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Take your time exploring these subtle yet effective tools for a deeper connection at work, at home and with yourself.


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Your values represent the most important pillars of your life. They help you understand what drives you, what you enjoy, and what inspires you.  They also provide a foundation to make decisions.  Values are not static.  As life changes around us, our values adjust to our new level of awareness.  Using our values we can create a life of deeper meaning and higher satisfaction. 

Life Audit

A tool that helps narrow down a clear direction for your needs.
Print it out, fill it in, and call to discuss how to move towards achieving progress. 

Wheel of Life

This is an oldie but a goody and adapted to Bosie’s Trust Building approaches. Let us discuss how we can move you and/or your organization from awareness to action when it comes to TRUST.

Gender Roles

Try these to begin the process of changing your language and perspective. 


Technique Sheet:
12 Ways to Ignite Passion
with a partner.


The Stillness Prayer
A prayer to invoke stillness and inspire creativity.

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