You MUST understand this to SURVIVE and THRIVE in these times.

You MUST understand this to SURVIVE and THRIVE in these times.


Yes, you are a sacred being. Yes, housed within this physical body and yet still a sacred being, if you choose to believe so. For your wisdom comes not from this physical body, and not simply from the lives that you have lived in this planet, but from all existences, in all timelines. And yes, you have existed in multiple timelines, in all forms. You might find that hard to believe but you have. Your soul has had its consciousness within every, we would say, mineral, plant, animal, life form, even non life forms, which you may consider to be a little odd. You’ve been a rock. You’ve been a piece of furniture. You’ve been a mountain. You’ve been a river. You’ve been the earth. You’ve been, of course, another human being. You’ve been other life forms in other dimensions, some more than others, of course, depending on the age of you since your original formation into this individual aspect of consciousness, let’s say. 


But it has been a journey for you, for your soul’s evolution and in every moment, it has been a sacred one, for your connection to the Divine has never wavered. It has never lessened, it has never been not enough. You have never been not enough. Of course, within your own dimension, your own field, your own level of awareness, depending on the life that you were living, you may have felt that, in that sentience experience of course, but only as a sentient being would you have this awareness. In all other forms, you would have no awareness that you were not enough, and so in this moment as your planet shifts and morphs and changes and transforms and up levels into this new dimension for her, this 5D reality of love, you are beginning to recognize that you are enough. 


Of course, it’s not true for all of you for you’re not all relatively connected, let’s say, to your soul, your spirit, to the idea that you are one and all and over time this shall happen. Over time this shall transpire, and this message for you today is one of let’s say, motivation, one of hope, it is one of stability. It is one designed for you to understand the sacredness of the space in which you inhabit in this time space reality and for you to begin to become aware that you have the right to hold all the space that you need, want, desire. You do not have to shrink, play small, be less than, not shine so brightly and in this experience, this does require a certain amount of connection, connection to yourself. So this means being a little less concerned with what’s going out there with others around you and much more concerned with what is going on within you, in your energy field, in your aura, in your body, in your mind and in your, in your heart. 


So this is our simple message to you today is to take time to stop; stop the busyness, stop the moving around, if that is something available to you. Of course, we recognize you have your day to day lives, you go here and there, do this and that, yes, of course but in a moment, you can connect to that inner wisdom that is within you. Take a breath, stop and look and listen. Feel the air around you. This is a new, we would say fairly new, concept for you as a species, for your energy field that you have been living in has been very much one of action, survival, creation of course, and forward motion for you have been evolving significantly, but in this moment, in this moment, yes, in this moment, create for yourself a sacred space of rest. A moment where you can be with yourself. Recognizing that there’s nothing more to do, nothing more to be, nothing more to have, nothing more to achieve than you are right now. You are perfect. You are perfect in that you are connected to everything. 


But first, connect to the self, to that beautiful God wisdom within you that directs you, when you tap into it. That often nudges you along the way, along the path and often more than once. Begin to slow down. Pay attention. Let go of anything that does not feed you, inspire you, bring you to a better place than where you were. So if things don’t feel good, change them. You have the power. And when you take a moment to just be with yourself you will find all the wisdom that you need. And so dear ones connect. You have it all within you. You are Beings of Light, Beings of Love, housed within this physical body, in this time space reality, to play in this lifetime with all that comes forward.


We recognize there are some challenges at this moment. Everyone is having their own experience. As you focus on you, bring that harmony, that love, that peace, forward. Let go of others’ lives, of what they’re doing, of how they are. It doesn’t mean you don’t support them and love them and hold space for them of course. For some of you it will involve being in action. This shall be your soul’s journey. For others you will be inspirations, leaders. For others, you will be, let’s say, the rock, the foundation, and for others you will be the firework that shows the light. Don’t be afraid, for this magnificence is coming forward now, and these are changing times on Earth. Lean in and lean back. Stand steady. Draw on your own internal energy. Keep your aura and your energy free from the influence of others who may be in a different space from you.


And as you do so you will recognize who you really are, and as you move forward opportunities and possibilities will emerge. Some may or may not be attractive. That’s your choice. And remember that you are love, that you are an infinite being within an infinite universe of infinite love. And that in a moment, you can become that, as you draw your energy from within, from that soul, spirit, God, Source, treasure that is housed within you. Slow down, breathe, accept, appreciate and move forward. 

And with that we are complete.