A short audio recording to help you begin to understand what the energy of New Earth will be about.

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It’s Gail Scott here and I am sitting with my scalar technology orb, and connecting into the Divine essence of a being by the name of Charlotte, who comes through to me using this technology.

And I’ve become aware now that she is a beautiful goddess, kind of looking like a queen, is kind of the image that I’m getting for her with a very long cloak, and beautiful shimmering, kind of opulescence and lilacy rainbow light. And just, you know, shining like the sun, basically just very, very bright. And she brings forward through me an energy that is, as I mentioned, it’s it’s opalescence but it’s translucent, it’s clear, but not crystal clear, it has a bit of a kind of a whitish goldish hue to it. And it’s, it’s magnifying, it’s a magnifying light that can illuminate knowings, you know, so intelligence that you have brought forward here into this world without really knowing that you have that. It can also illuminate shadow, meaning places where you may want to look at, you might be being less than love, let’s say. And sometimes it’s very difficult to understand this concept of being love.

And in essence, being love is, you know, one might say it’s like being like Jesus, but Jesus was simply, and not just simply, but an expression of love, God’s love. And then when I say God, once again, it’s not the religious God that we know of, in, you know, mainstream religion but that all knowing all encompassing sense of wonder, and awe with the world, when you, you know, when you see something out in nature, and you don’t have words for it, or you maybe are a parent, and you’re looking at your child as they’re sleeping, and you feel this overwhelming sense of wonder and awe and love for that little baby, or that little one. Or even if they’re older, you can always have that too, by which time they’ve probably developed some personality. And then of course, we’re getting into patterning and judgment and a little bit more challenging times.

But you know, and going back to the sense of being love is the idea that we’re in acceptance of what is and that is very difficult in our world, where we are bombarded with disparity, we are forced to look at comparison. You know, we’re, we’re given images of dark, fear, anger, you know, things that in the world are just not right and that comes through in our media ad nauseam. And so, how do you, as a being of love, transmute that when you’re still struggling with your, you know, brain patterning that’s desperately trying to make sense of it? How can we, as human beings be continuing to treat ourselves this way and to treat each other this way? And so that’s the challenge of being love.

It’s not being in love with someone. It’s not that almost addictive, high feeling that you get where you’re, you’ve met someone and all of a sudden, you know, you can’t think about anything else other than them and your your adrenaline is rushing through your body and the oxytocin is on at an all time high, and you’re just super excited. That’s more passion. It’s kind of a body experience that you’re having, rather than this feeling of acceptance about what is. And so it’s, it’s not that you’re neutral emotionally.

You can, of course, have emotions, of course, we’re human beings, we, we thrive on emotional existence, it’s how we know what’s going on with us. But again, it’s about that neutrality, acceptance of noticing that you’re having an emotional experience about something. So, for example, you could be looking at a very fearful, unsettling experience in our world and noticing that you are having feelings of deep sadness, or great anger, or despair, and worry and fear even about what might be coming next. And then, being love is to accept that you’re having this experience, and it just is what is.

And I know it sounds a little uncaring because in our society, we’ve been, you know, indoctrinated into, always feeling like we need to help other people. And I’m not saying that we don’t. But we want to be coming from a place of neutrality, with a deep desire to help someone without it being anything to do with us. So we’re not appeasing this, this feeling inside of us where we, we feel like we need to help because, you know, it’s, it’s, it’s what we’re supposed to do.

You’re helping someone purely from the perspective because you feel a deep desire to assist. Not because your ego needs a stroke, and you need it to be seen that you contributed in some way. That imagine that no one knew that you were doing what you were doing to help another person. And there’s no need for you to get anything back from it. And then there’s, you know, just the simplest of ways of being where you just genuinely love other people. You know, even if they’re not nice people, and I say that, you know, in quotation marks, not nice people, because, again, that’s a judgment. But but they’re just being people having their life and and that really, you know, takes us down the rabbit hole of, you know, what’s your life purpose when you come to the planet because as a soul, that expanded version of you that energetic vibration, that’s, that is the essence of love.

It came here to experience everything, everything. So that means the experience of pain, and fear and despair, as well as the experience of fun, love, passion, excitement, joy, and that they’re just two ends of a spectrum and that neither one is bad or good. They just are what is. So today, as you go about your life, perhaps simply tune into where you’re judging where you have an opinion about whether something’s bad or good, and where that potentially comes from. Has someone taught you that?

And so therefore, if you tapped into the soul essence, that’s you, that’s love, in a moment of wonder and awe, or meditation, perhaps you might look at it from a different angle, you might see them as an equal, simply having their experience of life. And your job is not to convince them of anything. It’s not your job to show them who they’re being or what they’re doing. Unless, of course, they ask you. Or if you do feel compelled, you first ask their permission, saying something like, I’m noticing something that I would like to share about you, are you open to hearing that, I bring it, I bring it with love. And you really do have to bring it with love.

You know, you can’t come with an agenda of, I’m noticing this thing about you. And you know, I really want you to be different. So therefore, I want to tell you what you’re doing so that you’ll change so that I’ll feel better. No, it’s not like that. It’s really genuinely being curious about another person, without any need for them, you know, to really do anything else other than be who they are. Now, it doesn’t mean that you don’t stand up for yourself, speak about how you feel, express your emotional, you know, experience as a result of being with them. Or even set boundaries, you know, these are all human constructs that we’ve created in order to grow and learn and, and be more conscious.

But just being love. Being in the wonder, of all of the, let’s say, differences that we have on the planet. And of course, at the end, loving yourself, first and foremost, for all of the different ways that you are. And of course, that impacts the people around you too. And all of the different constructs that you’ve taken on that you believe to be true and real and right. And beginning to notice all of that within yourself, coming from that place of love. And that’s the challenge. That’s the true challenge.