Recalibration of Earth’s Fields – New Energies for 2022

Recalibration of Earth’s Fields – New Energies for 2022

This is the Galactic Federation of Light, the Council of Light, the High Council and this is an important message for humanity. We come with love. We come as protectors of your sacred space. We come as comrades. We come as your brothers and your sisters, and we bring this message today for you for it is important that you begin to realize that change is afoot.

Everything that you are experiencing, seeing, watching, witnessing, will be beginning to change in front of your very eyes. There will be much unrest for the next, we say three months in your timeline, for many systems, processes and structures need to be, let’s say, deconstructed. However, in your view it will look as though things are disintegrating in front of your very eyes. This is happening at a plasma light level, and it will slowly seep into your physical reality, and at this point, you will not be able to see your future. 

But beautiful humanity, do not be concerned, for your future is very bright. There’s much to be hopeful about. There are many changes to be coming forward and with these changes you will discover a new way of living, a new life. As this light enters your planet’s atmosphere you will notice some things, shaking down so to speak. What you know to be real will shift and morph and change into a new reality, and as you move through this tremendous energetic filled change do not be concerned for all is under control.

There have been many dark factions, energies, beings, in and on your planet and they have, in a sense, created this energetic field under which you have been coexisting for a very long time. As these energies have been removed, there now requires a recalibration of your energy field, a leveling out, so to speak. One might call it an upgrading, but it is in fact a process of realignment in the plasma field, the energy field, the spiritual field, the physical field, the matter field in your reality. 


For those of you who are sensitive to light, energy shifts and atmospheric changes, you may experience some shifting, some moments of unease. These will not be significant but suffice to say that for those of you who are aware of these energetic shifts, you will feel this. The best thing that you could do to take care of yourself as this transitions through your planet and its atmosphere, is to drink plenty of water and take plenty of rest. At this point, there is nothing to do so to speak, so do not be concerned about your potential lack of activity during this time, for once this energetic shift settles, you will find yourself brimming with energy and you will have no problem getting back into the swing of things and creating shifts and changes in your lives. Do not be afraid of these shifts dear humans, for this is something that was predetermined and, you as an individual soul were well aware prior to incarnation at this time that you would be experiencing this timeframe.

So, relax, go with the flow. The most important and effective way to handle these shifts is to stay within the energy of love and to let go of any thoughts of harm, danger, fear, uncertainty, scarcity, or in a sense, any idea that you are not safe for you are. You are very safe. You are well protected by the light. There are many beings, 1000s and 1000s and 1000s and 1000s of beings, galactic energies, other energies that consider themselves to be your comrades, brothers and sisters, taking care of you, and ensuring that these changes that go through will bring for you the best results that are possible. 

It’ll be a bit shaky for the next little while but don’t be concerned. As you move through these next three to six months, in the latter three months of this six month period, you will begin to see the sun. You will begin to see the shadows dissipate and clear. You will begin to see new experiences, new opportunities, new possibilities coming into your energy field, your awareness, your mindscape. Trust these experiences, these noticings, and begin to tap into them so that they may feed you and bring you hope and joy for your future life, though not yet complete, will bring lives that are much more fulfilled, destiny filled, purpose filled and love filled. So as you move through these challenging times, be assured that you are well, being well taken care of, looked after, protected and that a new world awaits, once this period has completed itself. 

We are the Galactic Federation of Light, the Council of Light, the High Council and it brings us deep reverence and honor to communicate with you at this time and bring you this information and with that we are complete. 

(Star Light Language transmission can be heard on the audio version). This transmission has been brought to you to elevate your Ascension process on planet Earth on this day, December 1st, 2021. Hearing this message, you will be receiving keycodes, downloads, upgrades and energetic shifts to assist with your Ascension process.