Success Strategies to Cope In The “New Normal”?

Success Strategies to Cope In The “New Normal”?

I thought it might be helpful if I shared some of my key strategies that I’ve used to cope with the lockdown and restrictions.  Maybe they will help you.

Take Time to Relax
I’ve found this quiet time a great opportunity to watch movies, read books and study subjects I may not have had time to do before. So every night after dinner, I decide if it’s a night for Netflix or Something Else. If it’s “Something Else” I don’t turn on the TV. I leave my phone where I can’t hear or see it, and I turn off my computer. Then I put on some relaxing music and sit and meditate. Or I take a bath. Sometimes I read a different book. Often I go for a walk. Since the new year I’ve been writing in a new journal. Occasionally I will go to bed early. I’ve decided that this time I am being given is a gift. Figure out what this “quiet time” will be for you, and revel in it. Who knows how long it will last.

Keep in Touch With Family & Friends
The need to stay at home has forced me to make contact with people in new ways. So I schedule regular phone calls with girlfriends, and my family. I put the times in my calendar so I don’t forget and I bring my tea with me to each call. It’s not the same as a coffee at Starbucks or breakfast at Coras, but for now, it’s a good second best.

I love to eat, and this lockdown has encouraged me to experiment with cooking, especially with my daughter who enjoys the same food as me. So we shop, cook and eat together. Every once in a while we invite my older daughter to join us (she does her own cooking). Even if we’re not eating the same things, we try to have lunch and dinner at the same times together during the week as we go about our day.

I’ve never had so many video calls with people as I have since last March. I love to use Zoom, WhatsApp, and now Telegram to connect with people. And it’s a bonus that wearing a mask isn’t necessary for this.

Whatever way you keep in touch is great, just keep at it. We are all feeling the lack of socialization and your family and friends will appreciate your efforts to stay connected.

Getting Stuff in Order
My house is going through a spring clean even though it’s January and there’s snow on the ground. I’ve sorted photographs, clothes, files and dishes. I’ve given boxes away to Value Village (when it was open), and sold bigger items on Facebook Marketplace really easily. I’m finding the time to clean out cupboards and sort through my belongings very therapeutic. This is a great opportunity to really minimize your “stuff”. Take it from me you’ll feel a whole lot lighter. It’s a known fact that clutter brings you down.

Manage Food and Alcohol
Talking about feeling lighter, as I said above I love to eat but I knew early on that if I didn’t keep track, I’d be gaining the quarantine 15, so I have made it a point to limit my consumption of sugar, alcohol and rich food. I make sure I don’t feel deprived (by only eating healthy, delicious and filling food) and I have been following a 16/8 Intermittent Fasting regime since last April. It has worked a charm. I don’t eat before 12 noon, and I only eat 2 main meals each day, with one snack. This has kept me focused on my goal of maintaining a great weight. In fact, I even lost weight … what a bonus! Make sure you know what result you want, and tailor your intake accordingly, or your shorts won’t fit you when we get to Spring!

Schedule Activity
I have been able to find some great online teachers to help me stay fit. I like goals that have a finite timeline so many times I have signed up for 30 day challenges. These keep me motivated as I like to see if I can keep the schedule. I’m pretty competitive with myself so I generally do all 30 days and then find something different. I’ve tried two different kinds of yoga, Instagram workouts, breathing lessons, dance classes and regular walking. Find whatever works for you, and just keep your body moving.

I really like to keep a routine. It helps me know what’s going on, and what to expect. So I generally journal morning and night, eat at the same times each day, and exercise in the morning. I also use Google Calendar faithfully and put almost everything in there whether it’s a client meeting, medical appointment or workout. I also use a lot of reminders on my phone, as well as pieces of paper beside my computer to keep me on track. If you are constantly forgetting things or need some structure, try these ideas to bring order every day. It works for me.

I hope this has been useful in part to give you an idea of ways to “enjoy” this time we are having right now.

Next time, I will write about some of the spiritual practices I use to keep me connected and grounded when stress comes my way.

Self Talk Realizations

Self Talk Realizations

Do you ever have a conversation with yourself noticing that the conversation can be somewhat unkind? Are you aware that there are parts of you, and that the parts of you talk to each other?

This is known in the personal growth circles, or in your therapy process, as self talk. For many of you, your self talk has been derived from what you were told as a child.  It is known as separation, for the conversations that you have with yourself are simply between your ego and your higher self. Your higher self is the part of you, the spirit part of you. It is the energy that creates worlds, it is the all knowing, it is spirit within you. And your ego is the personality part of you, created in order for you to have the experience of the game of life, while you are in this physical incarnation, on planet Earth at this time.

Up until now, your species for the most part, has not had a full self awareness of this, this separation. But over the last 50 years, with the introduction of much of your psychotherapy processes, you have begun to learn more and more about this separation of self. It is the separation of you from you, but it is also the separation of you from everything else. 

For most people, their self talk is cruel and unkind, and this is because, being born of the Iron Age, you have had a difficult time existing. You have been separated from love. For the higher self part of you, your spirit, your soul, is an expression of love, it is love, and when separated from this, it is hard to come back to it. 

You will notice that when you are in nature, for example, you return to yourself. You notice a feeling of oneness, of awe, of wonder.  You will also notice when you are in the presence of another who unconditionally loves you, that once again you are returned to yourself and you feel balanced, whole, complete. Although as we already mentioned for the most part, this has not been your personal experience. 

We are Infinite Intelligence, and we are here to assist you on the path back home, for home is where you are going in this time-space reality. The separation of self from self is over on the earth plane and you are now returning to a state of love. The energy on your planet has upgraded. The Schumann resonance is changing rapidly and this is the level of energy at which your Earth’s core resonates. radiating out to all and everything that exists on the planet, which includes you as a human being.  Separated of course physically, but spiritually all the same. 

So how does this impact you? 

You will be beginning to notice this distinction between you and you.  This conduit who speaks, has for her entire life, been someone who spoke to herself. It was a constant practice that she has had from a very young age and others would comment “Gail, are you talking to yourself?” And she would say,  “Yes”.  She never thought anything of it, for it seemed very normal to her. However, her practice, prior to the awareness of love,  was, as we already mentioned, an unkind one but as she began to understand more about herself, this practice of talking to herself changed, the energy changed and she became more loving, compassionate, kind. She in fact connected deeply to the love within herself. 

Many lightworkers have gone through this experience although it has not been a pleasant one for it has involved what you call shadow work. We do not call it  shadow, for it is simply the evolution of how you played the game on earth, to be one way or another. Again, it was simply a role you took on, in order to have a human experience, living with a particular family, working with a particular group of people, being on earth.

And so, changes are afoot. And when we say changes, what we mean by that is, new realizations will begin to show. You will begin to have more self awareness around any unkindness.  This may take time for the self realization that you are not kind will come as a little bit of a shock to you. For it is only in self awareness, the self realization of who you are being, that can bring change, change that will radically improve your experience as a human being on the planet. 

Some of you will not be up for this challenge. But for most of you, this experience will be a revelation. You may require assistance from someone, such as this channeler, to assist you to navigate the shift of getting to know you, yourself better, for it may not come easy, but rest assured it will be easier than it would have been, had you done this work 10, 15, 20, even 30 years ago, for the energy on your planet now is one of more ease, more flow. There is more love. 

It is as if the traffic jam has lifted somewhat on the highway, and where before you would have been sitting inching forward for over half an hour, you will notice that you may sit for 10 minutes and then the way becomes clear. This is the speed at which your species will now be evolving emotionally, physically, for this will change your DNA and your cellular matter, and spiritually. Spiritually you will be evolving at a very fast rate from now on. You may not notice this at first, for you have been somewhat disconnected from yourself. But over time, and certainly over the next decades, there will be a dramatic shift on planet Earth, from an ego fear based existence to one of loving compassion and acceptance. The faster that you as an individual, and as a species, can integrate this new energy, the faster the energy on the planet will shift in general.

But we do not come here with this message to have you concerned about the how of that happening. We are only here at this time to share with you what is coming and what is, for it is here now, albeit not completely yet. Do not be concerned about how this is going to integrate into you, for as with all evolution, you will be shown.

The heaviness that has permeated your planet is being lifted. You will no longer struggle to the same degree, as you once have, and in that evolutionary process, you will notice the conversation that you have with yourself more and more. Your self talk will become more apparent and in that awareness, things will begin to shift and kindness and love will replace judgment and fear. 

This may seem hard to believe, especially in your current climate. But we bring this in the form of good news, hope, resolution, moving forward into the light. You are coming out of darkness, you’re coming out of this heavy energy of strife, separation, difficulty. There will be some hiccups along the way as you integrate into more of this peaceful, loving, ease filled energy. 

Begin to notice you, separated from you, and as you do connect to, love. Become grounded by using activities such as walking in nature, having a bath, petting an animal, taking time to spend in loving interactions with your fellow man. All of these activities can help you to sit more in the energy of love and as you do so consciously, speak loving words to yourself. In a sense, you will be motivating yourself, filling up your own cup so to speak. Notice if there are any cruel words that come out of your mouth, towards yourself or thoughts in your head to yourself about these things for this is simply old energy that needs to be replaced with the energy of love. 

You may say this sounds a bit far fetched, but it is not. It is the way forward into your future, into a planet that has more peace, more ease, more love.  You, will thank you, for taking the time to do this. Again, we stress that you may require assistance with this. There are many on your planet, who are now capable of helping.  This one is one of those people for she has spent a long time understanding the nature of being human and is able to, with a keen eye and ear, assist others to shed the ego self that is the reactionary self, the one that has had to cope with all the heavy and the fear, and she can provide for you love; loving words, loving thoughts, loving actions, loving ways of being. loving ideas, ones that will resonate with you for she has  this gift.

We do not say this lightly, we bring reverence to the assistance that she and many others like her can help you with. Do not let the part of you that is afraid, stop the part of you that is love from blossoming, for that is the journey going forward. The road is getting clear and for those who require assistance it is available for you. 

This message has been brought to help you move forward into a better energy for you, and we trust that as we bring forward each individual message, this will assist you on your path to love, or we should say, returning to love.  And with that we are complete.

Do you have good habits or bad ones?

Do you have good habits or bad ones?

Wanna know a secret?

Whether you consider yourself a success, a failure, or just getting by, you’ve got something special inside of you that you maybe don’t know about.  “It” is persistent consistency, and I call it your PC muscle! You’ll know you have it when you recognize yourself in a pattern, a habit, a routine. However, the thing about this PC muscle is that it can work FOR you or AGAINST you.

What’s yours doing?

Here are 4 ways to make sure you stay with it.

Know WHY you’re making this change.
When I decided to get fit it was because I’d just come back from Scotland and seen my mom looking like she was 6 months pregnant!  Obviously she wasn’t pregnant, but the typical middle aged spread and shared genes wasn’t lost on me.  I knew I never wanted to look like that.  Call it vain if you will (it was at the time), but this fear has driven me to stay slim and healthy, more now for health reasons than cosmetic ones.  When you can deeply connect to the BIG WHY that relates to your new behaviour you’re more likely to stay persistent and consistent.

Be Willing to Not Know What You’re Doing.
It was 2010 and I needed interim clients because I had decided to become a professional coach.   Maybe you were one of my clients back then?  Let’s just say I know I made a lot of mistakes, but I was determined to get that certificate.  I had a lot invested in it and needed it to work.  How much are you willing to invest when you don’t know if it will work and you don’t know what you’re doing?  It took 10 months, and $12,000 for me to get that qualification, and it was worth every hard earned minute and dollar. Be willing to take a risk and do something you don’t know how to.  Commit to learning and getting better.  Stay the course and make the effort.  By the end I guarantee you’ll be an expert in whatever you choose.

Change and Pivot When Necessary
How many times have you had to make alternate plans?  When have things not gone as smoothly as you’d like? There’s nothing more constant than change, and now more than ever, we must be able to change direction, pivot and refocus.  When my client Leisa had a personal crisis one morning in our scheduled session, we had to set aside what we were going to work on, and figure out how she could maneouver through what was going on in her life.  Can you or are you willing to see when you need to course correct, find a new plan, make different choices and still move forward? Nothing is ever lost when we do this.  Every time we continue with action, we are being persistently consistent, and it often works out better than expected.

Believe in Yourself
We often don’t think we can keep doing things when it’s hard, but speak to any new parent, early in the business entrepreneur or first year university student and you’ll hear “it’s hard” from them.  The difference is they believe in what they are doing and they stay committed to the end goal. Bite off more than you can chew.  Dream big.  Go for the goal.  Whatever it takes, believe that if you can think of, envision and connect to what you want, on some level, you’ve already achieved it.  Stay true to that core knowing and this will keep you going.  And don’t be afraid to get help.  Sometimes we need some assistance from a mentor, coach or guide, because it can be lonely climbing that mountain to the top.

And in these times of unprecedented uncertainty, it’s a challenge to be persistently consistent in handling the new and different challenges coming our way.  That’s why I’m here.

If you’d like to know how to move into 2021 (and who knows what that will bring), with a calm, focused and consistent way of being, let me help you.  Start by completing my intake form, and let’s see what’s needed for you to show up fully and shiny, just like the morning sun!  Or watch my FREE MASTERCLASS on How To Create Your Dream Life!  Find out in 45 minutes what it takes to really be FREE.