If there was one thing you could do TODAY to help you get through this difficult time, what would it be?

This important story, and suggestion, is from the 8th Dimension Barr Council as they share their wisdom to help us make decisions for our well-being right now.

Today is November 14th, 2020, and this is Gail Scott channeling the Barr Council.

The question is not whether you can make difficult decisions in your lives, the question is whether you will.

When this one became newly separated from her ex husband, her children at the time were quite young. They were around 11 years old. Eleven year-olds love to watch television, but this one could see that the habit that they had of watching television after school every day, created a certain animosity in them.  They would not want to do their homework, they would not want to stop watching television to have dinner, they would not play or talk, they became automatons; in a trance you could say, because watching television took over their minds.

We tell you this story, for this one noticed that this was happening in her home and she, as a mother, was disturbed by what she was seeing. She knew that to set a boundary around the television would be a difficult decision, and so she made an even more difficult decision. She chose to remove the service of the cable television into her home.

Oh, there was an uproar at the beginning. “What were they going to do after school? How could they possibly not stay in touch with all of the shows that they were watching? How could she deprive them of this?”  But this one knew that to maintain the status quo with this service would not be good in the long run for her childrens’ minds, and for the energy within her home. It didn’t take long, but soon the children were laughing and playing every day after school, doing their homework, having snacks, chattering away to each other about things that had happened during the day. It did take a bit of time for this to happen, but it did happen.

The question is not whether you can make difficult decisions, the question is, will you?  You are living in a time where there is multi sensory information being fired at you constantly through these boxes you call televisions, devices you call telephones/smartphones, through news mediums such as the radio, the internet, even newspapers (which are less and less prevalent nowadays).

And yet, how good are these sources of information and entertainment for you? Are you, as an individual, selective about what you choose to feed your mind, body and soul on a day to day basis for it is in the decisions that you make from one moment to the next, that determine the health of your mind, body and soul?  We are not here with our message to judge you in any way around what you choose, but we are here to offer you a wisdom that perhaps you may have forgotten; a wisdom that is within yourself.

For if you are participating in any activity, reading, listening, watching, actively involved in, that does not have you feel good about yourself, we caution this activity. We suggest that you desist from doing it. We suggest that you make your choices not around what you can do, but around what you will do. And begin to notice where taking action can bring you a greater sense of freedom, peace, love, connection, for if there are things that you are doing that do not bring you this, perhaps it’s time to let them go.

Ah yes, now we understand. Many of you will say, well then, “how will I know what’s going on in the world? How will I make my decisions?” Except that at a general level as a human being, you live your life within the minutiae of what it means to be human, with those closest to you, with those that you work with, those that you play with, and what is going on in other realms, it is not that it is not important, for it is that you stay abreast of what is happening, except that in many instances, not everything is as it seems. There is illusion and delusion going on within these mediums on your planet; radio, television, media. Much of what you see is exaggerated.

Yes, yes, there is a reason for this. There are those on your planet who would prefer to see you remain in fear and controlled, but this is not your future.  But you, as an individual and as a collective, must begin to make difficult decisions, which in the long run will be more beneficial for you. Is it time for you to turn off your television? Is it time for you to connect more deeply and connect more harmoniously with your loved ones? Is it time to turn off anything that distracts you from this, and brings fear and uncertainty into your life?

You may think that this is a drastic action. And let us assure you that when this one removed that cable TV services from her home indeed, not only did her children think this was a drastic action, but her friends did also. Yes, it gave her, as a parent, more work to do. For now she had to ensure the well being of her children without the distraction of the television services. And yet, we are here to confirm that, within a very short period of time, the energy in her home changed. There was less arguing and fighting, more camaraderie, more sharing, more laughing. And over time, the need to be distracted by what was coming through these pieces of equipment was no longer needed.

Of course, eventually it was reintroduced, but by the time that happened her children had, we would say, come back to themselves. And this is what we wish for you as a species. That should you choose to remove the distraction of your own messaging that comes from the media, you will come back to yourselves.  You will come back to your beautiful spirits that you are. You will begin to focus on things that make you laugh and have a good time with those around you. You will be less influenced by others.

Some would argue “well, how will you know what’s going on?” Is knowing what’s going on bringing you joy, peace, calm, tranquility?  We think not. And so, perhaps for a while, you may choose to remove these influences on you. For we know there are some of you who do that and you find yourselves far more satisfied in life by this action. When you as an individual can focus only on what is in your own space you will find a deeper level of life satisfaction. You will become more connected to those around you who matter. You will have more joy.

The world will not stop turning, but the big wheels of media and mainstream issues will eventually change. What you focus on expands, so if you choose to focus on the messaging that is coming through these technology sources, this type of information will expand. We imagine that as a species you do not wish this to be the case, for this information is not feeding your souls but depleting you. And so, yes, it may be a difficult decision to, we would say, go cold turkey, which is what we would suggest. However, we understand that for some of you, this will be very difficult for your energy thrives on knowing this information, whether it be accurate or not.

And so our message for you today is to caution you, and to advise you that you are creating your reality with whatever information you are using to feed yourself. And this is important, for the longer that you feed yourself with fear, concern, misguided information, the longer this shall continue.  We recommend that you, in a sense, turn off the service, ignore these kinds of messages, and focus instead on being the messenger of hope for those around you. For when you can do that, your world will shift faster than you could possibly imagine. And just like this one’s children many years ago, you too will begin to laugh and play and have fun together. And over time, you will begin to make choices that are more aligned with who you really are when selecting media to consume.

This is not an easy message for us to bring, but we are feeling, and we say feeling but we do not feel things, but we are sensing that it is time for us to bring this particular message to you as a collective.

Focus on the good things. Focus on the happy things. Focus on laughing more, loving more, living more. And this practice, though it may be a difficult thing to do at the beginning, and it may feel strange, you will soon get used to it, just like the children did when the television was removed.

Do not be afraid for you are well capable of creating beautiful experiences for yourselves, without being brainwashed by messages that do not bring messages of hope and love and peace, for that is what your heart desires. And you can in a sense, create it for yourself anytime you want.

And so the question is not “Can you make difficult decisions to assist your well being?” but “will you and if so, what will they be, and when?” We leave you with this question for you to consider the implications of not making the choices at this time.

As always, everything that we bring to you is simply a suggestion or an idea. We pose the question for you to consider, in your own realm, in your own time, with your own solutions. We love you and we bring you love from the galaxies, we surround you with love. We are here to assist you in creating your heaven on earth, the way that you would desire it, and we honor you for the journey that you are on, on this beautiful planet Earth. And with that, we are complete.

Let’s all create more fun, play and laughter for ourselves today by choosing to turn off mainstream media more often, if not indefinitely.