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Saturday March 9th 2019

1 pm to 4 pm

An Audience with the Universe.

A one of a kind intimate spiritual experience.

Have you ever wondered about channeling or mediumship?

Looking for an intimate and sincere exploration into the non-physical realms of being?  

Channeling is an experience of natural communication between humans and non-physical energies.  A passing, sharing and imparting of wisdom from extensive and expansive perspectives which may become a megaphone of knowledge enhancing your present moment and beyond.

Mediumship is more of a translation, at times an interpretation of information, where the message is usually unique to an individual. This message may be of and for a direct connection to you or a loved one. Usually powerful and affirming when you welcome this awe-inspiring exploration.

These experiences are ideal when an openness is shared, along with a sincere interest in receiving clear messages for the purpose of self-awareness, emotional health and personal growth. 

$99.44 CDN Taxes Included for BOTH experiences.
($88.00 CDN)

Teas and Sweets are served.

No refunds. Transferable to a friend. 

Please note, no entry after 1 pm!  
We appreciate your timely arrival, doors open at 12:30 pm

Limited Seating for maximum connections. 

Payment by email transfer or Eventbrite (extra fees applied)

Silvina Etchegoyen…
Event Facilitator & Meditation Adviser

Silvina brings her curious nature, deep compassion and unique spiritual sensibility to each event. Her sincere approach helps participants feel more connected and well-cared for during the experience.

Gail Scott…

Exclusive Channeling of 
“The Alaster Group”

Gail Scott is one of those beings that you immediately trust. Her sincere nature and vibrant soul will have you feeling calm yet ignited towards a better self.  She’ll have you connecting deeper with not only yourself but with “universal” energy.

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Sage Riley…
Native Healer, Trauma Alchemist, Ancestral Medium

Native Body, Mind & Spirit Healer. A sincere facilitator of well-being with a capacity to enhance and heal various energies, Sage is a Trauma Alchemist of the Body Mind & Spirit. His psychic abilities will leave you in awe of him, and your growth after the experience.

The channeling and Mediumship was a great combination, I will remember this forever!



Come and engage in a truly heart healing, jaw-dropping, positive vibe experience. 


2469 Dundas Street West
The Junction / Roncesvalle Area  Toronto ON.

Plenty of street parking, steps from subway, please carpool if possible.

(Doors open at 12:30 pm and no entry after 1:00 pm)
We appreciate your understanding.

Wonderful to see and feel the authenticity of Gail and Sage.


Richmond Hill

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