2023 New Year Channeling Message

2023 New Year Channeling Message

We shall call ourselves the light, and what we mean by that is, we are the light that illuminates everything. You may wonder what we mean by the word everything, but we want you in this moment to imagine all things that exist, not just in your world on Earth, but in all worlds everywhere. So everything, everywhere, we bring light to this. And we bring this light because we are the light and we also add that not only are we the light, but you also are the light. 

You may wonder if that includes the dark? Yes, it does. For the dark is simply an expression that you use in your world to describe the contrast, the opposite of the light and in your world language is the way that you compare one thing to another. 

So let’s bring this back to your world, right now. You may, if you are noticing, see that there are many different levels of light and dark existing in your world right now, if you choose to see them that way. Some of them are less comfortable than others but it’s not to say that those things that you see or experience as dark, are negative. Yes, that’s what we said. It’s not that they are negative. You see, again, negative is simply a word that you choose to use to describe a certain experience or thing or person. 

For you see, everything exists everywhere, all at the same time and so if one thing appears to be negative, does that then mean that another thing that exists is positive? You could say yes.
Are we confusing you yet? And how does this relate to the world that you live in? How can you begin to live in a world that brings you more peace, more love, more joy? Hmm, when you are surrounded by what you perceive to be dark and negative. 

There is only one world; there is only one of everything but there are trillions and trillions of ones of everything and you are one simple part of that. Think of the beach and a grain of sand. This has been explained in other messages through this one. So here you are. You’re living in this dimension, let’s call it, this level of vibration, this frequency field and here you are trying to make sense of what is happening in your world. 

Well, that might be the first thing to consider. You are trying to make sense of it but you live in a frequency field. You live in an energetic field and here you are attempting to make sense of it using let’s say, your brain, your logical mind. However, this logical mind is simply a programmed series of electrical impulses created by past experiences, whether in this life or others, that you are bringing with you to try to make sense of the world that you are living in, and yet it is becoming harder and harder and harder for you. 

Now, for some of you we would say it’s not hard at all because for some of you, you are not in the field, aware of the differences. You are living your life, making your choices, believing that what you think, what you believe, is the only thing perhaps that there is to think and to believe, not really aware that outside of you, outside of your world, there are (and when we say world, we mean the reality that you live in), there are multiple ways of thinking, ways of believing, ways of being in the world, ways of existing. 

So what’s someone to do? Well, we want you to think of it like this.  Imagine that you live, let’s say in a room, let’s say it’s a square room, with four walls, a floor and a ceiling and there’s a door, and you live within this space. Of course, this is hypothetically within your own energy field, let’s call it. 

You can choose to have walls that are transparent so therefore, you are now able to perceive, see what’s going on outside of your own reality. Not many of you are in this place yet. 

Or you see yourself in this room with no concept of what’s going on, unless you open your door. Many of you have your door slightly ajar, not sufficient that anything from the outside would actually create any shift within your own field, your own room. 

Some of you are in rooms, let’s say with transparent walls, but your door is firmly closed. As much as you see what is going on outside of you, you decide to stay in your space and you are not willing to, let’s say, move out of your comfort zone even though you can perceive and see that there are other things going on. 

This is your choice. We repeat, this is your choice. And so the theme of this message for the beginning of this time space reality as you call it in your calendar, January 1st, in this year of 2023, it’s your choice. So how are you going to choose to move forward into the next time space reality, if everything exists all at the same time. This might also be a little bit confusing. 

So here you are, in this space, in your current space, in this what you call this date, January 1st 2023. All that means is that you have as a humanity created a, let’s call it measurement of time, (time again is a construct. There’s another video on that on YouTube from this woman). So that there you are, you are, you are in this place where, when you began counting time 2000 centuries ago, of course, this is not the only time that exists, but is the time that you choose to measure your time by, and you wonder what is coming, and you look at the past three years of turmoil on your planet 2020, 2021 and 2022 and you ask yourself, what is going to happen? (Oh, there’s another video on that that this one has done also.)

And here you are, in your space. And you wonder what can happen next? And who will I be, and what is everything that is going on? Well, it’s all going on, all at the same time, everywhere and you see the choice that you have in this moment, let’s say, this day, January 1st 2023, is for you to decide whether or not you open the door to the room that you live in, or you change the walls so that they’re glass, so you can see everything, or you actually remove them completely. 

You open yourself up to the possibility that everything that you know is limited only by what you have already experienced so your world is much smaller than you imagine because it’s built on the programming of who you’ve been, of what you’ve done, of who you’ve been in this life in other lives, if you believe in that. 

But now let’s go back again, January 1 2023. It’s a date that many of you use as a stepping off point. So we’re going to latch on to that for you so that you can understand how this works. It’s your choice. So when we say it’s your choice, we mean choice in everything. Everything that your life, let’s say, shows to you, to the world that you experience, is built off of the choices that you make, what you choose to eat, where you choose to work, how you choose to react, or interact with others, how you are with yourself, how you take care of yourself, where you go, what you say, who you are. 

This is not a simple process to begin to create a new reality for yourself based on what you know, for you have to be willing to accept that everything exists all at the same time everywhere, meaning that every single person is, on your planet and elsewhere, of course, but in a different way, is existing in their own little room with their walls, ceiling and floor and a door. In some worlds, of course this doesn’t exist. There’s very much fluidity and transparency and flow but in your world right now, there is not that, at least not yet. 

So the question is, how do you want to live moving forward? Do you wish to stay within the confines of this wall, this door, this room, this world, this everything that is what you know? And of course you have the complete authority and ability to do that? Or are you perhaps willing to expand that space? To be open to learning new information, to understanding different ways of thinking, to open up your, let’s say field, your space, your room, the door, the walls, to what else could be possible for you, understanding that every time you limit yourself you’re doing it based on past experience, knowledge, patterning. It’s your choice. 

And in the experience of that, we are here to support, to bring you more light, let’s say, so that you can see more clearly, feel more deeply, experience more completely what is possible for you in this current reality. Of course, it means recognizing where you’re being, let’s say “played”, for want of a better word, where things don’t feel aligned, where there’s a niggle of doubt, where potentially you don’t believe any longer perhaps what your government, your media, others are telling you, and where you yourself have this little thought that perhaps you could create something different for your life. 

Don’t be too concerned with the “how” for it has to start with the awareness, the willingness, the ability to know and notice where you are being prompted to create a new experience for yourself, a new knowing, a new reality. In the moment that you choose, again this is a choice, that you choose to be open to the concept that there may be some other things that you do not know yet, but you can have access to because of course, everything exists all at the same time, then energetically you can create, let’s call it a vibrational field that attracts that in for you. 

And your job, now that you have made that choice, is to notice, and let’s say, accept these new realities that come to you. In your, let’s call it “spiritual awakening awareness world”, we would say this is where you begin to notice synchronicities. You notice, let’s call them spiritual numbers, 1111, 222, 444. Or you become aware that things match up, what you’re looking for suddenly shows up, what you speak out loud comes into existence, the exact thing that you need; person, experience, job, shows up in exactly the way that you requested it to the universe, or in prayer, or even just chatting with a friend. 

And in that experience, instead of saying, well, that couldn’t possibly have been anything other than just simply a coincidence, you acknowledge that you are the power behind that. You tapped into the “everything all at the same time field” and said I’d like a piece of that, please. You expanded the space that you live in, this room, you opened the door, you cleared the walls, you took off the ceiling, and you said yes, I’d like more, please. I’d like to see more, I’d like to feel more, I’d like to experience more. And in a sense we also encourage you to shift your own perception of the idea that you are not worthy of everything available all at once to you everywhere, that you are, You are the light. And so therefore you have access to, and can connect to the light in any moment at any time.

Is it easy? Well, we’re not going to say it’s easy, because it takes practice because remember, you are operating in general, from a pattern programmed field, your brain which needs to be, in a sense, rewired. And it is in letting go of what you perceive to be the only way to be and allowing yourself to expand into what you don’t know yet, what you haven’t experienced yet, which you even might not believe yet, but in opening up to that possibility, you access the light, the infinite intelligence, the unlimited possibilities that is available to you everywhere, all at the same time, all at once and slowly, or fast depending on how swiftly you do this, you can create a new world for yourself. 

Of course, this doesn’t happen because it’s January 1st, it happens because you choose differently. So of course, we only bring you this message, because right now, in your world, there’s an energetic flavoring of intention setting and goal setting and starting the year off with planning and all of that. We don’t make fun of that. We’re just saying that’s what you’ve done for a very long time so we’re capitalizing on this date in order to assist you. And there are many, many ways that you can do this and the faster that you choose to do this, the easier your life will become, the more light you will experience, the more opportunities will show up. 

Of course, sometimes it does require a little bit of tenuous letting go of what you believe to be true, because there is that sense that that is what you hold on to as a firm foundation but just as you open the door, and you begin to see more light, then more opportunities show up. We light up your life with new, often radical ideas and opportunities when you, as a being, let go of what you think to be the truth, what you think to be all that you know, and allow anything else that is out there to show itself, in order to bring you the experience that you want to have in your life. 

Of course, sometimes this does mean shifting, changing, transforming who you’ve been and that can be a little difficult for you as a human but, but we know there are many including this one who can assist with that kind of work. We call it work, but look at it from more the perspective of play. You are, you are creating, you are a creator of your own reality and so in that experience, you let go of what doesn’t work and you create something new, pulling, almost like a magician, a rabbit out of a hat, but out of the energetic vibrational field, that which you desire, and from there you begin to create a much more light filled world, and with that the energy of love is far stronger than anything else you have ever experienced. 

This message is for those who wish to hear it. This message is for those who are ready. This message is for anyone who is seeking something new, different and better than what you have in this moment and is looking for it to come with more flow, more fluidity and with more ease. Again, it’s your choice. 

This is a momentous time, in your current reality on Earth as a being, and we are here always to assist, support, affirm and encourage you as you move forward. Many changes are coming on your planet. Be in choice. Open the door, allow the light to light the way, and with that we are complete.