This message comes to you from another galaxy, from a realm that is unfamiliar to humans and yet it is one of great beauty, joy, nurturing, and flourishing life. We are a group of, let’s say celestial beings, that enjoy the experience of love; love energy that is, not romantic love the way that you as humans would describe it, but a feeling of general acceptance, appreciation and acknowledgement of each other for the beauty that we have within each other. We can, in a sense, shape shift from energetic to physical and back again. It depends on what experience we are having in any particular paradigm, and so, we flit and move around in a sense, from one to another. We are like family with each other. We are all the energy of your new Earth Gaia but of course, we are not her, for she is unique, specially designed, and complimentary to you as humans and not us. 

But we wish to bring to you this message today to assist you to understand what that experience will be like for you. It is those moments of pure joy that you have when you are loving yourself and another individual; when you are feeling calm, relaxed, at ease, when you are deep in concentration in a creative endeavor or at work, or in any particular activity where there is no focus on anything other than what you are currently doing. You are familiar with these experiences when you notice that time has stood still and you have not noticed its passing.

We speak mostly telepathically to each other for we are not always in physical form as we mentioned, and so the neurons in our particular energy fields fire in very different ways from the ways that you have as an experience within your physical matter body, but it is similar in that it is electrical impulses, and this electrical impulse gives us a certain level of consciousness which allows us to deeply connect with ourselves and with one another for we do recognize in this experience that we are in fact the same.

And this is the energy into which you are surrendering yourselves, moving forward with this upgrade to Gaia, where you will eventually be in a place where all will be, not so much neutral, but joyful, loving; not so much carefree, but certainly not careful. There will be no need for that. There will be much trust and love and respect, for you will continue in a sense to be more human than spiritual from an energetic perspective in this new dimension, for you are growing in to it. 

You are, of course, of it, but there is a transition period for you to move in to it. It will be exciting and also a little new for most of you but you will transcend this quite easily. Of course it is not on your doorstep tomorrow. There are many more things that will be gone through before you can get to that place, and of course, part of this exciting journey is the revelations that will come to you as you evolve into these new energetic paradigms. We bring you now a love message. This is an energetic transmission to inspire for hope, and opening of your hearts and a deeper connection with your souls who are here living this journey with you. Star Light Language transmission follows in audio recording. We will call ourselves the Love Energy Beings for now.