The word “Bosie” (pronounced like cozy) is from the Scottish Doric dialect meaning cuddle or hug.

Gail Scott, Bosie’s founder is Scottish, spending her teens and twenties in Banffshire, Scotland.  During this time “Bosie” became an integral part of her vocabulary and life. People started to notice a difference when receiving one of Gail’s hugs.

A hug evokes a feeling of peace and comfort to both giver and receiver and creates a feeling of TRUST. Bosie’s mission is to establish greater TRUST and STRENGTHEN relationships.

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Gail Scott
Professional Speaker
Certified Coach & Self Help Expert


Gail Scott is a passionate, down to earth and authentic person. When you first meet her, you’re taken with her charm, enthusiasm and knowledge of humanity. As you get to know her, you realize this awesome woman may just change your life!

Gail’s desire to heal from broken trusts motivated her to change the course of her life, and the lives of her two daughters. Her own recovery story includes powerful spiritual awakenings that revealed unique intuitive gifts. She is living proof that everyone can rewrite their story and inspire others to live with a powerful connection to TRUST.

With TRUST as her anchor, Gail overcame family dysfunction, abuse, low self-esteem as well as failing health. She has experienced it all, medication free, to embrace a new, positive, spiritual and holistic way of living. The collection of Gail’s experiences and insights are what make her mission and message so powerful.

Gail resides in Toronto with her daughters Victoria and Caitlin. In her spare time, she loves to dance and cook (often at the same time), write poetry, and increase her knowledge in leading sciences and “the new consciousness”

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