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Channeling is the ability to connect and translate for multi-dimensional beings and energies who have messages and guidance for us on planet Earth.  As a Galactic Channeler, Gail Scott provides a bridge by channeling the wisdom of the Universe so that we can understand and communicate with this very powerful energy. The messages Gail receives only come from love and light and are designed to uplift us during these challenging times.

Gail is available for private sessions with individuals, as well as to speak and channel for in-person groups, or online audiences. 

Gail’s sessions are unique in that she has a strong connection with other energies and beings. The messages that Gail brought forward  for me were deeply personal and profound such that, days later, I’m still thinking about them.  Spending time with Gail was definitely an investment in me.
Highly recommended.

Catherine Jackson, Toronto ~ Private Client

Working with Gail has been extremely helpful in my journey of growing spiritually. The sessions make me feel very calm, secure and hopeful about the future. Also being able to listen to the material afterwards helps me connect with the underlying message and find a much more refined level of calmness. I definitely recommend trying this out!

Maria, Toronto ~ Private Client

Hi Gail,

It has been more than a week since we chatted and I wanted to reach out and say that I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of our Intuitive Guidance Session.  I had a wonderfully uplifting Saturday and Sunday as a result, and I felt lighter, and much less preoccupied or worried about the usual things that aren’t worth ruminating about on the weekends. Probably most importantly, I did things for me.

Last week was a good week too.  I hope to go back and listen to our conversation once again.  I’m sure it will help me to keep things in perspective and recalibrate on a regular basis.  I just printed out the oracle cards as well to serve as a further reminder.

Thank you again for the session.  You have a special gift.

Kim, Toronto ~ Private Client

I, personally was very impressed and delighted by the experience for two reasons. First, to see you personally expand and find your reason for being, so to speak. I told you before, you are the real deal and it’s a joy to watch your process as a channel develop, as it seems so effortless and natural for you. Secondly, the wisdom and wonder the messages Alaster shares is timeless and helpful and very thought provoking and valuable to the individual and the group they speak to as a whole. You added much to our evening and listening to the recordings was again helpful and fresh and interesting.

Maxine ~ Private Group Event

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Gail Scott currently channels over 12 non-physical collectives of non-physical energy or light beings, many of whom are exclusive to Gail.

Following a decade of recognizing, developing and fine-tuning her intuitive abilities, Gail discovered a natural ability to channel in 2014. She now shares her knowledge to inspires anyone with an interest in expanding their life perspective, and raising their vibration on Earth.

Gail is one of those beings that you immediately trust. Her playful nature, vibrant soul and down to earth communication style will have you feeling calm and hopeful, as well as ignited to become a better version of yourself.