Yes, here I am, again, this is Metatron, known as Archangel Metatron and there are some basic fundamental truths about your world that I would like to highlight in this transmission. 

Many times you have thought as a humanity, as a collective, as a group, that you knew the way the world works, but this is not true, and this is because the truth of your world is constantly changing, and so your adherence to a certain way, a certain philosophy, a certain practice let’s say, is something that you believe is a stagnant situation, it’s static, but this is not true for how you are evolving as a species in your world, in our world, in the world, let’s say on Gaia for example, things are changing constantly. Now, there are other worlds where things change more slowly than on Gaia, but we’re not here to discuss that at this time. 

And yet, here you are, in the midst of what seems to be sudden and erratic change, and if you take a look at your history books you will see that this is common in your world. For this is the only world that you can, in a sense, be familiar with right now for as a human you do not have the capacity, or at least not many of you, to know what happens in other worlds. This is deliberate. This is deliberate because that information would cloud your current experience of your reality, this particular life, human life, incarnation experience on Earth, and so here you are having this experience right now, a very turbulent, chaotic and somewhat destructive experience. However, when you look back in time over your history books, you will see that this has been a common occurrence; destruction, chaos, change. 

And so this is progress. This is progress for your world, for you as a collective, and for you certainly as an individual as you go through this kind of experience. You are, at this point in a sense, having a massive upgrade. When I say massive, I mean, massive. This is an upgrade that has been a long time coming and it will, in a sense, change the entire equilibrium of your world. Of course, it’s not over yet, for there are many sides to the, let’s say story, of this historical event in this time space reality. 

Yes, it’s not over yet and this is the nature of change. This is the nature of the chaos of destruction and so, you will find that many, in many areas of your world, there will be huge changes physically on your planet, emotionally within your own psyche, physically within your bodies and spiritually within the nature of your world, of who you know this world to be, of what you know this world to be and this transformation, this alchemical process that you are going through is often not a pleasant or comfortable one. And this is true at every level, for just as the plant needs to push its way up through the darkness of the earth from the seed level, and break through the earth’s surface into the light, this is in a sense what you are doing as a humanity.

As a collective you have been very much in an energy of darkness, not exclusively of course, but we would say, predominantly for a very long time, and now you are getting closer and closer, let’s say to, seeing the light so to speak. And this is an evolution for you as a species, as a collective, where predominantly many, if not most of you, have been in this darker place, fear based, not knowing, not knowing who you really are, not connected to the light that exists within you and within all of you. 

So here you are as a collective, going through this massive push to the surface, to the light, to a whole new paradigm of living in the light. Of course, not all seeds make their way and succeed to the light, and this is true also for you as a humanity, as a species. So it is a very exciting growing time for you and so what must you do? You must persevere. You must believe that all things and change are possible. You must believe that it is for the greater good of all. You must believe that it is possible to emerge into a new, different, more evolved state, much as the seed does before pushing its way through the earth. 

Dear human beings, you are in this struggle right now and as much as it seems dark and difficult, and it is, recognizing that, it is also magnificent. It is an evolutionary process that humanity has never gone through before in this level, and so as you continue to seem to be in the dark, know that you are in fact, pushing forward, evolving, promoting and progressing into a new way, a new way of being, a new way of showing up in the world, a new way of evolving as an individual and as a species. 

There have been many messages brought forth through this one telling you how to navigate this shift. We will not go into that at this point but suffice to say that you are fully supported through the Angelic realm, through the spiritual worlds that exist outside of Mother Earth, and through all of the universe and the cosmos, as we watch this magnificence emulating and escalating in your world. So know that these are, yes, majorly turbulent times, but also wonderfully exciting experiences for you all to begin to show yourselves more in the light than ever before. This is a monumental time for humanity and for each soul that has incarnated at this time for you knew when you did that, that you would be coming into this particular time space reality, to have this particular experience. So stay with it, stay with the journey, the darkness, the evolution, and the springing forth that is going to arise when you finally as a collective, come out of the dark and into the light. 

There is no time line that we will give you at this time for it is a magnificent journey, that were you to know all that detail it would take away from the experience, from the, let’s say natural progression of this journey for you, but do know that it does turn into a brighter future for each and every one of you, and that you are fully supported and loved as you go through this and that this journey will be well worth it, for those who do stay and those who don’t. There is no, let’s say, right or wrong, good or bad, for each individual’s soul makes its own transition into its new reality in its own choice, in its own way. 

This completes the transmission for Archangel Metatron and as we access the other realms, we bring forward this message to shift the energy to allow for greater ease in the journey.  A Star Light Language message follows in the original audio recording.