There are many changes occurring on your planet at this time. So many changes in fact, that it is almost as if you are in a constant motion of change. Of course, this is an analogy that is easy to understand for change is a constant in your paradigm on your planet. But that is not what we mean when we say this, for the analogy of chaos theory, where molecules are constantly in motion, creating new experiences, new things, is not about which we bring to your attention at this time. We are talking specifically here about changes to your evolution as a species and of course, to your planet. This is not a new subject for this conduit to be bringing to you for in a sense for much of the past 12 months, she has been bringing messages explaining many of the changes that you are going through. 

So, why do we wish to bring this message of change to you now?

You are reaching, if not having already reached the precipice of change; your hundredth monkey has been reached and it is only a matter of time before you begin to see the dismantling of your current climate. We do not mean climate when we talk, about weather, we talk about the emotional environmental climate of you as a species. For as much as you may imagine there has been breakdown so far, this is nothing compared to the dismantling of what is to come. This is not brought to you with the intention to bring fear, but more with the intention to bring an awareness of what is coming, to assist you in this process of managing this change. Do not be alarmed at the sudden destruction of certain systems on your planet for these systems are archaic and certainly need overhauling. 

You will be noticing this in your medical care system, not just in one country but in many. This has been brought about as a result of the, we do not like to refer to them as dark ones, but they are certainly not of the light, and their mandate, desire, wish, attempt to overhaul and control your medical system using pharma. This shall be disintegrating. It is not to say that all pharma is bad, for it is not. Much of it has been helpful and useful to you, however, much of it has been brought in with a negative energy that is not in assistance to humanity and it must be dismantled for you to be able to shift and move into the fifth dimension. 

These very large, organized means of distribution of healthcare with an agenda that is not for your betterment as a species will begin to crumble. And you will notice this as you, as a species, begin to understand the very nature of who you are as humans. This shall be a very new experience for you for in the fourth dimension level of awareness, you will no longer succumb to influence, persuasion and manipulation. And you will begin to see, for example, that any drug that is purported to help you that has lengthy descriptions of possible side effects and implications that are not healthy, is not the wisest of things to be putting into your body. You will begin to understand the nature of who you are as a species, that you have a being, a body, that works in harmony when it is taken care of using natural means.

There are many on your planet, who have studied and are gifted in this arena. There are many who have, we shall not use the word talents, although gifts is certainly a true representation of them, energetic means with which they can manipulate the chemical composition of you in order to bring about health, balance, harmony. And there are also many, who can use nature, plants and Gaia to be able to bring about health and harmony to your bodies also. These ancient methods have always been around, but as a result of some of the shifts that have happened, they have been suppressed. This will be changing moving forward. 

For many of you who are we shall say in the dark, staying, remaining in the third dimension, you will not be open to these shifts and changes and you will cling on to the old ways that you are familiar with. You will believe in those to the point that they will ultimately be your demise. This is not a death sentence so to speak of which we speak, when we speak of big pharma, however, your evolution as a soul, your journey on planet Earth and in this dimension will end, for you will incarnate in another way, another realm, to continue your journey in the third dimension. But for now, you will begin to notice the crumbling of this particular mode of health care. 

This, as we have said, will be a universal shift on your planet, not singularly placed within one country for it has now become apparent with your internet exchange that many, we call them health practitioners, doctors, care workers and medical intuitives know more information that is better for you than the pharma companies who make these drugs. For the business of these pharma companies is to make money and not to bring about health. All of these other practitioners who are practicing worldwide and who are coming together to form a coalition to assist humanity at a global level are able to harmonize, synchronize and in a sense, co create a new experience of health care for you as a species in general, where one will work with another acknowledging and appreciating what they bring to the table. Do not be alarmed as you watch notifications and information coming forward that is contradictory to what you are used to hearing and seeing and understanding. We are bringing this message to you today to, in a sense, give you the heads up.

Many of you may remain in denial around this and that is the way it shall be, but for those of you who are ascending, and doing this difficult journey into 4D in order to ascend up into 5D we wish to assist you with this information so that it is not a shock to you.

All change does not require to be difficult. Begin to access more of your intuitive knowing about what is best for you and this transition will be more smooth. It is not, and does not need to be a difficult time. It does not need to have shock value. It does not need to be sudden and in that suddenness, create a dislodging of your stability. In other words, don’t let it get to you. Be in the flow even though the information is going to be difficult to, not necessarily accept, for many of you already know this information, but allow it to flow so that the new can come through. This is the change of which we speak. 

It is an expansive time for you but in paradigm shifting expansiveness often requires breakdown before breakthroughs. And so be okay with the breakdown experience that you will be having for it shall not take long for this shift to happen. Especially given the nature of your internet experience where you are all so well connected and allow information to be transmitted smoothly. Use the mediums that are being created that are not being censored, and share these widely with others who are interested. For it is in the sharing of this information that this experience of change will transition faster and smoother for you all. 

And do not be concerned for you are being well supported and taken care of in the light, with many galactic sources and energies to support you. For as has already been explained to you the darkness has been removed and you are simply transitioning through these changes in order to allow the light that is coming on to your planet to fully illuminate you and support you. This transmission has been brought to you from many collectives who joined together all of your galactic brothers and sisters to communicate this change to you. And at this time, we wish for you to hear this message loud and clear. And with that, we are complete.