This is the Barr Council of the 8th dimension. We are a Council of Light and we come with news; some information for you, to assist you during these difficult times that you are going through. We are an advisory council set up to assist different species to deal with difficult situations, to assist in situations of transition, change and breakthrough. And so here you are. You are at a precipice of breakthrough, not just you as a species, but of your planet and also for many of you as individuals.
This may seem a little far fetched that we, as a Galactic Council, could know about what is going on for you at the individual level but we do, for we have the ability to tap into your consciousness and connect with you to assist you when you are going through any particular kind of transition.

And indeed, on your planet right now there are many transitions happening. For some, after this we shall call it illness episode, there have been many changes for many of you. Whether this means that you are no longer in your locale, your place of work but now working from home, or whether your lives have had to shift from an experience of being very busy, to now being more stationary we would say, for your ability to move around has been severely restricted. 

This is not necessarily a bad thing for your species was beginning to, we would say, get pretty tired from all that running around. But we wish to bring to you today a message and a very different level of the spectrum, for we have been bringing messages to you so far through this conduit, around how to handle the emotion of fear. This, of course has been helpful for those of you who have connected with us and have found yourselves able to contemplate and integrate some of the suggestions that we have brought forward. 

But we would like to bring to you a message of light heartedness at this point. For just as the seed, deep in the darkness of Earth, needs to push and struggle to break through the earth in order for the sprout to grow, to reach the sun and begin its journey of evolution, so too do you. And so if you take this analogy of the seed in the earth, in the darkness, as your place of fear, where you are completely unaware, until that moment of breakthrough when you as a seed sprout into the sunlight, you as a species are also transitioning through darkness, heaviness, periods of we would say struggle, there comes a point where you, similar to the seed, will break through into the sunlight.

You are on the precipice of this moment, a situation that you call the 100th monkey measurement tool, where change occurs at an automatic level when enough individuals have, we would say, broken through into the sunlight, has already happened. For many of you, you are now becoming aware that despite the darkness, the struggle, the heaviness of what you have experienced, there is light at the end of the tunnel, meaning you too recognize that there is a different way for you to live. 

And so we wish to bring to you an image, an idea, a description, a possibility of what life will be like for you, when you do indeed break through into the sunlight, for your planet is rich with many resources that can allow you to live at a very different level. Your Earth is herself going through major transitions, breakthroughs of her own. This has not yet been fully understood, for she too, is still in a little bit of the darkness. 

We say that not to concern you, but simply to give you the idea that she too is in the same place as you. And so for her, her beauty, passion, strength, is not yet fully realized. And when that happens, that consciousness level will have a ricochet effect on you as her species that governs her. We say governs her, however, you do not control anything on planet Earth, for she is her own natural living organism with her own level of consciousness. It is an illusion to think that you can control anything around your planet. You are her guests, you live on her, and she allows you to do so. 

And as she evolves and grows into a more beautiful, expansive experience herself, this energy will come and permeate the cells of your bodies, allowing you to also feel this expansive energy of growth, beauty, passion. This is something that you as a species have not yet fully realized. 

It is in the heart centered way of being that this comes about.  For many if not all of you heart centeredness is a new concept for your minds; we mean your brains, not your mind, but your minds, your brains have attempted to be in charge. This thinking aspect of you as a species has a limitation in that you cannot expand into this greater level of consciousness, this beauty, passion and growth dimension, for it is limited by the ability of your brains to process. 

For the energetic electrical level of brain power is not enough for you to expand into a new level of consciousness. And so if you are trying to think your way through this growth experience, you will find yourself very constricted, for it is only in connection to the electrical magnetic energy of your heart space, that you will be able to expand and grow into this passionate, beautiful, enlightened space that is becoming your planet Gaia. 

And so we encourage you now to begin to reach more for the light. To begin to bring your focus out of the darkness and towards the things that really bring you pleasure. You have in a sense five ways to do this at this point in time. And these are your five senses. We have brought this message before but we feel that it is worth reiterating, for many of you are now at a new level listening to this message. And so how do you as a seed in the darkness, use your five senses to reach up and break through the earth and into reaching for sunlight. 

Your ability to see, hear, smell, taste and touch gives you the ideal opportunity to expand your experience as a human being. Of course, for those of you who are intuitively guided, you already have access to your sixth sense of knowing and for those of you who use this, you will find it to be extremely effective in increasing your ability to enhance your life experience. This is something that needs to be exercised like a muscle, but you have access to that, each and every one of you. 

Now let us return to the idea of you using your five senses. As you use your five senses, begin to connect to the heart energy within you. You can of course physically do this by placing your hands in the middle of your chest. This energetically connects you to a stronger, more magnetic pulse that will connect you with each other, and with your planet, and with the universe. This may seem like a very simple way to do this but it is not difficult. However, it does require conscious effort, meaning you do have to actually do it.

Using your eyes, you can connect with an individual at the eye level. This may seem a little awkward at the beginning, but right now you have the perfect opportunity to do it for the face coverings that are being, applied we would say at this time to you as a species, affords you the opportunity to look directly into someone else’s eyes, for you cannot see the rest of their facial features. Begin to do this more deeply, more intimately, more deliberately and you will begin to notice that at that level, you will have more soul connections.  You will recognize that you are indeed one, even though you are all individual units.

Begin to notice as you are sitting down to consume food, and tasting your coffee when you drink it. These are not new messages. We have brought these before but we really feel that it is worth repeating again to you as you have slowed down your existence for the majority of you anyway, in the last 12 months. Begin to slow down even more, but do it consciously. 

We also recognize that there have been severe restrictions around your ability to use your sense of touch. We in fact recommend that you begin to gradually reintroduce touch back into your existence for this virus situation is at a very low level now. There is no real danger to you, however, continuing to wash your hands is indeed a good practice for this has been shown to severely restrict the number of antigens in the air and on your hands, which prevents illness at a great level, so yes, continue to wash your hands. 

But for those of you who have been missing physical touch with others, we strongly recommend that you begin to connect to your heart and begin to reach out to those that you have a desire to feel more connected to in this way. Of course, just like as it was before when illness was in your environment, you do not go around hugging and kissing people who you know to be sick. We suggest that you use the same caution when meeting with people but for the most part, this restriction is no longer necessary.

Again, there will be many of you who choose to stay in the dark, who choose never to sprout through and break through into the sunlight of love. And this is where you are heading with this heart centered energy into a sun filled, love filled environment. 

As you move around on your planet, and these restrictions will be lifted over time, notice that passion and love are actually what run the show.  For it is with great efforting that the seed sprouts through the earth to experience an expansion that has never been experienced before by that particular element and this is where you are heading. 

So we encourage you to stay the course, to keep pushing forward, to begin to notice that love is what runs the show here not fear.  For although there are some fear, and we say some, there are many, instigators of fear in your environment it is extremely important that you recognize that you have the capacity to increase your level of passion in order to assist you in this evolution and elevation of your vibration and part of that requires you as humans to use these five senses to a greater degree. 

Listen closely to what people say. Listen closely to the energy of the heart and the messages of the eyes for it is not just in the spoken word that you experience this passion. As you go about your day notice how your sense of smell can extremely accurately increase your level of passion. It is a sense that is, we would say quite quite easily ignored.  However when you do pay attention to it, you will find it brings great joy and an elevated level of experience. But it does require a specific sense of awareness in order to really fully expand using this sense. Your ability to taste life more deeply, more completely, more passionately, is right there for you. 

We suggest that you begin to, in a sense, access a deeper part of yourselves. Bring conscious awareness to this life experience that you are having from these five senses, and recognize that although you have been through a great struggle in the darkness, it is possible, with heart centered conviction, to break through into this brighter, more expansive space. 

And so this is a very exciting time for you as individuals, as a whole, as a species, for you have the capacity to break through into a far greater light filled space than you ever have before. Have hope dear ones, for it is in the dark, that you are able to access the light. It is not that we say darkness in a way to scare you, for we are here to actually bring an end to the fear regime that has been on your planet. All darkness has been removed. We repeat, all darkness has been removed, and your species is at the precipice of breaking through into an evolution of awareness of light. 

It is important that you at the individual level, begin to acknowledge what is good, what works, what feels right, what brings love and passion into your lives. And for those of you who are hearing this message, we honor you, for you are the awakened ones at this time. Be gentle with others who have not yet come to this conclusion. For some they will never break through into the light. That is to be their journey. But for those of you who are, we welcome you into this new passionate, love, heart filled space that will become your new existence within the fifth dimension. Breaking through is part of being in the fourth, and we know that there are many of you just ready to sprout. 

This is an exciting time for you as a species, for this photon light filled expanse experience will be unlike anything you have ever had and it is just the beginning. We are excited to bring this message to you for we know it is time for you to hear this. We are the Barr Council. We are an eighth dimensional galactic Council of Light and we are here to assist humanity in its up leveling out of third dimensional living, through the difficult, challenging experience of fourth dimension, and into the brilliant, beautiful, love and light filled consciousness of the fifth dimension and with that we are complete.