The Future of Money – Part 2

The Future of Money – Part 2

You wonder to yourself, what you can do to alleviate any discomfort that will arise as a result of any change to your financial structure?

What you do not understand is that the structure, though it will crumble and fall away, it will be rebuilt in a completely different way. There are people, individuals on your planet, who are currently working through different scenarios, in order to bring about a new system for you as a species. A system that would allow you to barter and exchange goods and services with each other, not just locally but globally, in a different way from what has transpired in the past. This new method is a more equal and fair distribution, facets and parts and services that you as a global family can now co-exist with where it appeared in the past that you were all individuals with different we would say, idiosyncrasies to the financial system. This will be being removed for you are in a sense one family on this planet, one unit, per se, as you may consult with each other, and eventually contract with each other in new and different ways in order to exchange goods and services. 

As we’ve previously mentioned, we are not going to tell you what it is going to look like, for that would take away the excitement, the passion, the exploration and the experimentation that is required for humanity to create a system that works in its own best favor, in its own best way. We understand and recognize that your financial system has in fact, controlled your way of being for a very long time. This is not good or bad. It simply was and is, but pay attention to what is coming down and what is appearing now in terms of new currencies, new ways of co creating, and we would say bartering is not the right word but, sharing of assets with one another. There will be less of the, this is mine and that is yours, and more about, this is ours and how can we share together so that each has what they need. 

In a love filled environment it is less dog eat dog as you would describe it, there’s more equity. It is not to say that there will not be those who will, in a sense work harder than others and have more but that the discrepancy between what has happened prior to this and now will be infinitely less for you shall begin to notice that each person brings a certain amount to the table so to speak, in their own special way. And that the value of what they bring is no longer defined by your monetary currency but by what you as a human being know in your heart is needed for humanity. And so some of the things that you may have seen as less important in the past will become more important. They will have more stature, let’s say, for with the decline of your current monetary system, your awareness of what is, and what is needed is going to change. It will become more simple, straightforward, secure.

You are an exclusive species going through a major transition at this time and as you move through this transition, you will find many hiccups and changes along the way, not just in your financial system. Your family structure, for example, is already changing and has been changing for the last century. This will continue and within this family structure, the importance of each individual person in the unit will become more apparent. It is not about what someone can make and how much they contribute any longer. It is the necessity of each contribution that shall become important. In a sense, the idea that you each bring something unique, that allows everything to work smoothly together. This working smoothly together is what is going to sustain you in the future and a new currency, a new way of bartering with each other, will emerge that will bring about a level of equity and fairness across your planet. It will not be difficult, it will be a smooth transition and a fast one, and you do not need to be concerned about it. 

Just stay in your hearts accepting the changes that are coming, recognizing that they are for the greater good, not the individual benefit, and that this greater good shall be your new focus moving forward. This will be a new different dynamic that you will be operating from but it will serve you as a species better in the long run. You may, if you wish, consider maintaining your current system in some state, but we would suggest that this be done with great caution for this is what creates much of your split situation on your planet, power exchange, which is no longer a part of the fifth dimension. There is no them in us, there is only the we. There is only the we, and together there will be harmony. Any separation of this creates tension, competition and a disunity. And so we strongly recommend that you move forward easily with this transition, understanding that the breakdown that is required will open the space for a breakthrough new way of being, new way of managing your assets on your planet. 

It is an exciting time for you as a species, for there will be many more new fabrications to be shown to you, ones that you could not imagine would work but they shall. You will be learning from many others in the galaxy using systems, practices, processes and technology that you have not yet been introduced to, that ultimately make your life on planet Earth much easier. This is our promise to you. The darkness is lifting and there shall be much light which will assist you to live at a very different level. A level of harmony. 

We as a multi galactic collective of intelligences bring you these messages each time in order to support you through this change and for you to realize that you are not alone. Not in your solar system, in your galaxy or in the universe. There are many others rooting for your success, which has already happened and so as you go through these changes continue to stay in your heart and by doing that, you will find this much easier. 

Heart centered living is the nature of your future as a species on your planet and the financial system with which you have used for many years now, does not belong and so these changes are ultimately what is required in order for you to transition. There are many other aspects to being heart centered, which over the next little while we shall bring more instruction to you to assist you with this and with that we are complete.

The Future of Money – Part 1

The Future of Money – Part 1

We are here. We are a galactic council and we bring messages for humanity to assist you with this transitionary period that you are going through. Now some of you may be wondering, why would a galactic council come forward through one such as this, to bring messages to humanity? It does sound rather far fetched from your perspective of course (not from our perspective, for we have been with you for a very long time), but of course you have not been aware of this. 

We’ve come today to discuss the topic of money, your current barter system on your planet. It has served you well but it is now an archaic and rudimentary way for you to exchange goods and services with one another. It does not serve you as a planet any longer, especially when you consider the idea that you are a global family and that your marketplace is simply one, not many. What we mean by this is that even though you are all delineated by the boundaries of where you exist, where you live, where you work, where you play, these boundaries are man made and have been produced as a result of your third dimensional vibration. Moving forward, humanity will begin to realize that you are all one, coexisting, and that these boundaries are no longer required. Yes, you will all have differences for you all come from different parts of the planet but that your monetary system no longer requires to be so segregated and separated. You will in a sense, be relieved of that confusion for that experience has created more separation than is necessary as you move forward.

Your marketplace is huge and there is much to offer for each individual person, and each individual person has much to offer the marketplace. It would be unreasonable within the fifth dimension to continue this kind of separation. It is almost as if this one must come apart in order for something new to be created. You do not have to be concerned that there shall be a major transition as you go through this change, for that is not necessary. Yes, there will be a transition. For many of you, you do not understand, nor have any capacity to understand what may be coming down the pipeline, but you don’t have to. The vibrational shift that will be happening moving forward will in a sense, create a fallout, and that fallout will allow you to change your marketplace in order to install, integrate, introduce a new way of dealing with bartering. 

Yes, your digital currency is one way but it shall not be the only way, for the digital currency in and of itself is also a similar product to the one you are currently using. This will shift and change, and as it does so, you will begin to understand the value in a different way of what you have been experiencing so far within your current marketplace.

The commodities on your planet, including gold and silver, will be used as part of this transition, but they will not be the only things used. An entire new system will be being introduced in order to assist you to move through this. For many of you, you would at this time request information to help you to understand this better but we are not willing to bring you all of the fine details of how this will look, for this would simply give a one upmanship to anyone hearing this message and that is not the evolutionary stage of this transition when it comes to money on your planet. 

You may think, how am I going to cope? How will I deal with this?  But you don’t have to worry, it would be like putting the cart before the horse. You are not there yet, but suffice to say that new ideas will be forthcoming, and new structures will be put in place, to assist. This is an interesting time for you on planet Earth for many systems are being dismantled, we would say, in order to create new. And during this time, we can understand your unrest, discomfort at not knowing and we suggest that you let go of the fear of trying to control the outcome because at this point in the game, you do not know how to play moving forward yet, for the parts of the game have not yet been revealed to you. 

So just keep following your intuition as you continue to manage your monetary system as it is right now. There’s nothing for you to do. All will be revealed over time and suffice to say that the indecencies which have been occurring, will be stopped, removed, changed. 

It is indeed an unsettling time for you as a human race, for you do not know what is coming and this is very deliberate. For you are there to play a game, to experience contrast, to enjoy the delight being human. Were all to be revealed to you at once it would take away from the experience of being in the moment, which is the ultimate challenge we would say for you, to live in the moment, and if you knew what was coming, you would no longer be in the moment, but you would be in the future which isn’t here yet, until you co create it.

So relax, allow, enjoy, be and have no fear about what is coming where it will all work out perfectly in a way that will appear magic, but which in the end you will see is very strategic. It is a challenging time as you move through these changes but if you can stay in the moment, enjoying the experience, you will find it much easier to transition through for you are there not to barter and create financial wealth, but to co-create with one another and experience the joy of each other. This is far more important than this monetary system that has existed for so long, which has in a sense taken you away from yourselves and this shall be returning to you but at a very different level because of the new vibration on your planet. 

Do not be concerned what or how this is going to look for your vibrational level of conscious awareness will be different, which will in turn give you sight to things that you never saw before, and as you experience these changes, stay centered in your hearts for this is your barter system in a sense moving forward. For coming from this space will give you all the information that you need, and from this space, you will begin to understand the nature of all that is offered, to allow you to exist on your beautiful Mother Earth in a way that is harmonious, cocreative, and will bring you this happiness you seek, and with that we are complete.

The Magic of Love

The Magic of Love

You think about “What are your priorities in life?” From family, to work, to health, to money, to global security, to climate change. That’s the big picture. But all of this doesn’t matter if there isn’t love. 

You may ask, “What do you mean by love?” 

In your world, with humanity on planet Earth, your experience of love has been, we use the term bastardized, not in a derogatory term but to describe the nature of the experience that you have with what you call the energy of love. This is shrouded and clouded in an experience of the body and the mind with one another, but it doesn’t take into effect the contribution of the soul when we talk about the energy of love. For the energy of love is not simply the experience of the mind and the body between two beings or more, but it is the energy of expansion, inspiration, motivation and a deep desire for that glorious feeling of being aligned. It is a heart centered experience. 

Now for many of you, you will experience love from the heart but this is a very different rudimentary kind of experience when we speak of the first kind, the human element of love between one, two or many individuals. For the essence of love within humanity is an energetic wave we shall call it, which assists you to experience life at a much different dimension. You may not understand what we mean when we say the word dimension. Dimension is used to explain the realm in which you find yourself; two dimensional, a fairly flat kind of experience, three dimensional has some body to it, fourth dimension has much awareness of the integration of the soul, fifth dimension has an open heart, concentrated in the center of the body and emanating out in a way that allows for coherence, co creation, collaboration. When in flow with this resonance, we say  heart centered fifth dimensional, in the energy of love.

This energy has been around forever. It is the energy of magic we would say. Not magic as you would understand on a stage, but magic in the essence of what makes worlds, of what creates synergy, synchronization, you call it coincidence. We call it alignment. When you are connected to this essence of love, flow is possible in life. 

Now, the energy of your planet has for many years had a certain level of flow within its third dimension. However, this is a very lower vibrational level of flow within which an element of unrest, fear, difficulty, anxiety, trouble, we would say. This is not a bad thing, it is not good or bad, it simply is. It has been this level. And now, your planet, this body of matter on which you exist, is shifting, morphing, materializing into something new and different. Oh yes, it still looks like Planet Earth but the elemental level is shifting and changing to this higher dimension, this fifth dimension, the flow of love. All elements within your earth field are shifting to this higher level for your solar sun has increased this dimensional level on your planet through photon light. This light element creates a completely different world in which you will live. 

Now, for many of you, you will enjoy this shift. It’ll be a little bit of a bumpy ride moving through from third dimension through fourth, which is your conscious awareness of these shifts and changes, and into the fifth. And for some of you this change will bring about closure. Your form, as it is right now shall end and you shall shift into another form in another time, another timeline, as you would understand it. Yes, this means death of the current form and a shift into a newer form which will then have a different life. This is not good or bad. Do not judge the death of the body as a bad thing. It simply means that you as a soul have chosen to move into a different kind of experience, for it is not your soul’s desire to be in this flow, this love, this fifth dimension. 

You wonder,  “ Well, if I’m going to die, am I going to be alone”

Are you ever? You are not. You incarnate with a group of other souls. You have all made agreements together to have experiences that augment each other to play, to play together in the game of life. Now, some have made decisions to play the game of life in a newer dimension, the fifth dimension. Those of you who see this, experience it, acknowledge it and are it now, will notice this, we use the word split, that is going on on your planet. This experience of split explains why many of you are in a sense, blind to these shifts and changes that are going on. You are seeking stability, a groundedness in what you have already experienced for you recognize that you are not moving forward and so you hold fast to what was. This is not good or bad. This is the choice that your soul is making in order to live at a certain vibration for this is the nature of the world that you wish to consist in. And yet here there are others who are seeing your world in a very different way. You can not make sense of this. This is not the end of the world. It is the beginning of a new world, a new earth. And until such times as this shift has shifted, changed, materialized, this split will continue. 

Now, “what can you do to live in coherence during this time?” 

Focus on love. Stay within your hearts. Become aware that the differences that you witness with your fellow man are simply that, differences. This does not mean that you as humans are different for you are not. You are still flesh and bone and blood, mind body soul, spirit incarnate in human form. This is not different. It is the dimensional level at which you are connected to love that is the element of difference. If you like this idea of moving into the fifth dimension, and you are hearing this message, and this is new for you, you can if you wish, begin to focus more on this energy of love.

This energy of love has been explained in previous videos done by this one, assisting you to understand the energy of compassion, empathy, peace, flow; energy that exists from your heart, that brings coherence with one another. So long as you see difference between you and another, you will never have coherence and this energy of love. Oh yes, it’s not to say that you do not look different, or have a different lifestyle or different preferences, but the priority with which you maintain your daily existence would come from love. And so, in that way, you are no longer that different from another. 

Your desire is for coherence. Your wish is to get along. You acknowledge the differences of others and accept them, not needing anyone else to be anything other than what they are. You see that each one of you struggles with this combination of living from the mind, the body, the soul, the integration of all three. You recognize that each of you have your challenges and you hold space for that, for one another. In a sense, you see the mirroring of you and another as the same and you recognize that what you experienced that may be challenging, is also present and true for another.  “There but for the grace of God, go I” is a common phrase used especially within environments where people are struggling to balance their lives in all of these areas that we have mentioned from the very beginning and so priorities shift when you exist from the experience of love. This is not about a gender situation. This is not about a physical situation. This is not about a religious situation. This is a human spiritual situation, where from the dynamic of love, the energy of love, you can find alignment with yourself and with each one of you. 

It will become apparent that energies will match on your planet. This has certainly been the case in the past but this will become even more prevalent with the differences of these dimensions. If you wish to have world peace, which is something that is always mentioned, then you must begin to understand that peace begins within each and every one of you, in the center of your hearts. The heart chakra, or energy center as it is known in the spiritual realm, as the bridge, the bridge between the physical and the spiritual. And so understanding that your safety, your in a sense, fear reduction, your empowerment, your creativity, and your sexuality must be balanced between that and your spirituality, your consciousness level, and your self expression, your vision, your ability to use that sixth sense and your connection with the Divine. This is the future of the human race on planet Earth in this, we would call it upgraded dimension, of the fifth dimension. 

It is not that it is a different place physically. It is a different place emotionally, elementally, spiritually. It is a heart centered, grounded place where you can appreciate and acknowledge one another for what you both are, and what you contribute to the group. Heart centered being is not easy when you come from the element of fear, and so all fear, not all perhaps but most fear, must be transmuted into a stability that is centered from your hearts, sitting basically in the middle of the bridge between the grounded earthly plane and the etheric spiritual plane. This is not something that all of you will understand but for those of you who do, we strongly suggest that you use your meditative practices in order to bridge the gap, so to speak. For it is in the connection to yourselves and your earth, that you shall feel this grounded place, from the energy of the heart, from love, from who you really are, for the spiritual plane is an energy of pure love, of pure potential, of pure possibility, and out of this space, worlds can be changed. And so as you move from day to day, and you think about your priorities, begin to include this energy of love; this acceptance and acknowledgement of one another, the uniqueness and special contributions that you each bring, and in that space peace will begin. 

Oh yes, we acknowledge there are many different things going on on your beautiful planet Earth right now, and within your species, that are perhaps not so peaceful. Don’t focus on those. Focus on how you and any other can be communicating in a way that is respectful, understanding that each one is different, and yet the same, recognizing that you all have much to contribute to the whole, and in doing that, you will begin to blend, meld, form one whole being of humanity, in this time space reality. 

We cannot tell you what that will look like yet, for you as humans have free will. You get to choose how long it will take for you to transition through these changes and to exist at the element of love, the energy of love. We, in the etheric realm, come only to assist, to bring direction, assistance, in a sense information to help you to understand what’s going on right now. For this has never happened in your lifetimes before, in your species existence. This higher dimensional energy has never before been on your planet in this way, in this timeline. And so, as you navigate these changes, remember to focus on the heart, on appreciation, on collaboration, on the sameness, and on the uniqueness of each and every one of you.

Look to your children for the way to do this for their light shines brightly. Their love, their hearts, are far more open to this newer vibrational energy than the more mature, and ask them and they will tell you what is required in order to create a shift in your priorities. 

This channeling has been brought to you through a combination of energies that are Galactic and we do not bring one name forward for at this point now, this conduit is channeling through many different, we shall call them intelligences, to assist you. This combination of intelligences can consult with you on a number of topics related to this expansion of humanity, and many more are sitting on the sidelines, waiting to contribute to these messages and more will be forthcoming. We shall continue to call ourselves the Multiverse for this will, in a sense, be the broad name that can be used. 

And as you hear these messages, there is an energetic shift that is available to you. In a sense, we call them key codes that download into your being as you listen to this message, as you hear her describe what is going on, and as you read the words. This is an exciting time for humans and humanity on planet Earth and we are here to support you and we love you very much. And this is the energy with which we bring through these messages; the energy of love of which we speak, and so take heart beautiful humans, and recognize that this is a wonderful, pivotal moment in your existence as you shift through these changes. Love one another deeply, fully and completely, as you do yourselves, and if you struggle to do that, start with yourself. This is one of the biggest challenges of humanity, to bring this coherence, heart love energy into the self, but you can do it. You are capable and we are assisting as we speak. And with that, we are complete at this time