Light and Dark … A Message for Everyone

Light and Dark … A Message for Everyone

Transmission from Rosslyn Chapel, Scotland on July 12, 2023

You are blessed. 

Even though life may be challenging, the sun is always shining in your heart; you can feel it beaming down on you.

There are many Beings that support humanity on Planet Earth that are from very many different places; levels of consciousness we would say, though you would state them as different galaxies or different portals, different universes perhaps. But their level of consciousness allows them to connect easily to humanity and to let’s say, forward the love through your heart portals, especially during this time of huge transition, with this great shift that is happening with Gaia. 

It appears as though a great darkness is covering your land in many different forms and it may seem rather cold and inhospitable, especially for those of you who are used to living in the light. But just as a cloud comes over and covers the sun, at any moment in time in another place the sun is shining brightly without any cloud cover. And so just as in one part of your world, there may be darkness or let’s say unrest, fear, heaviness, in another part of the world the sun is doing her job of lighting up, heating up, expanding love and light in that place. 

It’s almost as if, for the sun to expand on all areas of the planet that she would burst into flames for the heat maybe too much, and this is also true of the expansion of your consciousness. For every single person to be expanding into consciousness at the same time, the energy shift would be very great and very difficult actually for humanity to expand into, and so therefore it is done, let’s say one person at a time, one place at a time, one moment in time. 

So wherever you are, in that moment in time in your world, on your planet, be in that place. And if it is cold and heavy and dark, seek through your heart, to find warmth, to find heat, to find light, to find love, to find goodness, to find care, kindness, compassion. It may be in the eyes of your pet, it may be in the giggle of a child. It may be in just simply sitting and listening to the birds sing. It could be watching a plant grow, taking a bath, reading a book, getting a hug; these are all what seemed to be small, inconsequential minutes of time but they are actually pretty impressive moments for your, let’s say, vibrational field.

So just stopping and taking a breath, giving someone a smile, sharing a piece of wisdom, a funny story; allowing yourself to be in the light, even if it feels that you’re in the dark. 

There are always moments of light available to you at any point in time. Go seek them out, share them, recognize them, live within them. And you will find that your life will most definitely be brighter, more alive, more love filled, warmer, and indeed happier.

And to know that there are many who are following your adventures on planet Earth supporting you, guiding you, loving you and sending you infinite love and ultimate power and energy through the heart portal of the physical bodies that you are in.