Big energy.


Once again there is big energy coming onto your planet. This is not new for this has been occurring since your December 21st, 2012 timeline shift, and so for many of you who are sensitive to these changes, you will be noticing this again. You will have been noticing this and this will continue. 

These changes and shifts that are occurring are new, in vibration, new for you on this planet in this time space reality, for these shifts are creating an opening let’s call it, an opening into a new grid structure that surrounds your planet that will bring forward much more consciousness than you have ever had before. 

It may seem to many of you that this is taking a very long time and yet evolution does that. Evolution shifts and morphs in such a way that it is, let’s say amenable to those who are going to be impacted by such shifts. That would be you, humans.  Of course, all of these energetic, vibrational shifts are also happening and impacting the planet herself and all of the animals and plants that live on your planet, but your consciousness level, as the living entity with this level of consciousness on the planet, is greatly impacted by all of these shifts and changes.

For many of you, you have been oblivious to these changes. This message is for anyone listening to this, let’s say later, down the road, not when this is being recorded, but at another time, and so it is a message of history, let’s say, to help you understand what was going on then, such that you are now who you are. This will be well understood when it is heard at that time. 

For those of you who are, in a sense, aware of these shifts that are happening, this message comes purely as a confirmation, as a rubber stamp so to speak, so that you can navigate these times. It is again a journey of a new experience for you. It’s quite the challenge on Earth for humans, for you are all at differing levels of consciousness, of awareness, and so for many of you, it is as if you are living on different worlds, with different, let’s say, levels of knowing of your world.

For some, you know exactly what’s going on at a vibrational level, and for others there is absolutely no awareness. This gap, chasm we would call it, is closing. It is diminishing, but it is not gone yet, obviously, for many of you still do not know what is happening. Oh yes, you can see and hear and understand what is being communicated to you but this is not actually what is happening. This will all become clear. And for those of you who do know what is happening, it is all very confusing for, as we mentioned before, it appears as if there are multiple worlds existing at the same time. There are.

Your consciousness level grants you access to a certain vibrational level of existence and this is what you experience so it is almost as if there’s a splitting off, of reality, or from reality, your reality, the reality, multi realities. 

So how do you cope with that? You must remain in the present, and with a desire to create a future that is more love filled, which means that it is not in your best interest to be projecting into a future that is not love filled. For those of you who know and trust in the evolution in this process, you can, if you desire, project into your future at any moment, at any time, a love filled experience. You do this anyway when you look forward to anything. 

Look forward to your future. In doing so, in looking forward to this future you are in a sense pulling it forward to you. It is a very different energetic field from gloomily predicting a fear filled future. Some of you will continue to do that for that is your current reality but it is only one of many possible realities in the quantum field, and so as you sit in today’s now moment, you have the opportunity to create the next now moment and many more now moments from this now moment, as moments of joy, ease, love, for what would be the point of you predicting for yourselves a future filled with doom and gloom. 

You can of course, should you choose to, and many of you will, but doesn’t it make much more sense to put forward a reality that will be more love filled than has been? You are, in a sense, with this looking forward practice, we would say, providing a roadmap of the future into which you wish to live. So look forward into your future, and create the future that you wish to live into with your thoughts, with your words, with your actions, with your dreams, with your desires. 

You have the, let’s say, energetic support to do this, to begin to create your world the way you want it, knowing that right now you have access to a quantum world where multiple possibilities exist and just because your current reality doesn’t show up the way you want it to in your future, doesn’t mean that future doesn’t exist and is not accessible to you. You are not yet at a vibrational level where your, let’s say thoughts create immediate reality. You’re still living in a third dimensional linear timeline but for those of you whose consciousness level and vibration is up leveling let’s say, giving you access to quantum timelines, you have the capability and the functionality within yourself to be creating at that quantum level. 

The question is what is it that you want to create? Are you taking the time to allow yourself to connect to yourself in another dimension, in another timeline, to allow yourself to bring forward experiences; experiences that you don’t even know about yet, for you have not yet experienced them with this level of consciousness. 

So this is a little confusing perhaps.

It is not that you are creating and looking forward to a future based only on what you know right now, for that is limiting. It is that you are allowing and opening up to communication from let’s say, you in another dimension, in another timeline, in another incarnation and another expansive space, the experience that is possible, and bringing it forward into your now moment, which may not occur for another day or two or three. 

You are accessing a wisdom, an experience that in your current form you do not know yet and so there are infinite possibilities available. 

Now, one way that you can do this is through your emotional state and using the energy of love is the highest value into which you can direct this intention. So, coming from the heart, feel sensing what you want to experience, not necessarily with intricate details for that is again in your now moment of the egoic mind of what it knows, for you are looking forward to an experience of which you have not yet had the experience of, but of which you know that felt sense, and trusting and allowing that to come forward, letting go of any limitations, or, let’s say farfetchedness, that you may perceive of that being possible. It is almost as if you let go of the containment of an experience for it is only based on your current egoic knowing and you open up space for something that is even greater than you yourself can perceive at this moment. 

And you do that through the energy of the heart, of love, of trusting that your soul, that higher dimensional part of you that exists in other realities, and is of course with you at all times, that it knows what is possible for you. And with that energetic intention of looking forward, with that felt sense, the emotion of the heart, of love, that anything is possible. 

Can you do this? Yes. Will you do this? This will take practice. You can do this each evening before you fall asleep, imagining the energy of your next day and that’s as far as you need to go really, unless there’s something specific but again we would say, let go of the details of it and allow the energy to be the guiding light. And remember that it will become a bigger and bigger guiding light as the planet evolves. 

There is much turmoil, shape shifting, energy changing, dimensional shifting, going on. We have given you multiple ways to remain grounded, centered, soul connected. Community is an excellent way to maintain this. Talk with one another. Share your experiences. Be supported by each other. Maintain your rituals of your meditation practice, being in nature, drinking water, eating healthy food. All of these are good for the body and soul, and have hope, for these shifts are happening in your midst now, and will continue for a bit longer, and with that we are complete.