In your world on Earth, you are wondering “What is going to happen?” You ask yourselves, “What is our future as we see it now?  Maybe these other Beings can tell us?” 


However, that is not what we are here for. We are not here to predict your future, for in a sense there are many futures that are predictable, or possible would be a better way to describe it, for you as individuals and as a group must make choices that will indicate your future; the future you are living into. We as observers, can only advise possible courses of action leading you to a particular timeline or lifeline or course of events, for many things are possible, for you individually must make decisions that will chart your own courses, so to speak. 

As you move forward within these current incarnations, what will you do? Will you choose to go with the flow, be one of many, follow the trend, so to speak. Or will you be one of the lesser few who choose to tap into another source, and follow that star so to speak?  This is really up to you. 

Again, we repeat, we cannot predict the outcome for there are many possible outcomes. We also read the energy according to our own level of consciousness within this particular time space reality as we see it, and bring to you the information as we read it, and guide as best we can without telling you what to do, a course of action that we ourselves have a judgment around and feel is in the best interests of you. 

And so as you sit here in this moment, trying to make your decisions on what to do, the only advice that we can give you is to follow your hearts, and for some of you, you may be wondering what does this mean? And we have repeated, and we shall continue to say that when you are feeling love, alignment, that you are connected to perhaps your God, your Higher Self maybe, whatever feels the truest to you and also right for you, this is your course of action. 

And so for some of you that may be to remain in the status quo, follow the group so to speak. And for some of you that may mean stepping out of that line, being your own person, individualizing. For you see, as a group you are similar and yet unique. It is not the case that where one goes all go, and never has been, never will be. But for harmony to be created, there has to be an element of unity and that unity is the energy of the heart, of love.

It does not mean that you have to like what is happening but it does mean that you have a sense of love for one another. So the ending of wars, the ending of hatred, the ending of separation, the ending of disunity, destruction, in a sense disarmament of anything and everything that does not serve you, not just as a group, but individually. 

So, what can you do in this moment?

In order for unity to be created, you must recognize and acknowledge that you are all in this together. This does not mean simply in one country, one continent, but all over your planet. This means that if there is disharmony in one area, that will have a domino effect in another. You are not separate, and so communication must begin at that level. Peace must start from that place. And health and harmony and happiness must begin to be, we would say your goals, moving forward. It is not about it being fair, although this is a, perhaps a newer energy for you, for it will take some time for that to materialize on your earth plane. But it is about you seeing fairness, equality, heart centeredness within each individual. It is not that you will, in a sense, turn your back on what has been happening, but you must embrace both sides of every situation. This will be extremely difficult for some of you but this is where great strength is required, to open your hearts and begin to see that you are all one family, for you are all one species. 

Think of it from an animal perspective. You would not see one elephant for example, judging another elephant as good or bad, no matter what they’re doing. This may seem like a very simple analogy for you. Let’s look at it from a different perspective. Would you say that one ant looks at another ant and sees judgment, hatred, perhaps anger at another. They do not. This is a different analogy for you for their level of consciousness is much different, lower frequency from the human and yet your elevated level of consciousness is not allowing you at this moment in time to actually see things from a higher perspective and so this is why we bring it down to this lower level for these animals are smart, but living at a different level of consciousness from you as a human being, and it is not that one is better or worse than the other or that you indeed as a species are better or worse than any of these other animals that reside on your planet. But you have been given the ability to recognize yourselves in a different way. And this is what you must rise above, is this previous darker energy that has permeated your planet to this point for this shall not assist you moving forward. And so no matter where you are, whether it be in a family, a community, a country, a continent, or on your overall planet, you must begin to see each other from this love perspective, that you are in a sense all equal, that you all have the dark and the light within you.

This is being elevated now as you move through this different dimensional state. As the photon light hits your planet, and in a sense creates a different effect on you at a DNA level. For some of you this will be too difficult to traverse and you will choose in a sense to move into another dimension. This has been explained before in other videos. This is not a bad thing. This is not an ending. This is not something that you need to be concerned about. It is evolution, it is transformation, transmutation and for those of you who will integrate into this light, you in a sense shall shift and morph at a DNA cellular level, crystallining into this newer dimension The challenge is as you move through this time to be able to co-exist all of you together, as some work with this light, as some have issue with the light, and as some of you cannot handle the light and so, be gentle with each other for each individual unit is having their own transformational experience, and it may seem as though many are suffering, and many are surrendering, and many are rising out of this energy. And so, place no judgment on any one’s, any single person’s experience of this. 


As leaders and as lightworkers your job is to assist anyone who can resonate with the frequency at which you are vibrating. Your job is to guide, light the way so to speak, assist them in what you know to be true, and if this truth resonates with them, great. If you find that another does not resonate, let it go, you will find that many will create divide, this is okay. This is to be expected. This is part of the process. Do not see this as a negative thing for you are in a transformational process at this time and this shall continue until this transformational system has been fulfilled we would say.

There are many more changes to come. Some you will see as good and some you will see as perhaps more challenging and more difficult. This is all, all right. If you wish to feel better about the situation, find those who resonate with your way of thinking and this is true at every level. Do not spend time concerning yourself with others who do not agree with you. If you choose to be at one level, be okay with being there, accept that some will not see things from your perspective. This is all right. And if as you move forward, you take comfort in being with others who believe like you do about any particular situation. be okay with that. The challenge will be that your community, your circles so to speak, your friends, your family, your co-workers, your personal situations will be changing and those who were, so to speak, in your circle before, may no longer be. Let them go. Be okay with that. This happens and has happened for many, many eons as people’s energy and vibrations shift and morph through transformation. 

It is just that it is happening at a very large scale right now. It appears as though certainly where this one is located in this continent, in North America and here in Ontario, that this lockdown situation is stifling and unending. Rather than seeing it from this perspective, continue to see it as the gift that it is, to allow you to go inside, to go deeper, to enjoy the rest and relaxation that this affords you, the quietness, for there will come a time when this will end in the not too distant future, and many, many, many changes will be coming upon you and you will look back on this time as peaceful. 

There are many changes to come about which you are not yet aware. Things are happening behind the scenes that you do not know about, and cannot possibly imagine, changes that will come that will bring about big, we would say we do not wish to say destructive forces, but destruction is coming. For there can only be invention and creation, when there is destruction of the old. This shall not be, that it will be a very difficult experience for you but we would not say also that it will be easy. So, be prepared. Focus on your bodies being healthy. Focus on your minds being clear. Focus on spending loving time with those you care about, not in a sense that you are trying to change anyone from anything, but just being together. Be aware of your values and what is important to you. Take time to elevate your own level of awareness and consciousness of who you really are. Expand your spiritual awareness.  Connect with your heart. Taking care of your body is actually a very, very important thing to be doing right now. It is not to say that there will not be advancements in technology for health and wellness moving down the road but the more that you can do right now to assist yourselves in this, the better. 

And so what have we shared with you today? There are many changes coming. Be present in gratitude and love for what you have. Recognize that you are all in this together even if you all have different attitudes about things. And get more connected to your own spirituality, where you find love within your hearts and souls and with whatever higher source of love and intelligence you choose to connect with. And recognize that as you move forward, you will be brought more guidance, more assistance, more direction, and more changes. At this time, dear humans, you are transitioning through many, many different changes and we are surrounding you with love and light as you go through this. Again, we repeat, stay the course, stay centred in your hearts, love one another and recognize the uniqueness in each and every one of you, for love is the unifying factor on your planet now and moving forward. And with that we are complete. 

We are the galactic council that brings messages of love and light. We are a unified council. We are simply an energy that is transmitting through this one. We are from the 9th Dimension and we are here to direct, assist and provide guidance at this time. And so we shall call ourselves the Unified Council. We are made up of many masters, many energies, many species and we come together in a unified form through this one to bring you this information of hope, guidance, light and love. And we form ourselves in a unified form in order to bring this message to you.