All’s Well That Ends Well

All’s Well That Ends Well

All’s well, that ends well. As a message that comes to you at this time you may think that this is a joke. For on planet Earth at this time, many things are not well, and so the anticipation of it all ending well, is very difficult for many of you to perceive of.

But there are those among you who know of this finality, who believe in this outcome, who trust that this will be the end result. They are the Lightworkers among you. Of course, not all of them are able to access this thought 100% of the time for of course they are also human, and having a physical human experience just as you are, but in the depths of their hearts they know this to be true. 

All’s well that ends well. Now, it may seem that we are, in a sense, playing with you right now but this phrase, though simple, is profoundly impactful, if you choose to believe that everything that is happening right now is happening for a reason. It is happening because your species Humanity, and your planet Earth, and your galaxy within this solar system is going through a massive transformation, and you see, just as all growth and expansion requires often contraction and expansion, breakdown and breakthrough, and often extremely powerful shifts and experiences, this journey of you as a species, as individuals, as a collective, and as a planet are no different. 

All’s well that ends well. All’s well in any moment and this always means that everything ends well for every moment stands alone in its entirety. Some of you are noticing that there are many, we would say, different opinions coming forward about what is happening in your world. Some of you are hesitant to believe some of these differing opinions, and yet more and more of you are beginning to realize that there’s something not quite right. This is a huge, we would say progress, in your level of consciousness for it is in the knowing that there is something not quite right, that urges you to move forward to discover what needs to shift. 

And this is why there are massive vibrational shifts happening, that encourage you to look deep inward, to encourage you to explore further than perhaps where you are comfortable and it is from this exploration that you begin to sense that there is more; more to you, more to others, more to everything. 

In this more is light; a light that penetrates the darkness that you have lived for 1000s and 1000s and 1000s of years. This may seem quite unfathomable to most of you. How can we bringing this message through this one, knowing that you have been around for 1000s and 1000s and 1000s of years? And yet we do. We know and recognize the journey that you have been on, and we know and recognize the journey into which you are traveling and will end up in.

All’s well that ends well. This is a message of hope. It is a message of inspiration. It is a message to bring you light into your world. Of course there is at a physical and metaphysical level, much light coming forward onto your world, into your world and within your world and you are feeling the effects of this. This is this new self awareness, and it is in this self awareness where change, magnificent change, expansive change, huge change, occurs. 

So don’t be sitting back thinking that it’s happening to everyone else and not you, because it is happening at every level of humanity, at every level of the planet, at every level of your experience, knowledge, being. It is not an easy journey that you are traveling for within any paradigm shift there comes a point of great discomfort, right before you crack open into the new paradigm as has been described already. 

Many of you will choose not to move forward into this new paradigm, and you will continue in 3D in a way that you will not even know the difference, for your level of consciousness will remain as is. Many of these individuals will not be listening to this kind of message, but many individuals who know these people will be listening to this kind of message and so this is to inform and assist you who recognize this transition and for those of you who choose to, let’s say awaken, elevate your own level of being into a higher vibrational level of consciousness, a new awareness, where you tap into the energy of the heart, of divine light, of love and move forward into that energy field. You will begin to notice more calm energy coming in. Of course it is not apparent at this time for you are still in that paradigm shifting experience where you have not yet moved forward but it is happening. It is happening. 

And so we repeat, all’s well that ends well. There is a beautiful pot of gold at the end of the rainbow that always appears after the storm and right now you are still in the storm, and yet some of you are able to see this beautiful rainbow. Keep the rainbow in mind as you move through these different experiences and changes that are going on within your worlds. For you are each individually experiencing a world, your own world, the world of your consciousness, and together you create the paradigm worlds that you are all living in together, much like the lights in a kaleidoscope. It is beautiful. It is magnificent. It has hues and colors and energies that together are beautiful to witness. This is what we see, but right now you are shifting into a new version of that kaleidoscope.

It is already beautiful. And so dear ones, rest when you are tired. Work when you are inspired. Accept each other for where you are at, and love one another for you are all in this together. And with that we are complete. A message of love to ground this inspiring message follows in the audio version. 


Celestial Beings Bring Galactic Message of Love

Celestial Beings Bring Galactic Message of Love

This message comes to you from another galaxy, from a realm that is unfamiliar to humans and yet it is one of great beauty, joy, nurturing, and flourishing life. We are a group of, let’s say celestial beings, that enjoy the experience of love; love energy that is, not romantic love the way that you as humans would describe it, but a feeling of general acceptance, appreciation and acknowledgement of each other for the beauty that we have within each other. We can, in a sense, shape shift from energetic to physical and back again. It depends on what experience we are having in any particular paradigm, and so, we flit and move around in a sense, from one to another. We are like family with each other. We are all the energy of your new Earth Gaia but of course, we are not her, for she is unique, specially designed, and complimentary to you as humans and not us. 

But we wish to bring to you this message today to assist you to understand what that experience will be like for you. It is those moments of pure joy that you have when you are loving yourself and another individual; when you are feeling calm, relaxed, at ease, when you are deep in concentration in a creative endeavor or at work, or in any particular activity where there is no focus on anything other than what you are currently doing. You are familiar with these experiences when you notice that time has stood still and you have not noticed its passing.

We speak mostly telepathically to each other for we are not always in physical form as we mentioned, and so the neurons in our particular energy fields fire in very different ways from the ways that you have as an experience within your physical matter body, but it is similar in that it is electrical impulses, and this electrical impulse gives us a certain level of consciousness which allows us to deeply connect with ourselves and with one another for we do recognize in this experience that we are in fact the same.

And this is the energy into which you are surrendering yourselves, moving forward with this upgrade to Gaia, where you will eventually be in a place where all will be, not so much neutral, but joyful, loving; not so much carefree, but certainly not careful. There will be no need for that. There will be much trust and love and respect, for you will continue in a sense to be more human than spiritual from an energetic perspective in this new dimension, for you are growing in to it. 

You are, of course, of it, but there is a transition period for you to move in to it. It will be exciting and also a little new for most of you but you will transcend this quite easily. Of course it is not on your doorstep tomorrow. There are many more things that will be gone through before you can get to that place, and of course, part of this exciting journey is the revelations that will come to you as you evolve into these new energetic paradigms. We bring you now a love message. This is an energetic transmission to inspire for hope, and opening of your hearts and a deeper connection with your souls who are here living this journey with you. Star Light Language transmission follows in audio recording. We will call ourselves the Love Energy Beings for now.


Consciousness of the Whole

Consciousness of the Whole


Dear humans, you believe that life shouldn’t be messy but it is. This is the nature of the experience of being human. But let’s define it; messy. Messy is where things go “wrong”,, let’s say. But let’s say, what is wrong and what is right? Things happen that are challenges for you. This can be at the collective level or the individual level and these challenges create negative emotions, and these negative emotions are less than comfortable for you. Perhaps there’s a sense that you desire to live a life of utopia where nothing ever goes wrong, and where there are no challenges and life is easy. There are lives like that but most of the time that is not the case because you came here to live a life of variety, to live a life of an experience of different things, to live a life of, well we could call it growth, but really it’s just about experience; having different experiences. 


And here you are at this particular moment on this timeline and we would say, multiple timelines of which you are not really aware, you all are having different challenging experiences, in order to create this utopia of which you dream. However, this utopia of which you dream is not actually what you think it’s going to be. You see this utopia of which your dream can be had in any moment, right now, for it is in your judgment of each experience that you create the resistance, let’s say, to living a life of utopia. 


But what is this life of utopia? It is a life where, without judgment of any emotional state, you experience, experience; experiences which bring you back to you, well, and also a recognition that you are just like everybody else, and everybody else is just like you. Now, what do we mean by that? Because you would look at each other and say, well no, we are all different. But would you say that about all the ants in an ant nest? Would you say that about all the bees in a beehive? Would you say that about a herd of elephants in Africa? Would you say oh, they’re all the same? No, of course they have individual differences in their makeup, in the way that you see them, size, shape, color, but at the end of the day, they are all the same. They are units of the same thing experiencing life, which is exactly the same for human beings. 

So what is the point of all of this? You see the point is that individual units of consciousness form into matter, and in that matter you are able to have a particular experience, using your physical form, with any kind of spiritual awareness, which creates for you an experience, which allows for you, that individual unit of consciousness, to experience itself. When you have that level of conscious self awareness it is almost as if you are, let’s say, looking in a mirror, and you see yourself. Of course, this takes some, let’s say dedicated effort on your part, for the different parts of you, mostly we would say the awareness within the brain, can give you a certain perspective, a certain perception of who you think you are, and who you think everyone else is too. This has been an evolution for you. You have been there. You are there every time you transcend back into Source energy, the universe, ultimate consciousness, but in the physical form, being a human, this is more challenging, but not impossible. 


So what are you to do about this? Begin to notice yourself. Of course, this requires a certain level of commitment to the process. It means stepping off of the treadmill of, let’s say not realizing that you are completely responsible and having your own individual experience and so is everyone else, and so you are required in this moment, to, let’s say activate a consciousness level within yourself that allows you to witness who you are, what you think, what you do, how you feel. This is called your mindfulness. Mindfulness is the ability to be able to be in the moment, aware, without being in the past or in the future of what is happening right in the present moment, who you are being, what you are experiencing, your thoughts, your feelings, your emotions, your physical state, and recognizing that each other individual person is having their own exactly similar experience. 

Now, of course, not everyone is having the same experience as you because they have their own level of consciousness going on. So they too are, in a sense, being offered the opportunity to do exactly the same thing, and together, like a flock of birds you could say you can move together in unison, in a beautiful dance, or you can be apart, singular, on your own. However, even being on your own you are always part of the whole, for as you sit in your chair, drive your car, play your games, work at your desk, you are still part of a bigger picture for you are, not only in the picture of life, but of the picture, and of the bigger picture too. So, as much as you may feel that you are an individual you are actually part of a whole, and as that singular grain of sand in the beach makes up the bigger beach, so too do you in your own individual human experience within the greater experience of being human on Planet Earth. 


You matter. You impact the whole. Your level of awareness of yourself creates a ripple effect within the whole dynamic of the experience of the whole. So you may wonder, is anything that I do impacting the whole? Well yes,it is, because if the ripple in the ocean happens on one side of the world, that, let’s say wave of energy, moves through the entire whole ocean and creates a ripple effect elsewhere. This has been proven in your quantum physics. 

Now, why does this matter? For you think that you are on one side of the world unable to impact something happening on the other side of the world. That is an illusion. As you sit in your small part of the world, radiating mindfulness, exemplifying love, calm, acceptance, personal self awareness, and meditating perhaps on peace for your world, this energetic wave reflects out into the whole, and circulates all the way around and back to you.

And so you see, you can have an impact. You think that you do not for you are one small grain of sand on the ocean let’s say, but you can and you do. So, as you go about your life, begin to be more aware of the energy that you exhibit, of the energy that you put out there, of the energy that you hold within yourself, and recognize that every time you focus on something that is, let’s say, unpleasant, you are then reverberating that energy out and all around you, far and wide. 


And so dear ones, we suggest that in your practice of being human, you begin to notice your focus, your particular focus of mindfulness, even the concept of mindfulness, and in the moment of your mindfulness, you recognize that you are part of the whole. You can create change. You can bring a shift to the energetic field, not only of you and everything around you, in the vicinity of you, but elsewhere, and all around, not just in your world, on your planet, but in the entire galaxy and throughout the entire universe. 

Of course, that’s the big picture. You may find this hard to believe but you do make a difference with your own individual mindful moments, and so as you go about your life, recognizing that you are making a difference everywhere, take a moment to see how your impact is making a difference, or not. Of course, not everyone is going to get this, understand this, be able to conceptualize this, for each level of consciousness is at its own particular vibration, but for those of you who are hearing this message, and are able to conceptualize this process, yay! Those are the ones we are talking to. And in each moment, you can become more and more aware of the energy that you hold and what you do with that focus, and perhaps this will give you an opportunity to let go of “doing” so much, and begin to embrace the energy of “being love” for really that is the reason why you are here is to reverberate and vibrate at a loving energy so that that experience can be enjoyed by many, of course, including yourself. 


And as you begin to notice your way of being, you can begin to shift your vibrational frequency from the challenging perception, into, not so much one of neutrality although that is definitely better, better is not the right word but let’s say, more enjoyable for you, let’s say even more utopian, and with that new vibrational frequency of awareness, of mindfulness, of noticing, your life becomes infinitely easier.  You will still continue to be impacted by your environment, by others around you, by thoughts in your minds. You cannot simply just shut them off immediately, but having a practice of self awareness, a practice of mindfulness, a practice of awareness of the fact that you are the part of the whole, you will begin to shift your own vibrational frequency, which in turn will shift everything else around you.

This is a challenging concept to put into action, but not impossible, and one by one, moment by moment, day by day, you will find your world settling down. It doesn’t mean it will be boring for there are so many experiences that consciousness still wishes to have and of course you have your journeys, your lives that you want to experience here on planet Earth in physical form, and you have your guidance system, your soul energy, your intuition with you at all times, and tapping into that will allow you more focus, more mindfulness, more appreciation, not just of yourself but of every single entity on the planet and its impact on the whole. And with that we are complete.