Do this AFTER the Election Results are In

Do this AFTER the Election Results are In

On November 3rd, I’m awake at 3:33 am.

Have you noticed that numbers show up like this more often?  This is a key sign of Spiritual Awakening.

Now that I’ve mentioned the repetitive numbers to you, you’ll probably see them even more!  But it’s kind of like the red car thing;  you know, you buy a red car, and all of a sudden you see tons of the same red cars.  

Some say it’s Law of Attraction.  Or signs of your Angels.  Even a spiritual hello from your Soul!  Whatever it is, it doesn’t go away once it starts.  That’s the joy of a Spiritual Awakening.  It keeps happening and as our vibe increases, we begin to see 11:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44 or 5:55 more and more.  I’ve come to believe it’s God’s (or our Soul’s) way of catching our attention. 

So here I am awake in the middle of the night, and the question pops into my head “what’s going to happen in the US with the Election“?  

Now the first thing you have to realize is that I have absolutely no interest in politics. Zip, Zero, Nata. It’s very uncharacteristic of me.  

​​So why the question?

Well it’s not me.  I realize it’s my Guides grabbing my attention. 

Your Guides, your Higher Self, your Soul will do this to you too. They will put random (but not so random) thoughts into your head to get you to notice.  And it’s super important you pay attention or the signs will get louder and more in your face. 

I’ve learned not to ignore these intuitive messages, so I turn on my little Sony recorder, go into meditation and check in with myself. This time it’s the Barr Council who are talking. They are an 8th Dimensional Council of Light, a collective of Masters who bring messages through me to help us navigate FEAR!

Makes sense now when I think of the US Election.  There’s lots of fear going on there and I’m sure you’re feeling it in the air.

“The election and results are just a blip on our timeline, and if we choose to focus on this TOO MUCH, we are way off base on what really matters. I hear them say “it doesn’t matter who is elected. Life will go on anyway.”

What we need to be doing is focusing on our own backyard. Our own attitudes. Our own families. Our own relationships and our own current environment

What matters is what you do from one day to the next with your attitude.  

IF you focus on fear, regret, revenge or hate you will attract more of that (remember the red car scenario) and that isn’t going to feel good at any level.

So instead you need to shift your focus to gratitude, love, appreciation and acceptance of the things you can change at your own level, and then you’ll FEEL MUCH BETTER.


  • Focus on your Family.
  • Do what makes you feel good.
  • Improve your current relationships.
  • Take good care of your body.
  • Improve your self-care and be an example.
  • Be more appreciative and tell people when you appreciate them.
  • Share with others how you manage stress effectively.
  • Be more positive in the world.
  • Have more acceptance of others.
  • Get your message out.

And if you’re a LIGHTWORKER, pay attention to the last one even more.  You are needed and the time is now!

Need help?  Feeling confused? 


Today is November 3rd, 2020 and this is Gail Scott channeling. This is the Barr Council of the 8th Dimension. 

This is a momentous day in your history on Earth.  It is the American election; a turning point in your world. Many of you are fearful of the results of the election for you fear that, should one or the other candidate be selected, that the worst will happen on your planet. However, this is not the case. This election, despite being at a very critical moment on the earth plane in this time space reality, is but a blip in the reality of the Earth timeline.

Many of you will be wondering what will happen, and as has happened in the past with monumental dates, for example, the Millennium, December 21st 2012, you will find that this date simply passes like another. Your world will go on, and the world will continue to turn and the sun will continue to come up every day.

You as a species seem to have a habit of fear around change. And yet this is, in essence, the nature of your planet for it is a living organism. And you as a species that run it, are also living organisms, and living organisms are always in motion, and in flow. Should you choose to stop you would die. Much like if your earth were to stop revolving, it would cease to exist. For it is the momentum of it moving that keeps things in action. And so it is with your world. On the planet all things must continue to move in the momentum of the turning.

This creates a dichotomy for your existence, for you wish for stability. And yet you live in a world that keeps changing. The best thing that you can do is begin to acclimatize yourselves to the constant change. For this is the essence of chaos theory; you desire order within the chaos, but you fail to see the order within the chaos. Order is simply the nature of the momentum displayed and if you break it down to its simplest form, you will find that there is always order. However, you fail to see that you are constantly moving forward without any real awareness of where you are in the present.

Whatever happens in this election this evening is not the point. The point is that as a species you must come together no matter what is going on. You must come together for the greater good of your existence as a species and as a planet. Everyone’s watching to see what happens. Some are more invested than others.

We suggest that you focus on what is relevant in your world in this time space reality continuum. And what we mean by that is, do not be concerned about what is happening in the US election, but rather what is happening in your own family, in your own backyard, in your own village, in your own town, in the arena of your life.  Focus more on the energy with which you operate.

Are you coming from a place of love, acceptance, trust, forgiveness, compassion, and kindness? Or are you living amidst the energies of hatred, fear, repression, regression, resentment and disrespect. For if you are operating from the latter, then no amount of looking outside of yourself at any other situation will remedy your current environment. For just as each individual part makes up the sum, it is important that each individual part take responsibility for its own energy that it contributes to the whole.

Whatever happens in the US, of course, will have a ricochet effect on the rest of your planet. But you give it way too much credence for it is not the only contributing factor to the whole. Every individual on the planet impacts the greater good. Every country has a ripple effect on the whole. Just as every person in a family impacts the energy of that unit. So each of you can make a contribution to the success of your world at this time regardless of the outcome of this election.

You seem to believe that there will be doom and gloom if Donald Trump is re-elected and you are also fearful of what will happen if Joe Biden is elected. This is not what is important, for these individuals are playing a role on your planet, on your earth, in this time space reality. What is important is that each of you begin to look at your own contribution to what is happening within your part of the world, your existence, and begin to operate from that place; a place of unity, a place of love, a place of forgiveness and acceptance of others. Begin to clean up your own backyard, begin to clean up your own house and get it in order, begin to clean up your part of the planet. And you will find that as you do that, there will be a domino effect around you, which will then increase the likelihood of others doing the same.

Yes, this is an eventful moment in time. Yes, there can be, if you choose, catastrophic results depending on the result of the election, but it will not simply be just the result of the election that will create this, for you and your reality are creating things with your own outlook, opinion, viewpoint, attitude, much as you do on a day to day basis.

So, yes, the results will come in and many of you will be pleased and many of you will be not pleased and this is the nature of change. Some like it, some don’t. Whether things stay the same or get a different result is not important. What is important is your reaction to it. Will you begin to take ownership for the existence of your part on the planet in this time space reality? Will you begin to notice your attitude towards one another? Will you begin to take action that is an action of repair and not breaking down? For this is indeed the nature of what is required.

You will move through this time and situation, and you are on a trajectory of repair. You can make it easy for yourselves or you can make it hard. And the way that you would make it easy would be to notice your part. Take ownership of that. Be grounded in your hearts and love one another. If you choose to take the hard road, you will come from judgment, despair, fear, lack of optimism and a single mindedness of doom and gloom. Either way, you will move through this experience. But it is up to you whether it be one of joy or one of tragedy, and either doesn’t matter, for either option gives you growth, learning, furthering your evolution as a species. 

This is a pivotal moment, a choice we would say, on the timeline for you. What will you do? Look to those who call themselves lightworkers for they have awoken to the heart. They have become aware of what is possible. They have, as we would say, seen the light; the light being that it is possible to live in harmony, peace, acceptance, joy, love and that does not require huge amounts of money to make that happen.

And this is the nature of your future, for money shall become a much lower category of necessity. But until that time happens, you must begin to seek a different God, so to speak. Begin to seek the idea that as a species, you can create your own happiness through the energy of the heart, and that a great healing will happen on your planet.

When you begin to focus in this way, any who are listening to this transmission who are lightworkers, we say to you, stand up now and be counted. Be willing to step out, be willing to speak as Jesus did, coming from a place of love. And when you can do this fully, wholly and completely, you will be accepted. Do not be afraid, for this is the future for your planet. And you are the ones to make it happen. These are changing times, as you had directed from the past, into the future, but happening in the present. Love is the energy of your planet. And as lightworkers coming from the heart you are the ‘waysayers’, you are the ‘wayshowers’, you are the ones who can assist at this time. Begin to speak up about how you yourselves have transitioned through this, through difficulties in the past, to the place now where you find life to be much smoother and more in flow.

For others do not understand this yet, but they need to learn and you are the ones to show them. Be courageous, be willing and always with kindness and love. Be gentle in your communications. And then you will be listened to, and stay the course. Stay the course for the train is moving on the track. The destination has been set; one of love, and do not worry about the stops that will happen on the way for the train is not stopping. It is continuing to move forward and you are at its helm. And as you pass through this particular station on the journey where it may look like it will not move forward, take heed and be rest assured that it is moving and that you are going further and that all will be revealed in due course. Continue to come from love. Continue to speak up and to assist others as they transition through these difficult, dark seeming times. 

There’s much love in the galaxy for planet Earth and for the human species as it evolves at this time. There is much direction and guidance available to you. And we are here and you may call upon us at any time. For we are your brothers and sisters in love. And we will assist and we are your comrades as you transition through this time. And we shall come again to share our wisdom to assist you as you move through these times on the planet. 
And with that, we are complete.

Gail Scott, Channeler

Anything is possible!

Anything is possible!

Notwithstanding all that COVID-19 has brought into our world, have you noticed there’s a distinct “drag in the air” that’s new and definitely annoying?

Follow any astrologer on Instagram the last few months, and you’ll hear lots of talk about how Mars is in Retrograde.  Seriously Gail? Mars is causing us problems?  I know, I know. What a concept, but hear me out.  It seems that Mars is commonly known as the planet of “fiery passion”, or the Red Planet, and it controls energy, motivation and perseverance.

We sure do need some of that right now.

Here’s what the astrologers are saying: Mars is “in retrograde” and this means it’s as if it has stopped moving forward, and appears to move backwards instead. By the way, I didn’t know this, but Google told me apparently all planets normally move forward in the same direction; anti-clockwise around the sun. When a planet is in retrograde (the most common one being Neptune), it’s not really that the planet is moving backwards.  It just seems that way because of the distance from the earth and sun. That’s why it impacts our life on earth.

Some of you may have experienced this (I know I have) but when we need to slow down, and we can’t see it, the universe will give us signs. If we don’t pay attention, it pulls out all the stops to make sure we get the message.

Kinda’ like a serious illness, financial crisis or even a global virus, you may ask?

Hell, yes!

When a rest or pause needs to happen on a personal level, we (try to) keep going.  However we often feel like we’re pushing water up a hill, fighting with life, and scrambling to get momentum.

If you think bigger scale (like global) then when we ignore the signs (like global warming, pollution, corruption) the universe makes sure we take notice as a whole. Eg world disaster, stock market crash, health pandemic; you get the picture.

This could explain why the planet and humanity is on pause and reassessing its future right now.

This current “Time Space Reality” is at a critical juncture.
And your life is smack in the middle of this.

Just as the world is in a massive review, now is the time for us to assess our life as it stands today. We’re being supported to take a step back. With this Mars energy (or lack thereof), do not jump into anything or make any major decisions.

Your job, right now, is to plan for your future.

You see, the future timeline of our world is hidden from view deliberately, so you can’t try to figure out the big picture, even if you want to. Instead you have to start to plan a better future for you and your loved ones (no matter what happens) right where you are.

That could scare the crap out of you, I get it, so I thought you may need some help.

I’ve created a unique 90 minute session which draws from your intuition, dreams and aspirations. We will create your own personal map for where you want to go when things start to improve. The process has been fine tuned over the years working with many individuals and it creates profound results.

Will you go within for the answers, or are you waiting for the media, government or someone else to tell you what to do?

ALL THE ANSWERS are inside you, we just have to get them out of you, and on to paper. That’s where I come in.

In 90 minutes, we will create a plan for YOUR future, no matter what Mars, the universe or the world does. Learn more here Create Your Own Reality.

Although I’ve been assured that the energy will begin to move forward through December, the problem is, it’s not going to be a fast return. It is going to take time.

You’re being given a chance right now to get a head start. Are you with me?

Manifesting the life you want is not that hard when you use Law of Attraction. That’s what this session uses (along with other proven successful tools) to get you started on what you really want. I will guide you question by question to create something amazing!

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You’ll be creating it in the speaking of it.

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No one has a crystal ball to tell us our future, but one thing I know for sure. Your INNER KNOWING is the best guidance you have, and together we can ACCESS IT EASILY AND EFFORTLESSLY.

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Reverse Your Karma

Reverse Your Karma

I’m standing in line, minding my own business, waiting to pay for my groceries.  With social distancing it’s hard to know what’s going on, but suddenly I’m aware that the lady in front of me can’t get her debit card to work.  

I’m a little antsy because I’ve got a client in 30 minutes and time is ticking, and inside my head I have the thought, “you should have picked the other line Gail!

Then a new thought jumps into my head.

“Would you just hurry up and fix the problem already?  I’ve got somewhere else to be”.

Five minutes later it’s clear that whatever they’re doing is not working.  Next thing I know the cashier comes out from behind her glass wall, and says “you need to put in your number” and I hear “… but I don’t know my number”.

A new thought jumps in.  And not a nice one.

Really? You don’t know your PIN number? Come on?  Seriously lady?

I hear myself in a loud voice say “you should know your number”.  I don’t where it came from but it’s out before I can help myself.

Then, as if to make matters worse, I repeat it. “You need to know your number”.  With the mandated 6 ft physical distancing I want to make sure she hears me so I’ve raised my voice. Looking back at me she says apologetically “it’s not my card“.


My eyes scan the store and looking at the other cash that’s open, I see its lineup is now 5 people deep.  


Five more minutes pass which feels like an hour, and I finally ask the cashier, in a somewhat exasperated voice “could you please take this lady to the side to resolve this.  I want to pay for my groceries.  I’ve been standing here for a long time.”

Next thought  … Can’t you see me?  I’m important.

They both look up at me and say nothing. Recognizing my stress and lack of control in the situation, I pull out my phone.  

9:48 am.  My call is at 10 am.

I send a text to my client.  “I’m running late. I will call you by 10:15”.

I begin to calm down, and eventually a supervisor shows up, the situation is resolved, and I pay for my groceries.

Then I hear it.  It’s not loud, but it’s there.

A new thought, in the form of a wee voice inside my head saying “you were not very nice Gail, go and apologize.” 

It’s not a new message, but normally it comes from my kids when I’ve been rude to a server.  “Mom, why’d you have to be such a bitch?”

Being stressed can ruin any good situation.  Being rude can really get in the way of joy.  

Lucky for me the lady’s still there, standing off to the side fumbling in her purse.

“Excuse me” I say, as I bring my cart up to hers, totally forgetting about the 6 ft physical distancing.  “I was rude to you earlier.  I was frustrated and shouldn’t have talked to you like that.  I’m sorry”.

She looks at me wide-eyed.  “It was my fault”, she says.  “I just got here.  I’m from India”.

Oh crap. Now I feel worse, and a memory floods back to being in a Slovenian grocery store with my daughter purchasing her first groceries, and desperately hoping her credit card works.

I’m suddenly aware the lady’s still talking.   “It’s different in India” she’s saying “I don’t know what to do here”.  

I feel worse.  Then another thought comes.

Everyone has a story. We never know who someone is, or what they’re going through.

I smile because I’ve had this thought many times.

“Welcome to Canada”, I tell her.  “I’m sorry I was rude”.  She smiles back.  “it’s okay, thank you”.  

And as I leave the store another thought comes to me.

Karma reversed.

What goes around, comes around and self-awareness can change it. 

This is the guiding principle in all the work I do. It’s the first A in my “4A Process”; AWARENESS. 

When we know better, we do better.

When we want to change our future we need to be intimately familiar with our present.  And self-awareness can change what happens next. 

Want to know how? Watch my Dream Life Masterclass here.  It will teach you the 5 steps to creating a life that you will love.

This is not the first time I’ve gone back to apologize.  Eat crow.  Own my stuff.

In 12 Step Recovery Programs it’s called “making amends”.  It’s when you realize you messed up and you want to make it right. Sometimes making it right is just to yourself.

An offer of forgiveness is triggered by another person, healing for us and never about them. 

Don’t get me wrong, there would have been a day when I would have felt very justified speaking like that and I wouldn’t have given it a second thought.  I would have also told the story to anyone who listened and it would have been total drama.

Drama creates karma. 

Which thoughts are you having? What karma are you creating?

If you’ve got old patterns, limiting beliefs, and heavy baggage from the past showing up with jealousy, anger and projection, you need to let go of all that, and change your karma.

Connect with me today and let’s get you started.