Elevated lessons in being.

Channeling is an experience of natural communication between humans and non-physical energies.  A passing, sharing and imparting of wisdom from extensive and expansive perspectives which may become a megaphone of knowledge enhancing your present moment and beyond.

I, personally was very impressed and delighted by the experience for two reasons. First, to see you personally expand and find your reason for being, so to speak. I told you before, you are the real deal and it’s a joy to watch your process as a channel develop, as it seems so effortless and natural for you. Secondly, the wisdom and wonder the messages Alaster shares is timeless and helpful and very thought provoking and valuable to the individual and the group they speak to as a whole. You added much to our evening and listening to the recordings was again helpful and fresh and interesting.

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Gail Scott is an exclusive channeler of “The Alaster Group”. A star collective of light beings, non-physical energies, sharing their vast knowledge and sincere wisdom on the ever confusing yet fascinating human experience.

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Gail Scott is one of those beings that you immediately trust. Her sincere nature and vibrant soul will have you feeling calm yet ignited towards a better self.

Following a decade of recognizing, developing and fine-tuning her intuitive abilities, in early summer of 2018 Gail discovered a natural ability to channel. After a deep dive into this gifted presence, she shares, inspires and ignites anyone with interest in expanding their life perspective.

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This experience will have you connected to yourself and “universal” energy,
leaving you with wisdom for a greater sense of peace and a more positive mindset.