Bosie Bits

Personal Growth Tools

These are a sample of the Bosie tools used in Keynotes, Workshops and Exclusive Coaching.

Bosie Audit

A tool that helps narrow down a clear direction for your needs.
Print it out, fill it in, and call to discuss how to move towards achieving progress. 

Bosie’s Wheel of Life

This is an oldie but a goody and adapted to Bosie’s Trust Building approaches. Let us discuss how we can move you and/or your organization from awareness to action when it comes to TRUST.

Bosie Gender Roles

Try these to begin the process of changing your language and perspective.  

Bosie Intimacy

Technique Sheet:
12 Ways to Ignite Passion
with a partner.


Free & Fun Ways to Connect to yourself and someone else.

Only available at certain times.

Bosie Mindfulness

The Stillness Prayer
A prayer to invoke stillness and inspire creativity.

If you’d like to explore more Bosie tools, exercises and breakthrough techniques.
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If you want to dive deeper…Simply contact us to learn more about authentic communication.

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