“Diving into the past to understand the present is your spiritual awakening in the Now”. ~ Gail Scott

“I’ve never talked to anyone about these things” she says softly. “No one has ever asked”.  

Speaking her truth, big wells of tears drop like bombs from the sky of her eyes.  She curls up in the chair, cocooning herself in the soft, purple blanket that wraps her from head to toe. 

She whispers to herself as if I’m not even there,  “I never thought it was important, I didn’t realize I was important”.

She’s wakening up.  To herself.

It’s something I take every client through. 

The conversation reveals a lonely past with no loving mother and an emotionally absent father; a survival life of success that’s had to be “uber-independent”, yet lonely and unsupported.

Each week, as we work together, she wakes up more and more.

When we live a life that looks successful on the outside, yet our inside universe is crumbling with depression, anxiety or overwhelming fatigue, life is shit.  It’s a shit life that looks good but doesn’t feel good.

It’s a dissatisfying life with an inner gnawing that “something’s not right”, all the time.  

Or it’s a stressful life that brings an unexpected situation (normally a health and/or relationship crisis) that we don’t have time for.

I’m seeing the latter happen frequently with a combo diagnosis of depression and cancer.

Whichever one it is, life sucks.

But it doesn’t have to be like this.

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My client and I worked together for a couple of months.  When I check in with her 6 months later, she’s confidently and happily living her life with lots of exciting things going on.

She thanks me for my help in her awakening.  

“I’m honored” I tell her. “It’s always an honor to help someone wake up to their greatness”.

YOUR greatness is laying in wait for you.

As the world evolves and changes, some watch and wait.  Others post on social media about their new, or not so new (aka familiar), truths.

And then there are those who are too afraid, so they don’t say a word.  They’re numb.  In shock.  Hoping it will soon go back to normal.

But there’s no going back to normal.  The familiar isn’t going to work in the new world we’re moving into.

My client cried that day, because for the first time she was able to speak her truth about her life, and in the sharing of it she was released from the shackles of her inner pain.  She was able to make changes and create a better future having now connected to her truth and her greatness.

Life isn’t always easy when we speak the truth.  It’s also hard to recognize our greatness, but it’s always easier with someone who can really listen and is on your side. That’s the job of a good coach.

Because your truth (and your greatness) are your birthright.

If you find huge boulders of resistance to speaking your truth, that’s normal.  Resistance showing up means it’s time to work on it.

Even the tiniest spiritual awakening reveals your truth and greatness and that can help shift even the biggest boulder.

Fear will never go away until you face it, and there’s no better time to wake up than right now.

Let me help you.

Click here to set up an appointment today. There’s no pressure because I don’t work with people who aren’t ready.  Our conversation will simply show you where you’re at, and then you can decide.

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