Global Evolution: It’s Happening One Person at a Time

Global Evolution: It’s Happening One Person at a Time


This is The Revolutionaries. We are an Intergalactic Council, and we travel between galaxies, assisting species with their evolution and we come forward to you at this time to assist you, for you are indeed going through great changes on planet Earth. The human species has indeed gone through many changes already, its existence at many incarnations of itself. In fact, this is not something that you as a species would remember but in the evolution of your species in each time, there have been upgrades and improvements, we would say, to your state of consciousness, cellular patterning and evolutionary state. 

So here’s a fairly simple concept for you to begin to understand how, you as an individual fit into the whole. Imagine your nature. Now, think of the flowers that exist in a wild way. Wild is perhaps not the correct word, but we would say, not cultivated, for example, by just simply growing wild in any of your meadows, mountain ranges, roadsides and forests. 

If you were a wild flower, which one would you be? 

Would you be the wild rose that attracts the bee, where the petals are perfumed, and the stalks are less, we would say sturdy, than your domesticated roses, growing in an unruly fashion, but beautiful nonetheless, a bush of flowers? Or would you be like the small yellow butter cup that grows through and between other plants, small and seemingly insignificant, and yet absolutely radiant, so much so that the mirror of its beautiful yellow color can be seen on your skin? Or would you be the magnificent Mullein, wild, stately, warrior like and glorious, but only flowering every second year? Or would you be the small bluebell that only comes up in spring, never to be seen again until the following spring. These examples for you come from this conduit’s knowledge of flowers but we would say that no matter where you are in your world on your planet, there are examples of these different plants that contribute to the whole. 

This example is a simple one, to help you to understand that you as an individual, are part of the whole. This is not a new concept for this conduit to be bringing. It’s not a new message. It’s a different way of describing the same message. It’s to assist you to understand that your evolution at this time is magnificent, that you are indeed magnificent, that you matter to the big picture, and that some of you will be around for a very long time, and that some of you will come for a short time and then leave. This is the evolution of consciousness, where you, as a form, as a soul, as a spirit, as a part of the universe, let us say, bring forward an experience, say a contribution and it has its own purpose, its own place in the world. 

Why are we bringing this message to you at this time?


It is important that each person listening to this message understand that their contribution is just as important as the next person’s, no more, no less. It is not that you are equal, although you are. It is that you are each unique and valued the same. There is no greatness, no more in any individual unit, but the complimentary experience of all within the diversity of you, as a species, is what makes up the rich tapestry of your experience as a human in exactly the same way that any flower growing in nature contributes to the beauty of your world, in its own special way. 

And can you appreciate the value that each individual person brings to your experience of your life on planet Earth? 

For many of you, and this is true all over your planet, in many cultures, you have shifted your appreciation of each other, let us say, to one of a measurement of value that does not follow this rule, we would say, of equality. This is not your fault. For there has been we should say, infiltration by others, that has created this level of comparison, competition. It is not a healthy level of competition, either, but this is all changing now for that existence on your planet is now outdated. And those factions that brought with them this energy, this lower vibrational energy, has in a sense ended, been removed, run its course, for your planet is upgrading evolving, moving into a greater level of dynamic vibrational reality. This may be a difficult concept for you if you are listening to this for the first time perhaps, but it simply means that you are up leveling, shifting into a new wave of energy and anything that does not serve you, either individually or as a whole is being removed on the planet. 

Now what does this mean for you?

This means that you either get to stay and move with it, or leave. It’s not quite as simple as that, for you will not see that as if you were individuals in a room and somebody simply walks out the door and leaves. You would see it quite as simply as that for this is a process and you experience your lives through birth, living and death and so it is this process that will create the leaving, we would say. It is not that people will die in a bad way. It is that their bodies will be unable to cope, I guess is the best way to describe it, cope with the up leveling of vibration and so much as something doesn’t fit any longer, different souls, different spirits, will realize that their time on planet Earth in this dimension is up and they will move on. They will evolve in their own way, and so you shall experience some major shifts, seeing that perhaps the landscape of your species will change. 

This is a thing that is going to happen over time. We are just bringing this message to you so you can understand what is happening. It is the evolution of both your planet and you as a species and this evolution is preordained, meaning it was always planned this way. It is a very exciting time for you, your planet, for the galaxy as such, for the universe in fact, and we as a group, are honored to be a part of this change for Earth, for in our Galactic Council, we bring great intelligence and knowledge and understanding, for we have assisted other entities to shift themselves, and so we are familiar with some of the difficulties and transitions that you will go through. 

Now, in the meantime, as this is happening, what will you do?

You continue to live as you have, of course, because these changes are coming through so rapidly, you will begin to notice that, if you don’t kind of, get with the times, move with the flow, be in the change, so to speak, it may be a little difficult for you and there are certainly different factions at play on your planet right now, as you move through this transition, as you transition through this period but this is all part of the plan. It is simpler to understand it as if your planet is going through its seasons for example, except rather than seasons, you are going through evolutions. These evolutions will be magnificent but you will not see it this way at this time for as with every evolution, there is difficulty and challenge as each individual person and the entire species shift. This has happened many times in other unique species, but not exactly the same in this galaxy, for planet Earth is a very special individual planet, and holds many key codes that are crucial for the evolution of your galaxy. 

So back to making it simple. How do you show up? And do you recognize your value? How do you see others show up and recognize their value? 

This message is one that encourages you to appreciate each individual’s contribution to the whole, recognizing that each individual’s contribution brings beauty, variety, different contributions, that assist you to live in the way that you live, learn from each other, recognize and appreciate each other. Do not judge each other for who you are, for what you think, for the way that you act, for the way that you believe for it is this diversity that creates the paradigm, the dimensional experience of your existence at this time on planet Earth. Embrace your differences. Flowers in the forest, in the middle on the mountain, in a field, do not judge criticize or even acknowledge each other for their level of consciousness is one of group of unity, and this is where you as a species are going.

Times are changing and so as you move through this transitionary period, beautiful human beings, recognize each other in love, in the energy of love, in the energy of acceptance, appreciation, acknowledgement, and when you can do this, you will find it much easier to be in your world, even through these massive, amazing, magnificent changes that are happening at this time. 

We come here with a message of encouragement, of hope, of inspiration to assist you In allowing you to see the contribution that each of you make, and that in that your evolution will be a magnificent thing, even if it feels rather difficult at this moment in time. We support you. We are here to assist you. We love you. We recognize your value for who you are, both individually and as a complete unit. We are The Revolutionaries, an Intergalactic Council who come to assist with the evolution of species and with that we are complete with our message at this time.



How do you fit into life’s puzzle?

How do you fit into life’s puzzle?

If life is a jigsaw puzzle, what part do you play? Which piece of the jigsaw puzzle are you and how do you fit into the bigger picture?

This is the Barr Council of the 8th dimension. Your world right now is made up of many pieces and many of you are finding it a little difficult to fit, for the pieces around you are changing. And so, as you move through life, you are finding that what was once smooth, is now rough. What was once easy, is now difficult, and what once flowed, now sticks a little. 

For many of you, you are making decisions, without we would say, aforethought. When we say aforethought, we mean you are not thinking further ahead about the implications for your future. Based on some of the decisions that you are making you are, in a sense, pushing to fit into this jigsaw puzzle of life in a way that is forceful. For some of you, this has been the nature of your life and so this does not feel difficult, or let us say unusual, for it has been the way that you have lived your life. This is not the way that humans are, I mean we say, supposed to live, but it is not around the idea that you are supposed to live a certain way, except what if it were easier? 

Your world right now is transforming. It is transforming in ways that were you to be a little more conscious, you would be making different choices. And so this message for you today is to assist you to open your eyes and your hearts, and perhaps your arms and your ears, to notice where you fit. And to notice what you do, and how you fit into the bigger picture. As we mentioned already, your world is changing very fast. There are many things that are happening that are, you may think out of your control, but this is inaccurate. For you, in a sense can not predict, but have a say in, the future of your lives but this is not an energy that you as humans have had awareness around up to this point. For your past has very much been a situation where you have not gone with the flow, but allowed; allowed things to happen without a consciousness and awareness of the future. For some of you you have, this is true, but for the predominant general population, you have not. 

So where are we going with this conversation? Well, the idea is that the energy is changing in your environment, on your planet, in your space, so to speak. And are you changing with it? Or are you staying stuck in the old energy? 

To be aware of the changes means to open your eyes, open your ears, open your hearts. Notice what is happening that is different, compared to what was, and in those awarenesses, let’s say, begin to make different choices. Now it is in making those different choices that the pieces of the puzzle will actually shift for you and you will, in a sense, move into perhaps a different part of the puzzle, maybe a part that you’ve never been in before. And so this for humanity is difficult, not so much difficult, but the transition into the new can be something that can be quite uncomfortable, and it is in your past experience to have been something you avoided, for you have enjoyed the status quo let us say, albeit that you have enjoyed it, it has not been your reality as much as you have tried to keep it that way, for your world is constantly evolving, except that the speed at which it evolved in the past was slower, different, less volatile, we would say but this is not your future, for you are in the midst of a great transition. 

And so where do you fit in this puzzle that is your world now, that is your evolving, changing, morphing, shift. 

And so why are we bringing this message to you today?

It is important, crucial, vital, necessary for you as an individual and as a collective, to recognize that these changes are occurring, and that the pieces of the puzzle, you individually, are changing. And so as you attempt to fit into the puzzle, it’s not going to be easy. For just as the puzzle piece changes you and your world, you will find yourself fitting in one space, only to realize shortly afterwards that you no longer fit in that space anymore, and you are changing again. Everything is changing. This is the nature of your world for the next little while. 

So what can you do about this? 

It will be helpful for you to recognize that nothing will stay the same for a while. That change will be even more constant than it has been in the past. It will seem as if it is consistently changing, that one minute you are moving into one arena, only to discover that shortly afterwards, that arena is changing and you will have to move with the times. If, for those of you who choose not to, this is too much for you, it will become even more uncomfortable and this is not a bad thing for in humanity’s life, in its metamorphosis, let us say, there is an ebb and flow. There is a beginning, middle and end. There is life and there is death and that is the nature of your being. That is the nature in fact of the universe. It is the nature of all things. It is just the nature of life. It is not that consciousness ends. It does not. It transforms. 

So how can you cope with these evolving times, these transitions, these shifts? 

Well, just as your beautiful planet moves with the flow of the seasons, with the sun and the moon, with daylight and night, you must recognize that nothing stays the same. And this is also true of your bodies; that they are consistently shifting and changing. And so can you, on a daily basis as you rise, realize that the next day will not be the same as the previous one? That in order for you to be, successful is not the word that we would like to use but it will work for you for you will understand this, for the day to be fulfilling, for the day to be satisfying, for the day to be happy, let’s say, you have to go with the flow. You have to accept that it will always be changing until it stabilizes, which is not going to be anytime soon just so you know. You are moving out of a lower density energy, a lower vibrational state, let us say, which has been something you have known for a very long time, and you are evolving, rising up, increasing in intensity in vibration, and it’s gonna be a little volatile, but you can do it. 

The heart is your stabilizer. The heart is your open source. Your heart, should you connect to it, will be the place where you can find this tranquility even in the midst of all chaos. Connecting to the energy of the heart is going to assist you to stay strong, calm, love. This is the energy of the future for your species moving into the 5th dimension. The plasma light and photon light that is coming onto your planet is of the vibration of the heart. It is no longer a fear driven low vibrational energy, and dear humans, to move forward with this, to fit into the puzzle of life, is to flow in the energy of the heart. 

And so recognizing that each one of you is an intricate piece of the puzzle, with your own way to fit, with your own energetic vibe let’s say we shall call it, and when you, aligned with that vibration can move through life, can be on the river of life, paddling at that vibration, you will find calm and you will find that no matter whatever comes your way, you will not stick and push and find it be uncomfortable but you will fit and flow and morph and change as your world does it also. 

So find your groove, dear humans, in this ever changing landscape of the jigsaw puzzle that is life on planet Earth right now, and recognize that it is a moving target. It will not ever come to a standstill. It will slow down at a certain point in your future, but not right now, so recognize that this is the case and allow yourself to be molded through the energy of the heart recognizing that you are love, and that the energy of fear is no longer the common energy on the planet and the faster you can recognize this with your conscious awareness, the easier life will be for you. It’s not that it’s difficult. It’s just that it’s new and like all transitions, it will take a little adjustment for your piece of the puzzle to fit, and then refit and then fit again in a new way. Think of it as a shifting, moving, transitioning experience for the next little while. 

And we are here. We are with you. We are watching. We are supporting. We are loving you. We are guiding and we are here as you move through this exciting life transition as a species, as individuals, as a planet within the galaxy and know that there are more than us in the galaxy here to support you but it is us who bring this message at this time. 

We are the Barr Council of the 8th dimension, a galactic council sent here, brought here to Earth at this time through this conduit to assist you as you move through these transitions, these monumental shifting moments, in this timeline. And with that we are complete.

Connect to the “God Within”

Connect to the “God Within”

We wonder if you can fathom the idea that you are both the grain of sand and the entire beach. 

We are The Infinite; the infinite source of all information, of everything and anything, and we come through this one to share with you our message, to give you hope, in a sense, that more is possible.


Are you aware that you as a human have access to absolutely everything that is possible in the universe, all timelines, all experiences, all knowledge? 

Of course, it doesn’t seem that way with you in your limited form as a human being but this is not the nature of which we speak, this limited form as a human being, but your divine nature, as a spiritual being, as an element of the universe. 

Now, why would we bring this message to you, at this time, in particular?


For you to understand that the changes that are going on on your planet are not some small random, moment by moment thing that cannot be controlled. For in every moment of every moment, things are changing and this is the nature of the universe; change, transformation and abundance of that. Abundance of change, abundance of possibilities, abundance of everything and everything and anything for you. 

What does this mean? 

It means that you as an individual being, held within your physical form of course, and in hearing this as a human being on planet Earth at this time, you have access to unlimited possibilities. 

And how do you do this?

For in your current form, in your current energetic field, quantum space of the universe, let’s say, you are feeling limited. This is only because you do not stop long enough to feel the energy of the universe. This is required. For in order to feel the energy of the universe, you must, in a sense, restrict your movement so that you can in fact connect deeply to the source within you, the element of you that is both the grain of sand and the entire ocean. It is not something that can be easily acknowledged in the rush and busyness of your lives. For in those moments you have limited focus. You can only handle certain amounts of information, but in the wee small hours of the morning for example, or in the quiet in the still of night, or in the space of a moment, you can connect to this, to the all, to everything. Of course you’re very busy all the time as human beings, and so this takes an actual efforting on your part to simply grow still. And in that moment, there comes that phrase “Be Still and Know That I Am God”. In a sense, “Be Still and Know That You Are God”. 

And why would you do that? 

For up until this moment your experience as a human being has been one of duality, one of separation, one of experiences that have been able to give you contrast, we would say, differences, different experiences, so that you could revel in the contrast of opposites. Good and bad, light and dark, black and white, but in the moment of stillness, when you can touch the God within you, when you can touch your own essence, when you can connect to your soul, to your spirit, to who you really are, in that moment comes all peace, awareness, and the infinite knowing that you are, that you are. 

Now this is not an easy task for most of you, for at this time most of you are running around believing that your brains actually control everything, and that they are your Higher Power, that they are the source of everything, but the brain is not that. The brain is simply a piece of machinery, let us say, a bunch of cells that runs on electricity, similar to, but not as powerful as, your heart. And in the energetic connection between your heart and your brain comes the ability for you to draw close to yourself, and be still. We’re here to encourage you to start to do that more and more; to take the time, to be with yourself, to not be distracted, to not be rushing around, to not be in everything and anything but to simply be with yourself. You will of course have noticed that when you are out in nature, in the vastness and awesomeness of the expansiveness of your world, that you can access this moment much more easily, gazing up at the clouds on a beautiful day, gazing up at the stars in a clear night, watching the expanse of the ocean as the waves crash on the shore, or looking at the majesty of a mountain, or the flow of a river. You can access these moments easily when you stop in nature but we’re here to tell you that you can access these moments at any moment, not just in nature, for actually you are the moment, you have power over that, but it requires you to slow down, to quiet the mind, to be still. It is not about meditation, but it is meditative, for you can do it simply in a moment. You don’t have to sit there for 10 minutes to get there. You can be there almost immediately, but it does require you to stop. 

So how do you do this? 

Stop in your moment and notice your breathing. Become connected to the machine that is your body and in that moment, connect to the wonder that is your breath, as the air moves in, and the air moves out, and in that moment, feel yourself grounded wherever you might be; sitting on a chair, standing at your desk, sitting in your car, walking in nature, in a conversation. Simply begin to notice and in that moment, connect to who you really are. 

This is The Infinite. We are the wonder of all and we are here to connect with you to tell you, and bring to your awareness, that you are us, and that we are you, and that in this moment you can be this moment of energy. 

Now why would you do this? 

Because it brings you peace, because it brings you tranquility, because it brings you connection, because it centers you, because it grounds you, because it takes you out of the hurly burly rush of life and it brings you back into the vehicle of your body. And in the vehicle of your body, you can connect back to your heart. And when you connect back to your heart, you can be at one with all things. Now, this is not an easy task for most of you, but you can do it and we’re here to suggest that you begin to stop and take notice and in these moments, you will feel you, and us, the wonder of the universe, but you, you will begin to notice you, as both the grain of sand and the beach. And with that we are complete.