Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice

The Summer Solstice is upon you. This is in fact a time of renewal, replenishment, reinvigoration and will bring forward for you beautiful healing energy to your world. For those of you living in concrete villages, cities, you will not notice this quite as quickly as those who live on the land, who can hear the birds singing and the water flowing in the rivers. 

Atmospheric Shifts Now
The Earth’s atmosphere is changing. It is as if the clouds that have covered your sky are gradually falling back and your beautiful cosmic Sun is beginning to peek through, shedding a beautiful light onto the land and as it does this, it radiates out into every cell of your being. Be renewed, be reinvigorated, be replenished. Let go of worry, of how your world is going to, let’s say, survive the next little time. It’s not about it surviving, it’s shifting. So release yourself from any illusion that it will become very dark and that you will not be able to, let’s say, fill your souls, your cups and your bodies with goodness, for Mother Earth is herself shifting. She is not so much rejuvenating herself from the damage that has been done, but she is transforming into a different structural field, moving out of the carbon base that you have been in, and into a beautiful crystalline structure that will support all of the advancements that are to come of which there are many. 

Observe The Changes
Your world as you know it is changing rapidly. We hope you have your seatbelts on for it’s going to be, and is, quite a ride. Pay attention to all the sounds that you hear in your environment. Bells ringing, such as in this recording, planes flying overhead, traffic coming in the distance and birds singing in the trees. Begin to, let’s say, attune yourselves more to the energy of what fills you up rather than takes you down, or empties you out. This means keeping track, taking notice, being aware of what it is that brings you the most peace, joy, love and contentment. Of course, as you move through this shift, there shall be challenges. This is the nature of change. How will you react to those challenges? How can you stay centered in love in the heart, in your own personal knowing? 

Take Personal Responsibility
There have been many teachings so far through this one to bring you guidance on that. Go back and with an intuitive sense, listen, read, watch and pay attention to what calls out to you as possible means for you personally, to create an easier shift for yourself through all of this change. For this will continue and things will move forward seemingly as they have in the past, but actually very differently. Your personal awareness will be more acute now as you move forward. You will notice things more clearly and with that noticing you in that moment get to decide how to be. Will you remain under the clouds, hiding from the sun’s light or will you step out into change, into transformation, into the shift? Will you navigate the changes that come with an inspired hope and vision for a new future for yourself, for all mankind and for your beautiful planet? This is your home. This is your place to be. 

Remember, You Are Not Alone
We come bringing this beautiful message of the Solstice for it is an important date in your timeline. Be aware of what is transitioning for you and for many, and as you navigate these changes, alone, in a group or with a multitude. Stay close to the vision that you hold for yourself for it is in claiming that vision for yourself that you create the new world you are moving into, one soul, one being, one human, one heart, at a time. And rest in the knowing that your soul knows exactly how to assist you on the journey for it has come at this time specifically for this adventure to create an experience for you that will be uplifting, challenging, invigorating, and inspiring. 

Stay Rooted in Love
Stay true to what brings you joy. Navigate the terrain of challenge and be rooted in love in all that you do and see and think and feel and by the time we come to this time next year on your timeline, you could, if you choose to, have shifted into the heart centered space of love that will more clearly assist you every day. And we bring this message of hope to inspire you to stay for the cause. Your cause, the Earth’s cause, your humanity’s cause. And notice the things that assist you in this journey as have been mentioned in many other communications. Enjoy this new sunshine that will evolve in your space. Do not be afraid to step into it and embrace it as it warms your skin, so too shall it open your eyes and allow you to see things more clearly. And with all of our love, we remain in your field assisting you, and with that we are complete.

Channeled Message With Star Light Language Healing Song Here

Your Quantum Field – Changes Coming

Your Quantum Field – Changes Coming

Your lives are fraught with challenges. It’s the way it was designed, for in the quantum field there are multiple choices, patterns, waves let’s say, and through the power of your focus, your consciousness, you get to choose. 

Of course, sometimes you may think there is no choice but that is simply the limit of your consciousness at a certain vibrational level, and this is all changing now for in the field for 1000s and 1000s and 1000s of years, there has been limitation, vibrationally, around what you could choose, what you could focus on, what you could create, you could experience. It was designed this way. 


It was designed this way to give you as a human being, as a unit of consciousness, a certain level of experience, a certain experience let’s say, and this experience was to allow you, in the field, to be challenged. It was simply one side of the coin. It was simply an option that allowed you, consciousness, to experience itself with major challenge, difficulty, fear, let’s say negativity. 

It was simply the vibrational level of the quantum field in which you found yourself, and now as the field, let’s say morphs and shifts and changes in your current paradigm, in your current reality, you will find that this experience of life will begin to become more smooth, more easy, less challenging. 

It’s what you’ve been wanting for a long time. Of course, the experience of wanting is simply because on a certain level, you’ve already had what is coming, for everything exists all at the same time, all quantum fields in reality are, in the now. So there was a sense of knowing on your part, that there were options, there were, there was the opportunity for it to be different and that’s what is coming. 

That is now what you seek. That is now what you shall begin to experience. You won’t understand it for it is as if you have been in a rainstorm and gradually the rain is lessening, the challenges are less, until eventually over time, there is no more rain, and you step into a dry environment, but until you get there of course, you will still be dealing with the fallout of the rain, the challenges, the patterns, the paradigms that you have lived in. Your level of consciousness will define the vibrational level, the amount of rain or dry in your environment. 

What can you do to be more in this dry environment, this less challenging situation? 

Step into your heart. Let go of fear. Trust and allow. This is a challenge for you in your personal experience because for many of you, you know no different than an environment filled with rain, filled with challenges. But first of all you notice the rain. You notice that there are challenges in your life and you have choice. Choice in your focus, choice in your reaction, choice in your experience, choice in how you be, in that environment.

Now it’s not to say that it will just suddenly miraculously shift. For some it might, depending on their vibrational level, their level of consciousness, and it’s not that it will shift without you doing anything to create that, for you are the player of the game. You are the one that makes the choices. You are the one that has the reactions, you are the one that, let’s say decides how you want to “be in the world”. 

This is a new concept for humanity, “being in the world”. It’s not a new concept, for this has been described by many of your philosophers, however, the understanding of the self has been a difficult paradigm to fall into, for the vibrational level of your world has, let’s say created much fog, and this was deliberate as we explained earlier, in order for you to have the life experience that you have had, the experience of being in the fog, the experience of being in the rain, the experience of being, in that vibrational level. 

So now this is beginning to change. You have an opportunity now and moving forward, to be different in your world. You can choose to continue to run the patterns, the programs, the paradigm of the old world, let’s say, that one of fear, less possibilities, patterns in the field, or you can in a sense, step out of that and notice yourself. And the vibrational level of your world is shifting to allow this to happen more frequently and more easily for you, and so now you will begin to have moments of awareness, to see yourself, where before you could not, would not, it was not possible for you. 


Now this exists. It doesn’t exist in every moment for that would be overwhelming for you but it creates a shift, a paradigm shift for you to be able to see who you are being in your world, in the world, in the current reality. And you’ll now be given the opportunity with more awareness to choose how to be. You’ll begin to notice that it is not so much about what you do, but who you are. 

There will be more opportunity to create different experiences based on your 1) reaction to things, 2)  emotional state around experiences and 3), your vibrational level. Are you in the head running the program that was always there? Or are you able to drop into your heart, connect more deeply to your intuitive self, your soul, your spirit, the other part of you that is assisting you in living this life, and gives you choices that are more of the vibration of love. Again, we repeat, this love is not romantic love as has been displayed in your Disney World let’s say, but this is love of a nature that has its own energy, a free and beautiful experience where there is equality of the self and others, and a deep reverence for the understanding that you are all in every experience having the same experience.

Of course, there’s just different, let’s say, pictures to the experience that you have but you’ll have a recognition of that with each other and from that place, you are more coherent. There is more coherence in the field and as there is more coherence in the field, and the heart is the energy by which you navigate your world you will find that the rain, the challenges, will dissipate. It doesn’t mean they’ll be gone forever for there’s a journey to be had as you move through this, should you choose to.

Not everyone will choose to move through this journey, but if you do, you will notice the shift, the change, the increase in elevation of your vibrational level, which allows you to feel better in any experience, even if you’re standing in the midst of a rainstorm, amidst a myriad of challenges. You will notice that you have a different felt sense, a sense of being around these experiences. It will not be so hard. There will be more hope. You will, in a sense, be more balanced. Of course, you’ll still enjoy the game for that’s what you’re here for, but it will get easier and easier and easier. 

Of course, eventually over time this will smooth out, but for now don’t expect the smoothing out to be now, because the experience of life will bring that forward for you, as you go through your life now, with this vibrational shift on the planet, and there’s some cleanup to do, some sweeping, some shifting, morphing, changing and that’s the journey. 

Are you ready? Are you ready to be different in the world? 

One way that you can assist yourself in this process is to use your practice of contemplation, meditation, stillness, concentration, being in the heart, and allowing yourself to be more grounded, more centered, more still. This will have an added benefit of allowing you to drop into the heart more naturally with the new vibrational level that is coming on the planet. 

If you choose not to practice this, you will find it more difficult. If you choose to practice this, you will find coherence in the field much faster. It’s your choice. It’s your journey, it’s your life. We hope that this is a helpful message for you, to allow you to bring this coherence into your lives in a smoother, less disruptive way than has been your past. Enjoy playing the new game of “being in the world”. And with that we are complete. 

The following Star Light transmission comes as an addition to this message to assist you to be in the shift in your quantum reality. Each time that you listen to this particular star light language transmission, you will find a resonance in the field that will soften and clear any kind of vibrational blip let’s say, corner, edge, sharpness. It will smooth your energy field and allow you to move forward with more ease and with more delight for you in your life experience. Enjoy the shift in the vibration that will come. (Star Light Language Transmission follows in Audio Version). 

This transmission has, in a sense created a new field for those who are hearing it, a smoother, more vibrationally softer environment for you to begin to move through these shifts and changes that are happening on your planet. And we love you and we are here for you and we resonate deeply with you, with your experience that you are having, as it shifts in the quantum field. We look forward to the next evolution of your journey with you. And it is done.

Emotions, Addictions, Money and Happiness

Emotions, Addictions, Money and Happiness

Human beings are a unique species in that they are what we call sentient beings, emotional beings, and this you may feel is not an important factor. However it is, because it makes you, and every one of your experiences, so individualized.


Why is this important and why are we bringing this message to you right now? 

Each individual unit of humanity brings with them to each incarnated experience a unique set of energy. You bring with you a history of different experiences from your Soul, from many different kinds of lifetimes. These experiences are not always remembered, certainly in this timeframe. 

However that will be changing, moving forward, as you are evolving at a very high speed now into a more highly developed, sentient being experience. 

Your emotions bring you deep and meaningful experiences and the problem is that some of them are unpleasant, and some are extremely pleasant, and it is this cross section of experiences that makes you such a unique species. 

Now, it’s not to say that there aren’t other species in the galaxies that have similar kinds of experiences with emotions, but the human is unique in its individual experience of emotions. You get confused for you do not understand the ebb and flow of these unique emotional experiences that you have with each other for it is in the experience of each other that you notice these energetic shifts that happen which are called emotions. Now, this is not to say that you do not have any emotional experience as an individual on your own. You can in fact for example in nature, experience a high, let us say, however, it is in the juxtaposition of each other that the breadth of the emotional experience takes place. 

Over the last, we would say 1000s of years, your emotional experience has been very turbulent, dramatic even, not that pleasant in fact, for much of your growth as a human being has not changed we would say. There has been a high level of the emotion of fear, negativity and an unknown, more a lack of personal awareness, and now moving forward, and has been happening now for the last let’s say 25 to 30 years, your conscious awareness has been increasing. 

In the 1980s much was researched around the experience in the western world particularly, of your family dynamics and the correlation between addictive behaviors and your own individual sense of self. This created for you a knowing about how you fitted in with each other, and what worked and what didn’t work. In fact, we would say that this evolution has been happening for almost 100 years since the 1930s with the introduction of the group, Alcoholics Anonymous. The introduction of this group at that time was to bring with it a newfound knowledge of the painful experience that you have as humans with different substances, particularly addictive substances such as alcohol. And of course, this has evolved into many, many different awarenesses, such that you begin to realize that your emotional state can be quite easily influenced by chemical products, let’s say.  

Not just chemical products, but also certain behaviors within your lifestyle; addictions such as gambling, religion, sex, drugs, shopping, and even the idea of being addicted to the emotional experience within a relationship has opened up to you as a species, a sense of self awareness, a recovery process let us say, that for some of you has been enlightening, invigorating, and in a sense, freeing. However, for many of you, you’re still struggling with these experiences. 

Your society in fact promotes the active experience of this kind of way of living, especially in your, let’s call it “the First World”, the world where you have access to many of the basic needs that you need quite easily and quite successfully. And however, the experience within this world, this First World where all of your basic needs are now very easily provided to you in your society, it is possible for you to, in a sense lose yourselves within the dynamic of addiction.  

It is promoted, and we would say encouraged, for in your society money is used as a power source. And this particular source, this energy, money, brings with it many different emotional states, for it provides for you a distraction from yourselves, as well as an inability to actually see yourselves for who you really are. Now it is not to say that money is a bad thing for it is not. Money is simply an energy much like everything else, except in your world there has been some emphasis put on it let us say, that brings with it a difficulty for humanity to separate themselves from it. It’s not a bad thing. It’s just the way you’ve evolved. However, this financial dependency, which most of you have for your basic needs and in fact all of your needs, allows the emotions to run amok we would say, for it is the energy of money that is a juxtaposition to a state of emotional, let’s call it, sobriety.

What does this mean? 

This means that for you to feel balanced, level, good let’s say emotionally, it is not in any way related to your financial status. However your society, over many, many centuries, has been built up over how much money do you have, and those with money have had power, which has given a false sense of emotional sobriety and in many respects, over the centuries and historically, your money has actually brought with it much folly, much disappointment, much unhappiness, let’s say. And so, you have had this experience of poverty and riches, which has influenced your emotional state greatly. 

This will all be changing moving forward. It is not to say that all of a sudden, you will be in a, let’s say, somewhat socialist environment where everything will be equal. It will not be. What it will be is an introduction to, and a moving forward into, a society where, you as an individual and as a community, as a collective, will begin to notice that money is simply an energy which can or cannot create a different kind of emotional state. You will begin to notice how your energy of money brings with it a different emotional experience, and you will begin to understand the nature of energy, such that your emotional sobriety let’s say, can be tempered. It can be balanced, neutralized. It can be brought into a place of homeostasis where the happiness that you seek, you will begin to realize is right at your fingertips. It is right there for you to enjoy, regardless of how much money you are experiencing. 

The power of money will be disappearing and the power of, let’s call it purpose, shall become ever more present in your society, where let us say there will be an equalizing of you as a species, as individuals within your collective. You will begin to value each other, more for the idea that you are all equal and that what you have is actually energy and that energy shared creates a more balanced way of being. 

It will not be that you will all live equal lives like automatons let’s say, where everyone lives in the same size house with the same size income with the same size structure with the same size goods and services. No, that would be not for your benefit as a species, for it is variety that brings you much joy, and gives you this different experience within the planet. But there will be an evening out of the emotional state, and the powerful environment that you live in, with this energy of money, and this is part of what you are going through at this time. 

It is almost as if everything is being broken apart, in order for it to be rebuilt into a completely new dynamic, a new society, a new world in fact, a new level of consciousness, and your emotional sobriety is part of that process. It is part of your spiritual awakening as a species on the planet, for as your planet herself evolves within her own level of consciousness, this has a trickle down, knock down impact effect on you as an individual and as a collective.

This is not a simple process and so it cannot be done in a simple overnight experience. For it takes time for each of you as individuals and as a collective and as a society, as in fact multiple societies within this planet that you live on, to change, to evolve, to become sober, let’s say.

For anyone who has gone through the sobering up experience within an addiction experience understands that, it has taken eons for you to become this way and it takes its sweet time for you to be able to shift, change, grow up, let’s say, release all of the dysfunctional behaviors, beliefs, attitudes and create in yourself a new energetic field which brings with it more peace, more resolution, more happiness, more emotional sobriety, so that emotions that create drama, and unrest and complications to your life can be better managed. 

And it is the same thing that is happening right now energetically on your planet and within you as a species. It’s not a quick fix, and it’s not that you’re broken. It’s simply that you are evolving and your emotional state is the barometer with which you are able to decipher and define whether or not you feel good. So this is a transition period and it’s not a quick one for it takes time for you, individually and as a collective to evolve out of this fear dynamic, out of this drama filled experience based on finances, an energy that is not emotionally sound and stable we would say, into an evolving species which can be equalized, and harmonized. 

This is a very, very new concept for you and so this message is to introduce this idea that your emotional state be based in love and not money and fear, and so as you begin to explore what this dynamic might look like, you are going to find yourself somewhat confused. And so as you move forward, we will bring for you teachings to assist, in much the same way that anyone going through a sobriety experience from any kind of product or process, learns and grows one step at a time. You as a humanity will be doing the same. 

This is an exciting time for you as a species, for you have had the desire for let’s say, world peace, for a long time now. However, you have not had the awareness that it is your individual peace that creates world peace, and so as you move forward, this emotional sobriety which is being brought to you in the energy of love, and the destruction of your “life as you know it” let’s say. This experience will be turbulent and yet bring with it great joy, moments of peace, love, balance, for this is what you seek and this is what you have not had for a very long time. 

Dear ones, it is an evolution. It is a growing up. It is a maturing, of you as a being, and you as a species, and you as a planet, and of course, there will be hiccups along the way. But for anyone who has gone through this sobriety experience, and for those of you who will be understanding it from this perspective, you will see why this has to happen for you as a collective. 

Peace is possible and you will be using your emotions and your awareness of your financial structure to assist you to break down what was never working in your best interests but was of course necessary for your evolution to get to this point for the industrial revolution has brought forward with it much growth and now, as you have evolved into this digital revolution, you will now be moving into an emotional revolution, where you will begin to understand the energetics that are unique to humanity, and this will evolve you into a society that is far more dynamic and yet divine. 

And with that we are complete.