Bosie International was founded by Scottish Canadian professional speaker and life coach Gail Scott. She created Bosie as a personal growth enterprise after spending years working on herself and then delivering what she’d mastered through her unique self-help programs and processes.  She recognized early on that her purpose was to share what she had learnt with others, and help “the woman/man on the street” find inner happiness.


Gail discovered that most relationships are fraught with problems stemming from family of origin issues, society expectations and mainstream media messaging.  She realized by doing healing work on herself, she’d have a unique perspective to help others.  

Her mission is to share what she has discovered, developed and designed with others who are looking for a more conscious way of livingIf you want a deeper, more meaningful life we can provide simple solutions to increase self awareness, reduce stress and promote ease, harmony and flow to your every day.


Gail started her coaching programs in 2010.  Her programs and services provide an effective and wide range of self-help tools and strategies based on real-life success.  Some focus on relationship success, others on self-love.  All have an element of developing your spirituality and authenticity.  Many provide communication techniques to help you set boundaries, get what you want, and build self-confidence.

Each program is built around results.  Outcomes are clearly defined, and the strategies and tools bring success. Whether it’s building intimacy with your lover, understanding family roles and healing from your past, or finding your personal purpose, everything has Gail’s touch on it.


We are not interested in anything that’s old-fashioned, boring, or limited.  Those days are over.

We pride ourselves on bringing you practical, powerful and potent strategies to help you communicate, connect and relate more effectively with those who are the most important in your life. 

We make sure our processes work by developing them thoroughly, and updating them regularly.  We stand by our commitment to help you live your best life.


Gail’s transformational journey has been filled with many spiritual experiences, energetic clearings and messages. 

All of this revealed gifts which include the ability to see the inner child in an individual and an exclusive kind of hands-on-healing. She is also now known as a channel for multi-dimensional Light Beings and non-physical Collectives.  

As our planet evolves, Gail’s unique mission is to help people get out of their heads and into their hearts, and to move from fear to love.


Every product and service we offer is created by a very fussy ex control-freak who knows what it takes to drop judgment, find forgiveness and let go of what doesn’t matter.  She revels in experiences which bring joy and come from love.

Gail has two daughters in their twenties who are her reason for being on the planet.  They are grateful their family is no longer dysfunctional and that their mom has changed their lives, and their future, by doing her own work, and then teaching them.  

Gail now loves her new “witchy” way, and is passionate about conscious living, expanding her human spirit connection,  and playing the game of life to its fullest.

Where does the name “BOSIE INTERNATIONAL” come from?

The word “Bosie” (pronounced like cozy) is the Scottish Doric dialect word for cuddle or hug.  In 2016, when rebranding the company, Gail received a download in a meditation with the name “Bosie International” alongwith branding, logo ideas and colours. 

As Gail is Scottish, and used the word bosie frequently in her relationships, it just made sense for her to follow this spiritual guidance calling her company “Bosie”.

Her desire to travel and work all over the world cemented the “International” part of the name and she looks forward to expanding and taking her programs and spiritual gifts global.