist yourselves and each other, to be in a place of alignment, recognizing the sovereignty of each of you to make choices for yourselves and to be able to assist each other in living harmoniously, peacefully and with an essence of the heart energy. The more that you can do this at an individual level, the easier this transition of connection will be. 

Look to your teachers who can assist you to become more heart centered such as this one. Focus not on what brings you fear, but on what brings you joy. This may seem trite, a Pollyanna kind of attitude but that is not what we mean by that. Look to your children for they, in a sense, are filled to the brim with this energy, beautiful light beings that they are. Do not look to the elderly for ideas and inventions, for their energetic makeup is very different from the younger ones. Be curious, be open to experiment. Look to the wise for morals and values of how to treat each other, but look to the young for ideas on how to move forward with each other. 

There is a connection between all ages, and a realization that all can benefit from connecting with all ages. Let go of the fear and embrace the commonalities between you all. When you can connect at this level, many great things can happen faster and with more certainty. This is an exciting time as we have said and when you are connecting with the energy of love; being love; being inspired, creative, motivated, to move forward in alignment and sovereignty, recognizing the value of each one of the elements of the connection, then and only then will this snow globe effect settle. 

Until you are focusing exclusively on the energy of love you will have some sense of disarray. This is the ripple effect of connectivity of which we speak. This is a difficult concept for many of you to understand at this time, so we shall leave it here. And we shall bring more assistance to you, as your collective increases in its energetic value over the next little while. We love you and we are here to support you as you move through this energetic wave of shifting. Know that you are fully supported in many ways throughout your galaxy and the universe and that many other groups are here, holding space for you to move into this dynamic new resonance and the energy of love and sovereignty. Your planet is going through this upgrade as are you. Be well and take care of each other. Focus on love and be inspired to shift and move forward with a greater sense of cohesiveness than ever before, even though that may not appear to be the case right now and we shall come again. We are The Connectors, and with that we are complete

Big Pharma vs Holistic Healthcare – Are Changes Underfoot?

Big Pharma vs Holistic Healthcare – Are Changes Underfoot?

There are many changes occurring on your planet at this time. So many changes in fact, that it is almost as if you are in a constant motion of change. Of course, this is an analogy that is easy to understand for change is a constant in your paradigm on your planet. But that is not what we mean when we say this, for the analogy of chaos theory, where molecules are constantly in motion, creating new experiences, new things, is not about which we bring to your attention at this time. We are talking specifically here about changes to your evolution as a species and of course, to your planet. This is not a new subject for this conduit to be bringing to you for in a sense for much of the past 12 months, she has been bringing messages explaining many of the changes that you are going through. 

So, why do we wish to bring this message of change to you now?

You are reaching, if not having already reached the precipice of change; your hundredth monkey has been reached and it is only a matter of time before you begin to see the dismantling of your current climate. We do not mean climate when we talk, about weather, we talk about the emotional environmental climate of you as a species. For as much as you may imagine there has been breakdown so far, this is nothing compared to the dismantling of what is to come. This is not brought to you with the intention to bring fear, but more with the intention to bring an awareness of what is coming, to assist you in this process of managing this change. Do not be alarmed at the sudden destruction of certain systems on your planet for these systems are archaic and certainly need overhauling. 

You will be noticing this in your medical care system, not just in one country but in many. This has been brought about as a result of the, we do not like to refer to them as dark ones, but they are certainly not of the light, and their mandate, desire, wish, attempt to overhaul and control your medical system using pharma. This shall be disintegrating. It is not to say that all pharma is bad, for it is not. Much of it has been helpful and useful to you, however, much of it has been brought in with a negative energy that is not in assistance to humanity and it must be dismantled for you to be able to shift and move into the fifth dimension. 

These very large, organized means of distribution of healthcare with an agenda that is not for your betterment as a species will begin to crumble. And you will notice this as you, as a species, begin to understand the very nature of who you are as humans. This shall be a very new experience for you for in the fourth dimension level of awareness, you will no longer succumb to influence, persuasion and manipulation. And you will begin to see, for example, that any drug that is purported to help you that has lengthy descriptions of possible side effects and implications that are not healthy, is not the wisest of things to be putting into your body. You will begin to understand the nature of who you are as a species, that you have a being, a body, that works in harmony when it is taken care of using natural means.

There are many on your planet, who have studied and are gifted in this arena. There are many who have, we shall not use the word talents, although gifts is certainly a true representation of them, energetic means with which they can manipulate the chemical composition of you in order to bring about health, balance, harmony. And there are also many, who can use nature, plants and Gaia to be able to bring about health and harmony to your bodies also. These ancient methods have always been around, but as a result of some of the shifts that have happened, they have been suppressed. This will be changing moving forward. 

For many of you who are we shall say in the dark, staying, remaining in the third dimension, you will not be open to these shifts and changes and you will cling on to the old ways that you are familiar with. You will believe in those to the point that they will ultimately be your demise. This is not a death sentence so to speak of which we speak, when we speak of big pharma, however, your evolution as a soul, your journey on planet Earth and in this dimension will end, for you will incarnate in another way, another realm, to continue your journey in the third dimension. But for now, you will begin to notice the crumbling of this particular mode of health care. 

This, as we have said, will be a universal shift on your planet, not singularly placed within one country for it has now become apparent with your internet exchange that many, we call them health practitioners, doctors, care workers and medical intuitives know more information that is better for you than the pharma companies who make these drugs. For the business of these pharma companies is to make money and not to bring about health. All of these other practitioners who are practicing worldwide and who are coming together to form a coalition to assist humanity at a global level are able to harmonize, synchronize and in a sense, co create a new experience of health care for you as a species in general, where one will work with another acknowledging and appreciating what they bring to the table. Do not be alarmed as you watch notifications and information coming forward that is contradictory to what you are used to hearing and seeing and understanding. We are bringing this message to you today to, in a sense, give you the heads up.

Many of you may remain in denial around this and that is the way it shall be, but for those of you who are ascending, and doing this difficult journey into 4D in order to ascend up into 5D we wish to assist you with this information so that it is not a shock to you.

All change does not require to be difficult. Begin to access more of your intuitive knowing about what is best for you and this transition will be more smooth. It is not, and does not need to be a difficult time. It does not need to have shock value. It does not need to be sudden and in that suddenness, create a dislodging of your stability. In other words, don’t let it get to you. Be in the flow even though the information is going to be difficult to, not necessarily accept, for many of you already know this information, but allow it to flow so that the new can come through. This is the change of which we speak. 

It is an expansive time for you but in paradigm shifting expansiveness often requires breakdown before breakthroughs. And so be okay with the breakdown experience that you will be having for it shall not take long for this shift to happen. Especially given the nature of your internet experience where you are all so well connected and allow information to be transmitted smoothly. Use the mediums that are being created that are not being censored, and share these widely with others who are interested. For it is in the sharing of this information that this experience of change will transition faster and smoother for you all. 

And do not be concerned for you are being well supported and taken care of in the light, with many galactic sources and energies to support you. For as has already been explained to you the darkness has been removed and you are simply transitioning through these changes in order to allow the light that is coming on to your planet to fully illuminate you and support you. This transmission has been brought to you from many collectives who joined together all of your galactic brothers and sisters to communicate this change to you. And at this time, we wish for you to hear this message loud and clear. And with that, we are complete.

How Conscious Are YOU?

How Conscious Are YOU?

We are the Paradigm Shifters, a collective that is coming through this conduit to bring to humanity messages that will assist you in your evolution. 

It all began in a single moment of consciousness, when consciousness became aware of consciousness. This moment was pivotal and transformational for no one could have predicted what would happen following that moment of consciousness. In the bigger scheme of things, this is how your world evolved but when you take it right down to the smallest level, it is possible to see that this is how the entire world exists from the smallest cell to the largest entity. 

But what does this mean for you, as a human being?

During the Kali Yuga period your consciousness level, your level of awareness of who you are, who you really are, is not available to you, for your vibrational level is at an all time low. This means that you are operating at energy levels that are the lowest form of awareness. You do not know that you do not know who you are, where you’re from, what you’ve experienced, and why you’re here. This is the soup that you have been swimming in for 1000s and 1000s of years. The energy of your sun and all of the other planets that inhabit your galaxy have a direct impact on this and this is now shifting as you move out of this period. This has been in the works since your December 21st, 2012 moment and this energy has been up leveling in order to assist you in your beingness, your own individual, and collective awareness or consciousness, as we would say.

So, what is the impact of this on you? 

As a species you have existed within this particular paradigm to experience the nature of that energetic level. This lower level of energy, this paradigm is not a particular pleasant one, but it serves its purpose well. However, now that this is shifting, you will begin to notice the discomfort that comes with moving out of one particular level of awareness and into another. Where before you did not notice that you were in discomfort, fear, pain, worry, stress, even hatred of the self and of each other, you now begin to notice that these things exist; that there is another way to perceive the reality in which you survive. You no longer are in survival. 

It is not that you will shift your perception overnight or at least that is not what has happened so far. But just as that moment of consciousness becomes conscious of itself, so too, shall you, as a group become aware that there is a different way to live. But in the process of becoming aware, there’s much to go through in order to get to that place. And it happens at different levels for each of you. For, for each of you, you have your own individual level of consciousness, or awareness of what is. Your science cannot explain this, at this point in time fully to you, for you have not evolved and you do not have the language or the technology yet to explain this in a way that your brains can process and understand it. But that is coming, but all in good time.

And so your level of consciousness is here, in this dimension, in this paradigm, at this level. The laws of the universe assist with this process and when you become aware that you magnetize to yourself whatever your level of conscious awareness is, then you begin to see that this picture can expand and open up many other awarenesses to you. For just as the analogy of buying a yellow car for example, where before you never saw yellow cars, now you buy a yellow car, and all of a sudden you see lots of yellow cars. This is the same experience at an energetic level. So before you would not have seen the discomfort, the fear, the control, the manipulation, the energetic level in which you were sitting. Now with this level of awareness, you notice things because you have the perception that things can be different. This is a biological, physical, emotional, mental shift within your own paradigm. 

And because it happens at different levels for different people, it’s a little difficult for you to transition. It’s not that you haven’t done it before. You have done it before for you are a species that has existed for eons. But here you are again, going through this shift, this awareness increase level, so to speak. It is not an easy journey because at this point in time, humanity is up leveling; up leveling into a level of conscious awareness that it has never had before. For you have been climbing the ladder of consciousness, so to speak, since your initial moment of conscious awareness and in this, this is an exciting time. For you are moving into a level of awareness that is at the highest vibrational level for you, to create a community that is loving, caring, considerate. It is an up leveling that many other species have already gone through but for humanity, it is new. 

So what can you do in order to assist yourself as you go through this? 

In your awareness of the difficulty that you are experiencing, you must bring a sense of love for yourselves for the experience. Compassion. Compassion and empathy not just for yourself, but for everyone who is going through this. For as we explained you are all going through this at different stages. So just as the child in the classroom learning a subject doesn’t always get it, the teacher does not judge the child for the speed at which they pick up the subject. And so be compassionate with those around you, and with yourselves obviously at your level of picking up this consciousness, this awareness, for some you will never shift out of this conscious awareness of where you are right now, for that is not your journey at this moment in time. 

But for many, many of you it is, for this is a collective up leveling experience, So be gentle with each other, be patient, tolerant, and give each other space to be in this learning curve, this awareness up leveling as we have called it. There shall be moments of great increases in knowledge, much as that simple analogy of seeing the yellow car, but at a much greater scale than that, where instead of just seeing a simple thing like a vehicle, you’re going to see the way your world works, what has been playing out.

For many this will come as a great shock, for there have been many things happening that have been at this lower level of consciousness that you have been sitting in. But it is not that you need be shocked and find yourself unable to move because of this. Do not judge the experience, for the experience has no level of judgment. It simply is what it is. So move on, get over it. In other words, just begin to look forward. Your current level of conscious awareness in any moment can shift simply with your perception of it and when you have that moment of conscious awareness that brings in the new paradigm, notice how it makes you feel. Let go of the frustration or anger or disappointment or fear or worry or sadness of what has happened. Feel it fully, then let it go and then move forward, striving for the better world that is coming to you with your new level of conscious awareness. 

This is a big paradigm shift for you as humans, and it is exciting for moving into this new paradigm, which we shall call as you now are knowing, the fifth dimension, it is an energy of love for there is so much light now coming onto your planet that it is shifting your body’s, your cellular soup we shall call it, as your brains will begin to perceive things in a very different way and this shall assist you moving into this next space. 

This moment may seem sudden, but it is not; it has been evolving for the last decade, and it shall continue to evolve. And as you move through this change, this transition, be kind to one another, be kind to each other and yourselves. Notice where you become frustrated and let that go for moving forward is the nature of your future existence. And time will become less important and the past will no longer matter for what you are moving into shall become much more rich than you could possibly imagine. 

And do not be dismayed if not everyone is at the same level for as we have explained this is not possible at this moment in time for this is the transition into this new paradigm, this arena, this place, this dimension of love and light.  

On a practical level, be sure to take very good care of your bodies for these are the vehicles in which you transition through this shift and it is important that you maintain taking good care of what is happening to you at that cellular level. So you will find that you no longer wish to abuse your bodies with toxic substances that are a quick fix, but not a good fix. And it is not that it is good or bad. It is just that you will feel better when you choose less toxic substances. This includes the evolution of your diets, your processed foods, and your ability to stay steady, and 

we would say stuck, for many moments of time where you are not moving; sitting for long periods, whether it is in front of your boxes of entertainment or using your computers to work. This is not the nature of your existence. You have been given a body with which to move; move it and you will find that your energy levels will shift and your enjoyment of life will change when you make that conscious decision to move in whatever capacity. And be out in nature enjoying the energy of that, for it feeds your soul, your spirit and in a sense, it elevates your vibration for Gaia also has an up leveling experience that she is going through, and you will find as you commune with her, you will find it easier to transition through this shift. 

You are beings of water so be sure to replenish the supply within your bodies, which will also assist with this shift and change into this new paradigm. And ensure that you are getting enough rest. These are all very basic self care practices that we are telling you but we are repeating them to you for it is important that you understand that you are responsible for this vehicle body that you inhabit. And in order to have the best experience you need to really take care of it. There will come a time where this will be less required but as you go through this transitionary period, it is very important that you take really good care of your bodies. 

This virus situation that you are dealing with right now is a transitionary period, even this vaccination situation, for your evolution as a species is to move through this and into a very different state and this shall happen, but it shall take some time. But in the meantime, it is important that you maintain a great and consistent self care practice and encourage each other to do this.

Also be one another’s coaches, we would say is a good word. You do not tell anyone else what to do but you can, with awareness and consciousness, assist your fellow human beings with recognizing what makes you feel better. And at the end of the day realize that as a collective, you will move through this period of time and you will look back on it as a huge evolutionary process. So for the moment, stay the course. Love one another, love yourselves and you will get through this difficult, challenging transitionary time as you are moving through these paradigm shifts. 

We are the Paradigm Shifters, a collective of the 9th dimension and we are here to assist you as you move through this change, and with that we are complete.