We wonder if you can fathom the idea that you are both the grain of sand and the entire beach. 

We are The Infinite; the infinite source of all information, of everything and anything, and we come through this one to share with you our message, to give you hope, in a sense, that more is possible.


Are you aware that you as a human have access to absolutely everything that is possible in the universe, all timelines, all experiences, all knowledge? 

Of course, it doesn’t seem that way with you in your limited form as a human being but this is not the nature of which we speak, this limited form as a human being, but your divine nature, as a spiritual being, as an element of the universe. 

Now, why would we bring this message to you, at this time, in particular?


For you to understand that the changes that are going on on your planet are not some small random, moment by moment thing that cannot be controlled. For in every moment of every moment, things are changing and this is the nature of the universe; change, transformation and abundance of that. Abundance of change, abundance of possibilities, abundance of everything and everything and anything for you. 

What does this mean? 

It means that you as an individual being, held within your physical form of course, and in hearing this as a human being on planet Earth at this time, you have access to unlimited possibilities. 

And how do you do this?

For in your current form, in your current energetic field, quantum space of the universe, let’s say, you are feeling limited. This is only because you do not stop long enough to feel the energy of the universe. This is required. For in order to feel the energy of the universe, you must, in a sense, restrict your movement so that you can in fact connect deeply to the source within you, the element of you that is both the grain of sand and the entire ocean. It is not something that can be easily acknowledged in the rush and busyness of your lives. For in those moments you have limited focus. You can only handle certain amounts of information, but in the wee small hours of the morning for example, or in the quiet in the still of night, or in the space of a moment, you can connect to this, to the all, to everything. Of course you’re very busy all the time as human beings, and so this takes an actual efforting on your part to simply grow still. And in that moment, there comes that phrase “Be Still and Know That I Am God”. In a sense, “Be Still and Know That You Are God”. 

And why would you do that? 

For up until this moment your experience as a human being has been one of duality, one of separation, one of experiences that have been able to give you contrast, we would say, differences, different experiences, so that you could revel in the contrast of opposites. Good and bad, light and dark, black and white, but in the moment of stillness, when you can touch the God within you, when you can touch your own essence, when you can connect to your soul, to your spirit, to who you really are, in that moment comes all peace, awareness, and the infinite knowing that you are, that you are. 

Now this is not an easy task for most of you, for at this time most of you are running around believing that your brains actually control everything, and that they are your Higher Power, that they are the source of everything, but the brain is not that. The brain is simply a piece of machinery, let us say, a bunch of cells that runs on electricity, similar to, but not as powerful as, your heart. And in the energetic connection between your heart and your brain comes the ability for you to draw close to yourself, and be still. We’re here to encourage you to start to do that more and more; to take the time, to be with yourself, to not be distracted, to not be rushing around, to not be in everything and anything but to simply be with yourself. You will of course have noticed that when you are out in nature, in the vastness and awesomeness of the expansiveness of your world, that you can access this moment much more easily, gazing up at the clouds on a beautiful day, gazing up at the stars in a clear night, watching the expanse of the ocean as the waves crash on the shore, or looking at the majesty of a mountain, or the flow of a river. You can access these moments easily when you stop in nature but we’re here to tell you that you can access these moments at any moment, not just in nature, for actually you are the moment, you have power over that, but it requires you to slow down, to quiet the mind, to be still. It is not about meditation, but it is meditative, for you can do it simply in a moment. You don’t have to sit there for 10 minutes to get there. You can be there almost immediately, but it does require you to stop. 

So how do you do this? 

Stop in your moment and notice your breathing. Become connected to the machine that is your body and in that moment, connect to the wonder that is your breath, as the air moves in, and the air moves out, and in that moment, feel yourself grounded wherever you might be; sitting on a chair, standing at your desk, sitting in your car, walking in nature, in a conversation. Simply begin to notice and in that moment, connect to who you really are. 

This is The Infinite. We are the wonder of all and we are here to connect with you to tell you, and bring to your awareness, that you are us, and that we are you, and that in this moment you can be this moment of energy. 

Now why would you do this? 

Because it brings you peace, because it brings you tranquility, because it brings you connection, because it centers you, because it grounds you, because it takes you out of the hurly burly rush of life and it brings you back into the vehicle of your body. And in the vehicle of your body, you can connect back to your heart. And when you connect back to your heart, you can be at one with all things. Now, this is not an easy task for most of you, but you can do it and we’re here to suggest that you begin to stop and take notice and in these moments, you will feel you, and us, the wonder of the universe, but you, you will begin to notice you, as both the grain of sand and the beach. And with that we are complete.