What is Channeling: Part 1

What is Channeling: Part 1


What is channeling? Channeling is a conversation, an exchange, a give and receive of information, of energy. It allows the recipient to access information from a consciousness level that they would not normally be able to connect to in their day to day activities. It is also the ability of that conduit, for example,the individual who is doing the channeling, to use innate abilities and senses within themselves to connect to this information. And so, there are many forms of channeling we would say, available to any unit of consciousness, to access another unit of consciousness. 


For example, the animal hunting in the wild channels in to the consciousness of nature, your world, to assist it in its hunting and survival. Larger animals in your oceans channel into other levels of consciousness that they have had access to for eons, and communicate this to each other using a sonar kind of system. It is a energetic ribbon we would say, that were humans able to decipher would give you access to consciousness levels that are not at this point available to you and you would have much to learn. 


The channeling that is now more common is where an individual, a human, is able to connect with an energy, a consciousness, whether it be a single conscious unit of consciousness or a group of consciousnesses, and can then decipher, translating the information that is coming through them, to assist others or themselves. Again, this is an innate ability available to every unit of consciousness and it depends on purpose of life, and also the nature of the communication. For some units of consciousness they have made a pre determined agreement to be a channel, to assist in, for example at this moment in time, up leveling humanity’s consciousness, such as the messages that this one brings, but there’s also the ability to channel one’s own Higher Self, we shall call it but it is other versions of the unit, the conduit, accessing different linear consciousnesses, to be able to assist that individual unit of consciousness, whether it is a person, or an insect, a fish, an energetic atom, but that in that moment, it is able to connect with that other piece of knowledge, let us say, other part of consciousness and in that communication experience, an energy exchange takes place. 


So when a human being just knows something through their, let’s call it intuition, they are channeling themselves. They are accessing a part of themselves that is communicating with them at another vibrational level, to be able to impart wisdom, information, whatever it is useful for that conduit to know. And for some, such as this one, they have the ability to clear away anything that would be in the way of larger units of consciousness, and to be able to communicate with these larger units of consciousness in a way that is helpful, interesting and relevant given the time space reality that they are living in. 


For example, Edgar Casey, one of the more well known channelers was able, at a time approximately 100 years ago, if not more, to access into medical information, a consciousness level that was not available to anyone else at the time, and to bring forward that information in such a way that it was helpful to those around them at that time. The consciousness of your humanity, your species, has shifted considerably since then and so now it is possible for individuals to access many other levels of consciousness available to them in the universe, and bring forward messages and helpful information to be able to assist humanity in its experience of itself. 


Channeling is simply a channel, the opportunity for an individual to bring forward information that is not readily accessible in their current consciousness level. Simply put, it is an exchange and everyone has the capacity to be able to do this at a certain level; at a level that is useful for them in their current incarnation or in their current form. And this is the transmission at this time. 

Consciousness: A New Understanding

Consciousness: A New Understanding

“Consciousness wanted to experience Consciousness”. 

Kind of like saying, you want to be able to experience being the one looking in the mirror, and being the one in the mirror.

We are The Worshipers. We are an angelic group of beings and we bring this message to assist you in understanding a little bit more about who you are both individually and as a species. 

The experience of being human is a unique one, for there are many aspects to being human that are solely and individually only available to you as a human being; the ability to acknowledge who you are, and to experience yourself with all your senses, and to recognize your emotional state. And to be in that emotional state is something that is unique to the human race, for as much as other, we would say beings, can recognize and acknowledge who they are, there are limitations to their experience of themselves. This might sound a little cryptic but we do not wish to confuse you with more information than is necessary to assist you with this message. 

For some of you, you are not aware that you are even standing looking in the mirror. You believe that there is no mirror.  You are simply existing and experiencing yourself at a very basic, we would not say mundane level for it is not that it is boring, but it is basic, one would say there is no color to the life from a sense of conscious awareness. For some of you, you are aware there is a mirror but you choose to turn around and look the other direction. So that in a sense, you are not taking responsibility for seeing yourself. This is often referred to as denial. This is a very common state of being for many human beings and a sense you have disconnected from the other part of you, the part that is in the mirror. We’re hoping this isn’t going to get too complicated as we explain this to you. 

But for those of you who recognize that you are the one standing in front of the mirror, and the one looking back at you in the mirror, this can be a very exciting experience for you. For in that experience, you get to see that you are both the cause and the effect of all things that happen in your life. This is not often a pleasant realization for now all of a sudden, there is no one else to blame but yourself for any event that happens in your experience of life. Now for many of you, you would argue this point, especially when it comes to bad things happening to good people, or illness showing up in your life or misfortune arising, but that’s because you have a judgment around an experience that is less than pleasant. Of course this makes sense because no one likes to feel bad, but the idea that you feel bad In the first place, is simply a perception. A perception that something is not pleasant means that it’s not what you would want but as humans, as consciousness, you simply want to experience the wide variety of options available to you in your human experience. 

And so this is why over the millennia, your souls have returned time and time and time again, in human form, we shall not discuss other forms at this time for this is not the message, but in human form, to experience so many different kinds of things. And so, if you, in your incarnation, were to remember everything that you have experienced in the past, you would be overwhelmed and unable to exist. For it is one thing to look at yourself in the mirror, recognize yourself, acknowledge yourself, and move through life with this awareness and it is another thing to be in denial, learning and growing as you go. 


Why are we bringing this message to you? Because at this time, your awareness of yourselves, the denial that has been your existence for so long, the fog we would say, is being lifted. And as you move forward, and your planet evolves from 3D to 5D, that mystery, who you really are, is being revealed. You will, should you choose to stay, become aware that you are in a sense, everything. And that all decisions, all choices, all actions, all experiences, are led, instigated, guided, created and evolved from your own being. 

Let’s go back to the beginning. Consciousness wanted to experience Consciousness. The idea that the Almighty God, Source, Omnipotent Energy of the Universe is not involved in itself provides very little foundation for this basis of belief. What do we mean by that? Well, consciousness, source energy created in so many different ways, realized that in order to experience the vast possibilities, that it would require some energy, some shifting, some metamorphosis, to experience more of itself. And so in its wisdom, it chose to elevate itself, to morph itself into many, many, many, many forms and over time, consciousness has evolved into higher states of being, different forms of structure, and practical matter, we would say in all kinds of ways.

And so, in essence, every single solitary cell has its own level of conscious awareness. Now, in a sense, some cells can take action based on that level of consciousness, and some have a short lifespan. And so as you are moving through your day, recognize that your physical form contains trillions of these minute cells of consciousness and together, they create for you, a larger experience of life; a larger experience of life that brings to you the variety of what it means to be human in your world. This is also true of other life forms but we shall not go into that detail at this time. There are many ways that you can experience your life. There are many ways that you can see yourself in the mirror, you can choose to touch the mirror, become the mirror, live within the mirror, recognizing that it is a steady flow of energy back and forth and you are both the creator and the cause of all that happens to you. Or you can simply choose to watch, to not take responsibility, and to see everything as happening to you.

This message is one that is an introduction; an introduction to the idea that you are more than what you think you are, that you are, in a sense, the actor, the acting, and the act and that everyone around you is also playing the same game. And sometimes some individuals are, well, it’s not sometimes actually, it’s all the time, they are playing the background for you for the mirror experience, and this is fine. Consciousness wanted to experience consciousness, so that it could have more fun. It could have more learning, wisdom, growth, play. Now, yes, there are different elements to that kind of experience and because life is not always happy there are experiences that you as human beings will have that are not always positive, but any negative experience is only negative if you view it as negative.

This one has had the experience now of breakdown many, many times in her transition from being in denial to being a living, breathing awareness of consciousness of herself, and has come to recognize that any negative experience is only deemed negative by her perception of life and that even though it is unpleasant, it is simply another experience. This takes an elevated state of being to exist in this way. This is her learning we would say, for her levels of consciousness, to experience consciousness. 

Many others view negative experiences as bad and to be avoided. However, consciousness, source energy, God, however you wish to name it, does not view it from this perspective. Consciousness does not have a perception of negative being bad. It is simply a way of negative being negative. In fact, it doesn’t even have the perception that negative is negative for this is a judgement. It just is. The experience is what the experience is. This is a very high form of awareness of self, of consciousness, so as you’re going about your day, begin to notice yourself and begin to notice the observer part of yourself that judges your life. Are you deeming experiences that are unpleasant as negative? Or are you able to detach yourself from that judgment and see it simply as an experience? As consciousness experiencing consciousness. 

Sometimes you will jump in and out of this reality for you are still evolving as human beings at this point, up leveling into the energy of 5D and the energy of 5D will allow you to drop the perception that, for example, negative emotions are bad and will be able to recognize that emotions are emotions. They are neither good nor bad and that all experiences bring you variety, and often surrender. Surrendering is letting go; letting go of the idea that something is good or is bad. It gives you the ability to be, in a sense, not neutral with an experience, but more living the experience and in that sense of living the experience, you are not judging it one way or another. And so you are all elements of consciousness, experiencing itself in many different forms, in many different ways, with lots of colors, shapes, sizes, and textures. And each one of you is a unique expression of consciousness, experiencing consciousness. 

And so begin to become aware that consciousness decided to experience itself for the experience of play, to dive into different kinds of experiences, just to see what they would be like. And can you recognize that you have already amassed huge amounts of experience, within your physical form, and within your mental state, and your spiritual being, and that all of this brings color, and texture and form to each and every experience that you have. And as you move through 3D, this heavy energy and out of it into 4D, in order to elevate up into 5D, you will become aware of past experiences that will assist you to do this. 

This is an exciting time for humanity on planet Earth, as you are evolving your own level of consciousness and everyone’s level of consciousness so that life will be experienced at a much deeper, more tactile, more sensual, and when we say sensual, we mean that it is fully engaging with all senses that you experience as humans, your five senses of taste, touch, smell, hearing, and sight and also your sixth sense of intuition. 

And also your sense of proprioception. I think it is, where you are aware of yourself in any spatial arena, that you exist within existence, that you have form that lives within a certain form. As you become more and more aware of you, and everything that is around you, you will begin to connect more deeply to this idea that you are consciousness experiencing consciousness. And that when you can connect to that, and play in this arena, life will become infinitely more fun. 

Dear ones, you are on a journey. You are on a journey of exploration, of innovation and experimentation. And you are well supported in the galaxy in this experience. We are the Worshipers, here to assist you to recognize who you really are, and how it all plays together and so dear ones, begin to recognize your part in this play, that is your life on planet Earth at this time, at this very important time. And with that we are complete.


Lions Gate Portal Activation 2021 – An Energetic Opening to Transform Your Life

Lions Gate Portal Activation 2021 – An Energetic Opening to Transform Your Life

August 8th, the 8-8 date in your calendar is an auspicious date known as the Lions Gate Portal. This word portal is used to describe an opening, a gateway, a door. It is used to assist you in understanding that, on this date, the beginnings of major transformation and shifting can happen. It is a doorway to multi dimensions, to transformation, to change. It is an opportunity for you, if you wish, to begin to take stock of your life as it is right now and it gives an opportunity for you to shift, make a detour, move into, start to make tracks towards, walk through into a new dimension, a new paradigm, a new place to sit so to speak, in where you are. 


The Lions Gate Portal, denoted by the head of a lion, offers an opportunity for you to create big change, and this opportunity starts on the date, 8-8 and is open and continues until the date 23, your August 23rd date. This two week period has the energy of opening into, and walking through. It is a time when making new decisions, choices, are open and more easily done than at any other point in your calendar. Another date would be your 1-1 date, January 1st. Of course, this is a very common date used for people to begin to make change, new decisions, resolutions, new choices, forwarding new action. However, this date is more difficult to bring forward and maintain because the 1-1 date does not have the 14 day opening from an energetic perspective. 

Over the millennia, you, as a species, have made these changes on the 8-8 to the 23rd date period without knowing why it has been easier for you than on the 1-1 date. Some in your realm have been aware of this portal, this opening; those who have been more consciously connected to the oversoul, to past lives, to other realms, to your sixth sense. This particular date 8-8-21, your August 8, 2021 is a, we would say shifting date, for this date at this time when your earth is moving into her fifth dimensional crystalline energy, affords you a new consciousness level, a ripple, we would say, in your energetic field, giving you the opportunity to see, hear, notice, become aware of, things in your realm that you may not have had the access to prior to this. 

Of course, there are many of you in your spiritual world known as lightworkers who are aware of this. But for the masses this has not been available to you, this level of consciousness we speak of, however now, this has become, we would say, online, meaning that you are now more consciously aware of this kind of information and in fact, this will become more and more available to you. 


And so, back to the Lions Gate Portal. The strength of the opening of this portal is significant in your realm. It is an opportunity for you as an individual and as a collective, to begin to shift into a new paradigm, a new space, a new energy, and the opening affords you this two week period to really solidify this change. Some of you will not move forward through the portal but for those of you who do, you will have greater success in making changes, new choices and shifts. These decisions that you make during this two week period are more likely to stick, so to speak. You will notice that after you have completed this two week period, any decisions, choices or actions that you have begun, you will be able to stay with. It will be easier to maintain them. They will become part of your routine. You will in a sense, be a different person. It is not that you will be a new person or not the same person, but whatever has been begun will be able to be continued with more ease and more staying power we would say than at any other period in your calendar year. 

This date, the 8-8 date, carries with it a huge amount of energetic charge and as the two week period follows, it wanes. In a sense, you could see it as an opening on this date that is large and easy to access through, and as your days follow, that portal begins to close. It gets smaller. However, for those of you who have made new choices, new decisions, new realizations in the larger space of the 8-8 date, those changes become set in the portal, staying in the portal, giving you the opportunity to harness the energy and the power of the portal to be able to continue with those choices, those awarenesses, those realizations. It does not mean that if you have not done anything on the 8-8 date that all is lost. It is not true. Anything that you do do between 8-8 and 23-8 gives you the opportunity to begin to make these changes. 

This is a very important time in your calendar and it is simply a chance for you to begin to paradigm shift we would say, vibrationally uplevel, move forward into, jump off the cliff, so to speak, if you desire to. Make changes. It is also a period when you may begin to notice if there are energies within your life, your experience of being on earth, that does not sit well with you, is not aligned. It can create ripples in your life, having you notice feelings of discontent or the desire to make changes, for this portal offers you a glimpse of something new, something better, something bigger, something more expansive, and in that space, affords you the opportunity to choose if you wish to seek more of this kind of energy. 

It is an exciting time for you right now. So if you choose to, over the next two week period, begin to notice where your focus is, what you are thinking about, dreams that you are looking forward to, or that you are just beginning to become aware of. This energetic period gives you the opportunity to take action more easily than at any other time. This message is brought with light and love with the intention of assisting and aiding you in your consciousness level and we trust that this is useful and helpful for you at this time. This transmission is complete.