This is Archangel Metatron, the Wisdom Keeper, and I come to you today because humanity is experiencing an upheaval of change at this time. Of course, this was predetermined, but on Earth it is much more difficult for you to understand the things that happen, the changes that occur, for you do not have that, well until this moment in time anyway, awareness, consciousness and so all of these changes that are happening on your planet right now are, seem to be, random, unstructured, unprepared for, unplanned for. 


But you as a species needed this shift. Things cannot stay the same on an ongoing basis. This is the nature of the evolution of consciousness. It is constantly evolving into new, different, sometimes not better at least in the beginning, but eventually into a new state that brings growth; a paradigm shift perhaps, a new way of being. So as you hear this message and navigate these changes that are happening on your planet in so many places all at the same time, it’s understandable that you would be feeling overwhelmed at this time. 

There’s much to be overwhelmed about, for the amount of change that is happening is unprecedented. Never before has humanity gone through such a shift vibrationally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, as it is going through right now. It is in fact the best of times. But recognizing that it is the, let’s say most challenging of times, for many of you, your consciousness level, is making huge leaps, huge jumps, where in the past you believed the world to be one way, and that is the paradigm that was in front of you at that time, but now you are realizing that you have way more, let’s not say control, but influence, on what that paradigm looks like that you exist in. You have more say than you have ever had. 


Yes, it is extremely challenging and there are many factions involved, many let’s say, sides to the story, not the least of which is yours. Your side of the story of this evolution. And this is important for this is history making that you are witnessing right now, and so do not downplay the experience that you are having. Let’s say, the wisdom that you yourself are creating, the storyline as it’s unfolding in this your time space reality, your life experience, for this is what matters, your life experience, for you are the wisdom creator for your, let’s say future generations, your children and your children’s children and your children’s children’s children. You are making a difference. 


It’s always been hard. Each time there has been such radical shift in vibration, in consciousness, in awareness and you are in a sense, beings that have experienced this more than once, but not quite this way, and so as you navigate these times, one of the best things that you can do for yourselves is to use the elements of your planet to assist you and your physical body to navigate this time. 

What do we mean by that? 


We mean, use the grounding force of your planet Earth. Use it as a stabilizer by being outside, for the Earth’s atmosphere, the Earth’s core, the Earth’s gravitational field, let’s say, can assist you to feel more steady. Use your earth (the ground itself), your trees, and be grounded into a reality using large expanses of water, the ocean, rivers, lakes, if you are close to these. 

Speaking of water, you can replenish your body’s hydration system on an ongoing basis. This will have you feel more equilibrium. You will feel less spacey, let’s say. You will feel more together. 

You may also use your Earth’s atmosphere in your breathing practice. You may do this in many different forms. You may simply sit in meditation and breathe. You may use your practice of yoga, and breathe. You may be outside breathing the air. This practice brings more oxygen into your body, settles your mind, amplifies your cells, let’s say, as you feel more alive, less dizzy with all that is going on. The breath is your lifeforce. 

And last but not least, the element of fire is a grounding, a transformational uprising let’s say, and if you have the opportunity to be able to have fires outside where it is safe, you can use these elements of transformation to augment this shift, this change that is happening, and on its most simplest level you may use the flame of a candle as a focus point to bring you back home to who you really are, recognizing that who you really are is changing as we speak. 

So we come as the Wisdom Keeper to, let’s say, advise you of these shifts in your history making that is happening at this moment, and to encourage you to stay rooted in your Earth, for she can support you fully. 


Maintain your community of love with one another for this community building is what is required for the advancement of your species in its fullest form, and this is what shall create your new world. And so, it is very important that you hold fast to this world, this community of individuals in your own corner of the world, let’s say, recognizing that you are part of a bigger community of your world and as your world shifts and changes, recognize that you are a part of this. You are here now at this time to be a part of this shift. It is a moment of history. You are creating it in this time. This is something to feel lucky, honored. It’s auspicious. Perhaps a little hesitant for you do not yet have the full consciousness of the future, but rest assured that you have everything you need to be successful. You have everything you need to be successful, and with that we are complete.