Separation vs Unity Consciousness

Separation vs Unity Consciousness


This is a new day and a new year for you on planet Earth, in your timeline, in your time space reality; a new year and a new day. For you, your time is the construct with which you measure how you experience your life, and this is all changing now for you. There will be a transition as time shifts in your dimension. It will take some time, we say, for you to begin to experience it differently, but you have done so already. Why do we bring this message to you now for today January 1st, 2022 will be remembered as an auspicious day. It is the beginning of your, let’s say, new level of consciousness, for 2022 will be a transitionary year for you; shifting out of your 3D and into 4D.

What does this mean? 


This means that your energy of the way that you have lived up until this moment as humans on the planet, this experience you have of separation, of being individuals, of looking after number one let’s say, this energy is now shifting to one that we shall call Unity Consciousness. This is not a new concept. This has been described before by many others but here this message today is to assist you to understand what Unity Consciousness really is. Unity Consciousness is the idea that you are all of the same mind, let’s say, of the same, not body for you do exist separately or so it seems of course to you, but in reality all energy is the same, and so you are all existing all at the same time, and what is one, is all. 


This might be a little confusing to some of you right now because you don’t see yourselves as being all the same. There’s a huge disparity amongst you, more concerned with me, me, me, me, me. This has been your previous energy but now that is going to be shifting into more of an “I understand YOU” perception, for you live under perceptions of reality, let’s say of, who you are.

And who are you really? 

You are units of consciousness and until this point you have existed separately, in a soup let’s say, of being, where you believed that you were individuals having an individual experience and yet you will have seen since your 2020, that everything that happens, happens together and your global environment, your global internet also, has allowed you to now see the expansiveness of the unity consciousness of your world; that you are in fact all together in this experience. And so as you experience these challenges, these transitions, let’s say, from one form of expression and perception to another, you begin to see that you are more alike than you are different. We say that again. You are more alike than you are different.


And this 2022 year will be one where this perception of separation shall become both more obvious, and also less obvious for the idea that you are all the same, you have this unity consciousness, shall become the running theme, for this year. This does not mean that you shall no longer exist as individuals. Of course you shall, you exist within a physical body and you each have your own perceptions of self but what we would say is that you shall begin to recognize yourselves within each other. You shall begin to notice where you are the same. You shall begin to appreciate each other, more for what you are alike, than different. 


Is it going to be challenging? Yes, it shall be challenging for you but it is an evolution and an advancement of your consciousness that you step into, for you chose to be here at this time. You chose to be this unit of consciousness in this timeline, in this time space reality, to have this experience, yes? Yes. 

And so it is a very monumental time for you, for you as an individual unit of consciousness within this larger sphere of the unity of consciousness. 


It’s not a new concept as we mentioned before, this unity of consciousness, and so we would suggest that you have some patience with yourself as you go through this, for you are all evolving and shifting and morphing and moving and learning in your own levels of awareness. So there is some, let’s say, patience required, and some balancing out perhaps, for you to begin to recognize this new concept for yourself and for everyone else. This means that seeing yourself traveling in your own singular car in your highway, going to your own place of work or traveling to your house and all living separately shall begin to open up a new way of possibility, a new way of being, a new way of cohabiting on the planet. 


This is not to say, of course, that you shall stop doing what you’re doing for it is a transitionary year. It is a time where you are, where there is a metamorphosis of your awareness of who you are, of how you live, of what it’s like to be a human on planet Earth right now. So you’re going to notice new things. You’re going to notice new ideas. You’re going to notice new ways of thinking, and they’re not all going to be let’s say, rainbows and unicorns. There will be some very challenging experiences that are brought now to your attention as this planet that you live on upgrades up into this fourth and fifth dimension vibration, but we don’t want you to worry about that for it’s all done anyway in a timeline that already exists, so it’s all done.


But just as you take the time to enjoy your experiences, this is the challenge that you will be going through in 2022, is to enjoy this transition, this experience of moving from where you’ve been singular aspects of yourself into an element of completion, an element of consensus, an element of consciousness that is aware of itself, let’s say. So it’s new. It will be new. It will be different. It will be exciting, and it will be challenging. It will be an adventure. So we ask you to hold back on any reservation that you may have about this experience. Don’t get ahead of yourself. Don’t begin to anticipate what is coming for you cannot know, for as has been explained before, you do not know what the next person is going to do. You must wait until it is done and then you will move through the shift, the change, the experience, let’s say. 


So have patience with yourself and with others as you go through this shift and change in 2022. It’s all right, you know, everything comes out at the end. This is a growth experience for you as humans and for your planet. It is an exciting time. It is a shift in conscious awareness of who you are, of what is possible, of how to live, of how to grow, of how to be together, for you are together. This is the essence of your unity consciousness that you may assist one another in this up leveling experience. So don’t be afraid to communicate, collaborate, co-create, commune with each other as you go through this experience. There will be less and less separation of them and us, and more and more concentration of we, of us together, of you as a unit, a collective, let’s say. 


It’s an exciting time on planet Earth and you shall enjoy the experience if you can let go of the fear, worry, stress of what you are concerned about may happen and let go as if you are on a roller coaster ride, and you recognize that that roller coaster is going to go up and it’s going to go down, and it’s going to go around and around and at the end of it you’re going to say wow, what a ride that was, and now, can I do it again?


For some of you, as we know, roller coasters are less than enjoyable, and you choose not to partake in them and this may be the situation for some of you. You may say no and this is predetermined, you already made this decision, so don’t worry about it, and for those of you who see this, you will be surprised but time moves on and energies shift and as humans you will begin to understand the nature of what is happening on your planet as more and more and more is revealed to you. 


And love shall become the dominant energy let’s say, where you are. It’s a transition. It’s a transition year and know that you are fully supported, aided and assisted by many other energies that are here to ensure that Earth’s upgrade goes smoothly and well. And so hold on for the ride for at the end of it you shall look back and say it was all worth it for love shall become the guiding force in your force field, in your vibration, and with that we are complete.