It’s not about the reward.

The reward in life is not seeking answers to what confuses you. The reward in life is to be in the confusion. Right now on your planet, there are many things happening which are creating a lot of confusion. This is because you are going through your evolution and as change occurs, you will experience the ups and downs of transition, we would say.


We are The Revolutionaries. We are here to assist you in understanding how to best navigate this roller coaster of shifting and changing and morphing that is happening right now on your planet. You are in a sense, transitioning through one, let us say experience, on your way to a completely different kind of experience. In this way, there’s absolutely no chance that you can recognize what is coming. This is why it is very confusing, for in your past, you have been able to, in a sense, navigate the landscape more easily. This is because tactile changes have occurred in the matter within yourselves and your environment where there has been less shifting and changing, we would say. Things have actually been more stable than they are at this point and so the transformation that you are experiencing at this time is one that is new and different. This is what creates the change, and the inability of you at this point to really understand where you’re going and so it’s difficult to define the end goal let’s say, and it’s the end goal that has been your, we say a reward, but when we say reward, we mean, where you’ve been heading. 

So, as you are in this place imagine that you are, let’s say on a train, navigating the terrain of your planet and as you are coming along a mountain side, there’s a tunnel ahead and in this tunnel, it is dark. And as you go into the tunnel, everything slows down. For this is a tunnel you have never been in before and the tunnel moves, undulates, morphs, creates experiences that you, as a passenger on this train have never had before. You have absolutely no idea what the next part of the journey will entail, or what it’s going to look like when you come out the end of the tunnel, at the other side of the mountain, so to speak. This is the experience that you are currently having on planet Earth, for you as a species are shifting into a new vibratory level. 


This has of course been explained many times in the past by many. In the recent past many of your channelers have brought information to assist. This has been helpful. It has been helpful for you so that you can at least attempt to stay grounded, but as your planet and its environment changes and shifts, the ground, for a little while becomes even more unstable than it was before.

We’re here to assure you, and reassure you, that your planet is solid, even though you as a species are experiencing some extremely volatile situations. You as an individual can remain grounded, calm, knowledgeable about what is, and the secret is to be open to the changes that are coming, to go with the flow, so to speak. For as you navigate through these shifts and changes, some of you may decide to, in a sense, abandon ship, get off the train, go into a corner and hide. There are many ways that you can experience these radical shifts that are happening, for to the outside they look like everything is falling apart. And that may well be the case. But as with all transformation, things are not always as they seem. It is in the falling apart, that the rebuild can become the main focus, the reward, in a sense. For as you exit the mountain tunnel, you will notice that the sun is still shining, that your planet is thriving in fact, with beautiful plants, and that the animals continue to adjust, make their nests, find their homes, go about their business, so to speak.  

Can you do the same thing? Can you begin to see that your journey on planet Earth is not about a reward? It’s not about reaching anywhere. It’s about being in the moment, and experiencing what you are going through, fully, consciously, and with attention to detail. For when your species, let’s say, comes out of the tunnel, you’re going to find that there’s lots and lots of things to take care of, lots of things to work on, lots of things to create, manage, structure, build. You’re going to become more dynamic, more creative, more cohesive, more one. Yes, of course, you are all individuals but the reward will be in the understanding that together, you can create your world into a more beautiful experience for all. 

Dear ones, it is not that it’s an insurmountable mountain to climb. It is not. It is just that you are going through the darkness of the tunnel right now and you cannot see yet the light at the end, but the light is there. We assure you of that. 

So what can you do in the meantime? Allow, rest. Do what you can. If you have a sense that you are well served in creating change as you manage this experience, go ahead, create change. If you feel you are best served focusing on family, relationships, the emotional side of being human, focus on that. If you feel that creating a new dynamic in work situations is the best way to move forward for you, then focus on that, recognizing that this too shall shift and change as your world expands and moves forward. 

There are still many changes to come but you are, we would say right now, entering a darker phase but there are ways in which you can create more light for yourselves. You may enjoy nature more fully, go back to basics, in a sense. Enjoy the land. Enjoy each other. Enjoy the simple things in life. This is in a sense the reward of being alive in this moment, in this time space reality, for dear ones, things are continuing to shift and change. You are evolving and as you do this, hold fast to each other. Support each other. Love one another. Recognize that each of you play a part in the process of change.

And with that we are complete.