We are a Galactic Council out of the 9th dimension. We call ourselves the Paradigm Shifters. We are a collective of units of energy that bring forward messages, in this time through this conduit, to assist you humans as you’re going through this monumental change on your planet Earth, Gaia. 

Stargate Ascension is your destiny. This is a term that for many of you, you will be unfamiliar with. It is not necessary that you know the intricacies of what this means, but simply to understand that you are ascending out of an energetic level of being, the third dimension, and up into we call a higher dimension, but it is not important that you understand the levels of dimensions and the intricacies of that, but that you are moving into the fifth dimension; dimension of light and love. 

We come today to bring you a message around this ascension process for you to understand that there have been practices, habits and ways of being that you have been living with, and living through, and living from, that will not be possible to continue at this higher dimension and do not assist you in your ascension process. 

This message is geared specifically for those of you who call yourselves lightworkers but it is just as true and effective and helpful for anyone on this ascension path. There are many ways with which you can assist yourself as a human being and your collective in order to process this change. This change is happening at an alchemical, mental, emotional, spiritual, physical level and you will begin to notice this change because your consciousness level is waking up so to speak, even for those already on the path you will be awakening even more. 

This is a paradigm shift that you as a collective, as a human species, have not been through before and so this is in your current consciousness level something pretty new, and exciting we would add, for your level of joy, passion and love shall increase exponentially with the additional photons of light that are coming onto your planet to assist you with this ascension process.

For many of you this shall be a difficult time, for the cracking open of your consciousness level from the third dimension into the fourth can be a tricky one. For there is a cognitive dissonance around how you have been being so to speak, a lack of awareness we would say in your part, not that this is a bad thing. This is just the nature of how you have been existing on planet earth up to this point. 

But the realizations will be coming forward for you as this shift into this new paradigm proceeds. And so we recommend that you be extremely gentle with yourselves as you move forward. For there are many differences that will come into your awareness where you will then be in choice; choices that you did not realize you had previous to this. Choices around what you eat, how you live, how you think, in a sense your values and your priorities will begin to shift. For in that upleveling of consciousness you see that you now have choice, that there are more choices available to you that you did not notice before.

There will be others who will assist you on the path, individuals who have traveled the road already we would say. For many of you who are lightworkers, you may feel that this is a moot point, that you are already there. We caution you with this train of thought, for you are not nearly where you want to be, or where you are going. It is a journey, much as your human existence is a journey from birth, through growth to death, your consciousness level shifting, which is happening right now, is a similar experience. 

And so be gentle with yourselves as you go through this, which for some shall be traumatic, not traumatic in that it is dangerous or life threatening, but simply that it is a huge transitionary period. For it is as if you are moving from one land to another, in a sense you are vibrationally. The more time that you can spend bringing joy and happiness into your current present reality, the easier this expansion process shall be for you. 

So we suggest that you do not look back at what has been, but that you stay in the present moment looking at what currently is. You may say that this at this moment in time on your timeline is not a particular happy place to be and yet we would redirect you with this thought for there are many, many experiences that you are currently having that are loved, filled, enjoyable, rewarding and pleasurable. It is not helpful for you to focus on the fear paradigm that has been infiltrated into your existence, over many eons by others, for now within your new level of consciousness, you will become aware that you get to choose which paradigm you wish to live in; one of fear, restrictions and limitations or one of love, joy, passion and expansion. And in each moment that you live, ask yourself, is this experience an old paradigm of fear, limitation and restriction? Or am I actually conscious of love, joy and expansion for we would suggest that you focus far more on the latter than the former. 

This requires you to become more aware of your thinking patterns, for it is in this self awareness that you will begin to be able to change these thoughts. It is simply the case like switching on the light, which in a sense is what you are doing vibrationally. You do not wish to remain in the dark for the experience of being in the dark is limited, you cannot see. 

So we express this opinion to you in order for you to assist yourselves in ascension. We say ascension for it is simply a word that describes the overall experience of your species at this time. But we will use the word upleveling for this is more conducive to the experience that you’re having, and more wIll be able to connect to this word; increasing in growth, becoming more conscious, expanding your awareness, living more in the present moment and being more centered. 

This paradigm shift shall not happen overnight for no change that is great of this measure happens overnight. But over time, for this is the linear space in which you inhabit on planet Earth. Over time, as you begin to become more and more conscious of which thoughts bring limitations and fear and which thoughts bring love, passion and expansion, then over time, you will begin to notice this difference in your vibrational level, which is the ascension path. 

There are many other scientific terms that many other conduits use to describe this, but this conduit will not be describing it in this way for it is important that she help you at a very basic level to understand what is happening. You do not require to know the intricacies of this, not at this point. 

The most important thing that you can do right now is to become conscious of which thoughts create fear and which thoughts create love and expansion. Ask yourself in any moment these questions and as you begin to become more conscious of these thoughts, so too shall your vibration change and your level of enjoyment of life shall shift. 

It is important also that there be no anger directed at those who have created this fear based reality that you live in, for they were simply also living out their own consciousness. It is not a matter of blame or guilt or resentment or any of these negative emotions, this is a waste of your energy. Instead focus on what you can do in the now, how you can be now and live from this place. 

This is a message that is very direct for you for we feel that this is the best way to communicate this beginning understanding of Ascension for you. For many of you who are in the light already, you may know this. Do not become flippant about this, for it is important that you also continue this journey for you will be required to assist those who are struggling. And the more that you can be in this conscious awareness of the light, of love, of expansion, the more easily you will be able to be compassionate and helpful to those who come after you. 

We are the Paradigm Shifters of the 9th dimension and we are very excited to be the ones to be able to communicate through this one to assist you at this time, at this great awakening time on your beautiful planet Gaia Mother Earth and we shall come again with more messages to assist you. We surround you with love and light to assist you in this process right now and with that we are complete.