Feeling a Little Lost These Days?

Feeling a Little Lost These Days?


I want to share with you today something that came through to me a long time ago, probably about five years ago. And I think it’s just as relevant then as it is now. I hope that it will be inspiring and give you some hope for some of the difficulties that we’re going through right now.

It’s entitled, All You Need is Within You.

Your power in your life is not outside of you. No, it’s not out there. It’s not in your work. It’s not in your relationships or your passions. It’s not in your family, or your friends, or even your accomplishments.

Personal Power

Your power, your personal power, is created through you; through your own energy, and the expression of that energy, and then manifested into each area of your life. What if I told you today that you have everything you need to be happy now, in this moment?  Not tomorrow, or when you get that job or find the love of your life. Or when you move into that big house or even when you start a family. Not when you take a trip or when you retire, and especially not when you have enough money, or you get famous or win the lottery.

You have everything you need to be happy because you’ve been born whole and complete. Period. You’re not broken. You don’t need to be fixed.

Because you’ve been born with an abundance of gifts and knowledge, which when you tap into that it can direct you and steer you to make the choices you need to make to live the life that you came here to live. It’s all perfect actually because all you need is within you.

What About Challenges?

Yes, you’re going to be challenged. That is the essence of living on planet earth and being human, but your task is to discern what your truth is, while it’s right there waiting for you to tap into it. You need to see what’s not true for you so that you can live into your own truth as you want to.

How Do I Find my Truth?

Now the way to do that is you need to stop and listen. You have to pay attention. And how do you do that? You need to get quiet because in that quiet place when you’re heart centered, you will deeply know what works best for you. So today, you need to pay attention. You need to pay attention to your inner guidance. You need to stop what you’re doing and ask questions. Don’t listen to the negative voice that’s inside of you because that’s not you. Your inner guidance is pure love. It’s always going to feel intuitively right and when you ask yourself, Is this true for me?

Outside Influences

Make sure that you’re not coming from a place of having listened to someone else and it’s their truth, not yours. If you really discern what is your truth, because that’s where the growing begins.

Beginning the Spiritual Journey

That’s where your spiritual journey really takes off. That’s when the fun starts. Because when you know that everything you need is already within you. That’s when you begin to feel that life is satisfying. Not just satisfying, fulfilling, not just fulfilling, but heaven on earth. And when you decide that you’re going to choose to live from that place, from the belief that all you need is within you that you can connect to your own individual power, your energy, your love centered, heart centered place, then you’ll know everything you need is within you. And then you’ll be deeply satisfied in life.

What Happens Next?

It won’t matter what kinds of things come your way, what challenges you face, what difficulties are in front of you because intuitively, you’ll be able to know what your truth is. And you’ll be able to direct that energy in a way that works for you. And when you can do that, you can actually be a guide for others also.

How Do I Know This?

This is the kind of work that I do with people where I teach them how to tap into that inner knowing and begin to understand that they are, you are perfect, complete, and you’ve got it, and that you’ve got all that you need.

I hope that this message has been inspiring because right now things are pretty difficult and we are being bombarded with messages from all kinds of sources that are not your truth. Until next time, trust in your own inner knowing. Trust your own truth.

Transcribed from YouTube video


Easy Practices to Connect More Deeply to Peace and Calm

Easy Practices to Connect More Deeply to Peace and Calm

We’re not even 3 weeks into 2021, and already there are many distractions to take us away from our own inner peace. Today, let’s look at ways to get and stay grounded, connect back to ourselves, and align with our highest good, no matter what is going on around us.


Do you believe there’s something bigger than you and me going on in the Universe?

I believe something pretty powerful must have made Planet Earth, not to mention all the other planets, stars and galaxies, right? You may call it God or a similar name, or believe in your own version of the Big Bang, but whatever it was, there’s no denying it’s got to be bigger than just little “you and me”.

My mum used to believe in fate. She would tell me “Gail, even if you go off track, God will make sure you come back to the life path you have chosen”.

These days it’s hard to believe this is true, given what we’re all going through.

Is it really possible we chose to go through this at this time?

Whether we’re here because we chose it or not, we’re in it now, and I know that for those of us who believe we’re connected to this “Bigger Energy”, it can truly be our saving grace. It certainly keeps me sane. After many deep dives into spirituality along the way, I now recognize this Universal Energy, Divine Love or God Consciousness as the intuitive knowing that guides me each day.

What I know for sure is this, it’s deep within me, and it’s deep within you.

The only problem is that although I believe this energy never leaves me, I find that I can often lose my connection to it.

Now more than ever, it’s important for each of us to find some quiet and calm while we navigate the madness that’s going on in our world. The following ideas are some of the ways I stay connected to the bigger energy and ultimately myself (or vice versa):


Walking alone is an opportunity to find the quiet knowing that dwells inside each of us.

I have had a practice of taking walks alone for much of my life. As a teenager, the medieval cemetery in my hometown of Banff, Scotland was one place where I would spend hours.  I’d sit and read the old stones, some dating back to 1100 and the Black Plague. Maybe like me you also enjoy wandering through old graveyards. I also loved walking for hours on the beach.

Walking gives us a chance to leave behind any worries which normally consume your daily life. As you spend time with yourself walking, use each solitary step to find a new rhythm for evoking peace. Walking is an easy way to evoke a slower heartbeat, gentle and steady breathing and provide space to connect to your own inner reverence.

Even if you only walk around the block, do it slowly and mindfully to feel the benefit of this easy practice. Enhance the experience by finding a favorite place in nature close to water or in trees.


If you’ve ever experienced a panic attack you’ll know that it’s your body talking and you had better listen. Meditation can relieve anxiety and help deepen the mind body spirit connection. It’s also a practice without any religious connection and just as effective as prayer.

Meditation is as simple as taking 3 deep “belly” breaths, or laughing until your sides hurt. It can be as easy as eye-gazing with a loved one for 30 seconds, or sitting quietly just breathing for 20 minutes. It can be as therapeutic as painting or writing or as active as dancing or rock climbing.

Meditation is any kind of process where we allow our focus to be aligned with our heart and we let go of whatever thoughts may keep us from feeling free.

I have tried many ways to meditate and now enjoy 15-20 minutes each day sitting quietly and allowing my breath to be my focus. Turn off your phone, pull up a blanket, and don’t let yourself be distracted until the timer goes off. Be gentle with yourself as you notice thoughts come up, and let them move on like clouds in the sky or waves on the seashore. If it helps, keep a journal close by, and make quick notes if they are important enough to write down in the moment. Then close your eyes and go back to the breath.

I started with 4 minutes. You can too.


As part of the healing work I do, I often suggest to clients to take salt baths. I recommend 2 cups of Epsom Salts in a deliciously warm bath. Let the magnesium from the salts seep into the skin dissolving any aches or pains, and releasing any energy that doesn’t serve you. I find 15 – 20 minutes in the water is plenty of time to rejuvenate me and bring me back to myself. Doing this before bed provides an added way to relax further before sleep.


Music is a powerful easy medium which can create instant changes in state or emotion. There are many music Apps you can download to create different playlists to enjoy. Some playlists are already created by others but if you prefer create your own. I recently put together one called SOOTHING INSTRUMENTAL which features my favorite spiritual and relaxing piano, guitar, and spa tracks. I also have one called SPIRITUAL UPLIFTING which has some classical tunes, empowering mantras and mystical tracks.

Listening to music without words allows the mind to relax even more powerfully because no lyrics, and no message to think about, helps you be more in the body. When we shut off our mind, peace and calm comes more easily.


All of these activities allow you to put yourself first and this is a MUST to feel safe, grounded and relaxed.

When you allow others’ needs to come above your own you are sure to get tired, grouchy and resentful. This is harmful for your psyche, physical body and spiritual connection.

Notice when taking time for YOU feels the hardest to do. This is when you least feel like doing it and that’s when you most need it. Especially meditation.

This list is not exhaustive but these are my favorite ways to find peace. Try one or all and see what works best for you.

How to Move Out of the Past, and Get What You Want Now.

How to Move Out of the Past, and Get What You Want Now.

We are the Barr Council. We are an intergalactic Council of Light and we wish to speak with you around the concept of time, around the paradigm of time, around the illusion of time. 

Time on your planet is constructed in segments; moments, seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, years, centuries. This was derived as a way for you to structure your world such that you would be able to exist within the 3D environment. The 3D environment is one of matter, solid and there are many forms of matter within 3D. You can look at water as an example, for water can hold itself in many different ways, as a vapor, as a liquid and a solid.  Temperature is what creates the different textures of the matter. 

But why are we telling you this?

The reason why we wish to bring you this subject today is so that you may begin to become aware of the idea that there is no such thing as time, for when you, as an individual, are living in the present, you are experiencing everything as it happens. There is, in a sense, no past and no future. For if you were to imagine time as a continuum; there are several ways that we can bring this example to you. You could see it as a line in front of you, going from left to right. Or you could see it as a circle in front of you with no beginning and no end. And as you are either standing on the line or standing within the circle, you are existing, you are experiencing, you are having, this moment. 

However, for many of you, you will experience this line of life, beginning, middle and end, with the past being behind you, and the future being in front of you. Meaning that it has already happened and for which you are complete, or it has not yet happened and is still yet to be completed. 

And yet, we would prefer that you look at this from the idea of being inside the circle, knowing that at any vantage point, you can see everything and anything that has happened, is happening or could happen. This is a vibrational shift of consciousness. Standing in the circle, looking at your current reality is your “now” moment. Standing in the circle, looking at another experience continues to be your now moment. In vibrational reality all of these now moments are simultaneously happening, and at any point with your point of focus, you can move yourself into that now moment.

The challenge while being on planet Earth is that you are in the third dimension of matter. It takes longer and more effort for you to move the matter that is you, into a different vibrational moment. When you are in the fifth dimension (5D), the matter that makes you up will be more light. This is meant physically and metaphorically, and so in those moments, in the fifth dimension, it is easier for you to shift your point of attraction, your point of focus, to a different now moment. The more now moments that you focus on, which are the ones that you really want, the more likely you will be able to shift to that now moment faster. 

The problem with humanity at this time, is that you are fixated on the now moments that you currently know of. It is as if this is the only reality that you are able to access. These are heavy dimensional moments where the vibration is low and they are generally not happy moments. They are lower on the vibrational scale, shall we say, and the vibration is at a lower level and so, sadness, grief, frustration, despair, these are lower vibrations and heavier and so it is much more difficult for you to shift, even your focus, to a higher vibration. 

But that is what we are inviting you to do in this moment, in this transmission, is to be aware that as you stand, you may call it within your circle, within a bubble, within your own time space reality, all around you are the possibilities of all timespace realities. And depending on your point of attraction, point of focus, train of thought, depends on which vibrational reality comes in. 

And so this transmission is simply an opportunity for you to understand the way that your world can exist and does exist at a very different reality. Yes, it is true for you that the past has happened and the future has not yet happened. This is currently your dimensional reality. However, we are opening up your minds to the idea of vibrational reality where you as an individual and as a collective, have the opportunity to focus on a very different vibration within your current reality that already exists. 

It is not in your future or in your past, but that with your moment of focus, your vibrational shift can move you to that experience. This is as simple as choosing to be happy, rather than being sad, seeing gratitude instead of judgment, noticing fortune instead of despair. This is a moment for you where you may practice this, to begin to see all of the good things that currently exist within your current space, time space reality, and believing that more good things are available within your current time space reality. And that all you have to do is use your power of focus and attraction and attention, and you will be able to experience a different time space reality within the current time space reality. 

All time space realities exist at the same time. They are within you and around you. Begin simple. Begin small, begin to think about what you want and make it something that is easy for you to attract. Begin to think about the experience that you wish to have, the feelings that you wish to have. These are the easiest ways for you to shift your own current reality. It is not impossible for you to shift to a different one, but it is a bigger jump. And so we suggest that you start slowly.

We will bring more opportunities and information for you to assist you with the ability to move within your own current time space reality. But for now, we hope that this has been helpful. And with that we are complete.