How will 2019 be for you?  Follow these three simple tips to create the year you desire and deserve!

Be grateful every day
Find one tiny moment at the start (or end) of each day to say thank you to whoever you want for something that makes life good for you. Whether it’s your barista who keeps you sane with coffee or your dog for getting you to walk your butt, say thank you. It’s not rocket science, but it is neuroscience. Gratitude for 3 things for 21 days in a row changes your brain and makes you happier.

Give a hug
If you’re feeling a little detached from others or lacking in energy offer someone a heartfelt hug.  Do this knowing that hugs that last for longer than 12 seconds release those feel-good endorphins and that’s only going to energize you, make you smile a little more, and feel more connected.

Call someone
Believe it or not, most people still like to talk on the phone. Why? Because it makes them feel special. Don’t believe me … do it and see the response you get. I bet you’ll get something like “I’m so glad you called”, “thank you for calling”, “wow, no one ever calls any more”. And if all else fails, call your mom. For sure, she will say one of these things to you. I would if I was your mom.

2019 is can be amazing if you make it that way.

Take charge of your life, and watch your results change with this additional simple tip!
We get what we put into our lives.  So this year make choices and take actions that will begin to manifest the life you want to live, create the energy that sustains and feeds you, and provides the results you’re looking for.

Set a daily intention 
Share it with someone  
Believe in its power to create  
Allow the magic to happen
Invest in YOU in 2019

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Happy New Year to YOU!