What Do We Tell the Children?

What Do We Tell the Children?

Sitting at my kitchen counter with my coffee that morning I couldn’t help but feel a little hopeless.  I’d spoken to my friend in Germany the day before and it was scary.  My heart sank and tears pricked at my eyes.  I felt heavy in my soul.

My reality was her reality.  And yet we were worlds apart.

Or were we?

Closed restaurants.
Limited social numbers.
No events.
Working from home.
Mixed messages.
No clear answers.

I felt desperate.  

As I sat looking into the mug of dark, warm, strong coffee I couldn’t find warmth within, despite the sun streaming in my kitchen window from an almost cloudless clear blue sky.

I wondered what was coming.  Would it, could it,  get better?

I knew I needed to get grounded.  So I went into meditation, and the message came through loud and clear.  I love it when this happens.


Since early this year there have been many advancements in our DNA and our level of our collective consciousness; an awakening has happened within our species.  We are moving  out of the 3rd Dimension and into the 5th Dimension, in essence, moving out of the energy of fear, and into an energy of love.

There is still much work to be done.  Individually and collectively.

An easy way to begin this is to start to alchemize with your heart energy.  This internal, individual alchemizing will create a strong shift on the planet, and will be very powerful.  There’s a long way to go at this time as many areas on the planet are still very fearful and need help.  This easy practice can go a long way to assisting the entire planet and it works just as effectively for one person as for many.  It won’t be easy but it’s necessary.

The children already have this, but they are looking to adults to help them.  This is why we have to do it first, and teach them (although they already know how to do this).  Be willing to step up and make the change.  Start with this simple practice.


  • Be willing to be uncomfortable with a new practice.
  • Place your feet firmly on the ground.
  • Place your hands on the space in the center of your chest, your heart space.
  • Take 3-5 deep breaths.
  • Breathe in the energy of love.
  • Feel more calm.
  • Share your experience with another, especially children and family.
  • Tell your children this is the start of a better world.
  • Allow your love energy to be transmitted to others.
  • Hold hands with others when you do this.
  • Connect with your eyes to share the energy of your heart’s love with others’ hearts.


Today is November 10, 2020, and this is Gail Scott channeling The Love Matriarch.

It has been a very tumultuous time on your planet and in your world. Over the last six to ten months, there have been many changes. There have been many advancements in your DNA and your level of collective consciousness, and there has also been an awakening; an awakening to what is present to what is happening within your collective. It is as if for many, a veil has been lifted, and many things have been seen that were not seen before. These are things that were hidden beneath the veil; beneath a veil of supposed transparency in your world. But this was an illusion, that in a sense all was well, when in fact, this is not the case.

And we do not wish to dwell on the difference between good and evil, or well and unwell, for these are simply comparisons that you as a collective, use in order to exist in this time space reality, for you to experience your life; a life of growth and learning, structured through your emotional being, which you define on a pendulum of good or bad, happy or sad, ill or healthy. 

And so, it would appear to you as a collective, that there has been some unhealthy energies existing on your planet to which you were not aware, which are now becoming clear. And this is the evolution of change that is coexisting with you, as a collective, as you shift out of 3D and into 5D. And the journey moving out of 3D can be a very difficult one, but it need not be. 

However, at this time in your collective you are not yet evolved in the masses in order to shift smoothly we would say. And so this is the experience of your 4D environment where you are moving out of fear and towards the energy of love, where you will glimpse it in moments of joy, passion, pleasure, freedom, love, gratitude, stability, and peace. And now you have become aware of this undercurrent of happenings that were going on that you were not aware of, and yet the undercurrent of these happenings is an energy that was impacting you, not allowing you to fully embrace the shift in your dimension. 

Changes have now occurred which give the illusion of stability, calm, peace, the right thing, and yet meanwhile on your planet, amidst many other nations, are situations that are in turmoil, pain, war, anguish, destruction, hatred, judgment. And so in the West, you may see that you have the illusion of peace and a better world that is coming to you. And yet meanwhile behind the curtain of another country or other countries, there is still massive pain existing at the collective level which has not yet been alchemized. In fact, your entire world is in a process of alchemization. Albeit in small areas, miniscule changes are happening and in other areas, huge transformations are co-currently existing. There appears to be a calm in certain areas. And we wish to bring to your attention to this appearance of calm and the illusion of it. For we do not wish you to sit back and rest on your laurels and say, “oh, this is now fine. Now that for example, the election is over. Now that the Coronavirus is flatlining. Now that our financial system is not in tatters.Now that the world seems to be balancing itself. This is an illusion. 

And this message is not brought to concern you. But simply to bring you awareness of the work that is still required for the alchemy of your species, your consciousness and your planet. There is work to be done at an individual level and it is necessary that it be done at the individual level. 

As you look to the future, you may ask yourself, what do we tell the children?  How do we give our children hope for a future based on the present reality that we are experiencing? And this is where you are required to go within on an individual basis. And this is where you are required to notice the small things in your lives that bring you joy, that bring harmony, that can be easily alchemized from fear to love. For as change is not instantaneous and happens all at once. Neither is alchemization. So you are required at this time, we strongly recommend and suggest that you tell your children that it is important that you focus on what makes you happy right now. Instead of focusing on your current reality filled with restrictions, masks, decisions outside of your control, focus on what is within your control; how you choose to embrace your attitude for every day. Is it filled with angst, trepidation, fear, worry, doubt? Are you neglecting the care that is required for your physical body? Are you indulging in things that you know are not good for you? Are you closing your eyes to the pain of those closest to you for this is the alchemization that is required at this time?

It is not about saving the world. It is about seeking the soul within you. It is about alchemizing with your higher self, so that you can then in turn, train and teach your young ones who are in fact more connected to their own souls and their own Higher Selves than you yourself and yet they look to you for guidance. For until you, as an adult do this, your children will question themselves. The children can teach you but you must open your minds and your hearts to the learning. 

You must let go of whatever it is that causes you pain, angst, fear and worry. And you must focus more on the smaller pleasures of each individual day, and each unique experience. It is not that you will give up control, that the kids will start to run the show so to speak, although this in our opinion would not necessarily be a bad thing, for they are geniuses in and of their own right; something you as a collective would be wise to take on as a truth. 

But as parents, teachers, guides, leaders, it is important that you work together to harmonize and alchemize the energy on your planet in all forms. This includes your natural Earth, your space, the food that you eat, the technology that you use, the energy with which you face each day. Bring an energy of peace, of respect, of love, of care, of kindness, of compassion, of empathy. All of these virtues are held within your DNA naturally and organically, and despite the fact that for eons you have existed in a plane of fear, these virtues are accessible in a moment. 

The essence of accessing these virtues is through the heart. It is not to say that you do not use your brain and your mind. For this is an extremely useful tool for you on the planet, but when you can begin to access the energy of your heart, and this is as simple as placing your hands over the heart space in the center of your chest and breathing in three to five deep breaths to ground you, being aware consciously of your feet on the planet.

This action alone will assist in alchemizing the energy.  Your hands and your eyes are very useful tools at this time. And it may seem counterproductive to not take action, but simply to stop for a moment to connect through the hands for the energy centers in the palms of your hands connect directly to the energy center within your heart. And to use your eyes together to seek out the love, the heart space, within each individual person; to slow down your breathing, and to alchemize your breathing with another individual. 

Much as you do when you are in love with another. You can create this “in love” experience with any individual on your planet. 

And so we return to the question of what do we tell the children? How do we show the children how to find calm, grounded, loving space for your energy field.  Sit quietly, without words, with one another. Connect through your hands, by holding hands potentially with one another, use less words and create more emotional space with one another, not distracted by the technology that surrounds you, but connected at an even greater technology; the technology of the heart. 

This will feel very strange and odd for many of you are not connected to your own hearts. And so this is why we suggest this practice of using your own hands and your own hearts to connect to yourselves. But when you can do this, and you can teach this to your children, they will find peace and so will you. That shift in energy at a heart level will radiate out to the planet and will impact every other being on the planet. Breathing three to five deep breaths into your heart space, feeling the connection with your feet on the ground, will alchemize faster than anything else you can do at this time. 

It is similar to the energy of meditation, where the outflow of meditative energy can calm whole cities. Let us start with suggesting you calm your family and yourselves. And from this place, you will see great change. You will begin to be able to inspire others with hope, collectively shifting the energy on your planet. This will be a new and different experience for you, but if you are willing to experiment with this, you will notice a shift. 

And this will lead to a different world. A world of interconnectedness at a heart level and at a spirit level; at a soul level. For the entirety of your planet is but one soul, the only soul, the collective evolutionary intelligence of the human race. And when this happens the entire galaxy will feel the reverberation of that heart sense.  This will not be done in an instant, but over time. And in much the same way that this lockdown and slow down is flattening the curve of this virus, it is also giving you the space and the energetic availability of time to create a reverberation of heart energy around your planet, which over time will impact the energy of fear and angst and worry to bring more calm, peace, love, gratitude, empathy and compassion.

We are not suggesting for a moment that this is an easy process for any of you, for you have been acclimatized to this energy of fear and competition, separation and isolation. And we are suggesting that in the isolation of the lockdown of this virus, you can actually connect with one another energetically, far more powerfully than if you were to be together. But that will come, the energetic connection of being together will come, and this energetic shift can happen virtually, in person or alone. So do not think that because you are alone in your home that you cannot create a shift in your own energetic pattern, or that if you are using your technology that it does not impact the other person that you are sending the energy out to, it is just as effective for energy knows no bounds, no restrictions, no barriers. 

And so we suggest that you take a moment, each time you become aware of any energy of fear or worry, distrust, miscommunication. Put your feet flat on the earth, connect your hands to your heart space and breathe, and teach the children how to do this also. And from this space a huge shift will happen. This will work faster than anything else that has yet to be discovered to create an alchemization on your planet.

We bring you love and we are surrounding your entire planet with this heart energy of love to assist. The grid around your planet has already been changed to accommodate the volume of heart energy that is going to be created with this action, so do not be concerned. For the only way is up. There is no returning to the past, there is only moving forward into a new light filled heart space world on your planet. Mother Earth is ready and well able to accommodate this shift in consciousness that is coming. 

What will you tell the children?  Tell them that it is going to change; that it is going to get better, and that you will be part of the shift and that you will teach them how to bring this forward. And this action will change your DNA at a cellular level which will then change the generations to come so that no longer will they be impacted by this fear driven DNA that has been in your species for so long.

We are holding you in love, supporting you with love and surrounding you in love. We are here to assist and we love you very much and with that, we are complete.