Beautiful Ones, 


Coffee is a staple in your world. In many instances it is a necessity for many of you on a daily basis. It supplies you with energy. It gets you going in the morning and it is a, let’s say, conversation helper for many of you to communicate together over coffee. You meet for coffee. You enjoy coffee together, so it is a social construct. It is something that you enjoy as a habit. It is built into the fabric of your life, so to speak. It is a mainstay of your existence. It has become common, purposeful and needed by you as a species, on a day to day basis. You could say, it feeds your soul on many levels. 

Why are we bringing you this? Why are we bringing you this message today? 

Your world is distracted right now. There are many different things, points of view, activities going on, for each of you to focus on, to think is important. It is becoming a bit of a habit for you, much like your coffee in the morning. However this is not going to last, this distraction of your attention. There are many changes coming down into your future, as a species, as communities and as individuals. As a world there are many changes that are going to happen. 

Spirituality is one of those changes, for your world has, let’s say, enjoyed the structure of religion for a very long time, in much the same way that it has enjoyed a cup of coffee every day. Religion has been built into the fabric of your lifestyle, much like coffee has been built into the fabric of your lifestyle. But at this point it’s important to note that you are now becoming aware of all of the different things in your lives which are built into the fabric of your lifestyles, because up until this point they have been being done habitually, without thought, by rote, much like your coffee in the morning. 

Now we’re not judging these patterns of habit, let’s say, (we would not call them rituals or ceremonies), although in fact, that is what happens, except that there is no sacredness to the ritual or the ceremony. There is no gratitude expressed at the time of consumption of a cup of coffee or honouring of the experience that you are having, creating, with another or with yourself, when you experience this cup of coffee. 

But here’s a way that you could begin to explore bringing more ritual, ceremony and sacredness into your everyday world with something as simple as your cup of coffee because intentional living, conscious centered living, means that you have awareness around what it is that you are doing on an ongoing basis. This requires you to notice what it is that you do without thinking, without consciousness, without aforethought, and without any sense of gratitude, for with conscious centered living, consciousness tends to forget why it’s here. 

This is a human construct experience. This is not something that happens to other life forms. It is the human experience of crossing over, from conscious awareness to unconsciousness that has happened for many, many, many, many years, almost since the beginning of time for humans, in order to give you the experience, the fun, of not knowing, and of learning, and growing from one moment to the next.  But this is all changing now, for humanity is beginning to become aware of itself. It’s beginning to notice that you have the ability to create a new and different lifestyle for yourself, with conscious awareness. 

So let’s take the idea of your morning cup of coffee. How would you normally approach this experience? 

For many of you, you order from the same place. You go through the same ritual or series of events to make it happen. You don’t even give it a second thought when you suggest to someone that you would meet over coffee, or you would meet and have coffee together, or that you are going to make coffee and share it with someone. 

So what’s the point here? 

The point is that this habitual action is done unconsciously, and what you are going to begin to recognize is that, you will notice your thoughts changing around these kinds of habits where you will begin to question the nature of your lifestyle, and for some of you, you may not have the answers, simply the questions. And it will be a learning process for you to begin to shift your conscious centered awareness of how you live your lives by rote, without thinking, without awareness, into an energy of being conscious, of realizing that there is sacredness in the ritualistic behaviors that you use in your lives every day.

And drinking a cup of coffee is an easy and simple way to begin this process.

So what does this involve? 

When you think of these habits that have been ingrained in your brains over time, there is no sense of what you are doing, why you are doing it, when you are doing it. And so we are going to begin to create an opening for you to create an energy field that will allow your sense of self to, in a way, become known to itself; where you will approach for example, your morning coffee, with more, let’s say, reverence, gratitude, understanding, appreciation, awareness, so that it will be almost as if you have suddenly become aware of the experience of having your morning coffee. 

There will be a sense of gratitude, consciousness and familiarity but seen with new eyes, seen with a new you. Of course it’s not a new you. It’s the same you it’s always been, but let’s say the light’s been turned on, where before you were going through the motions in the dark, really unaware of what that experience was like for you, and now, in a sense, the light has been turned on. You begin to see yourself. You begin to notice yourself. You begin to have gratitude around this experience of life. You begin to bring reverence and ceremony to the rituals that you have been doing habitually. 

For some, it may not be about a cup of coffee in the morning, it may be about how you treat others, how you cooperate in the world with your fellow human beings. There will be an opening, a new energy to that, to assist you to bring light to darkness. When we say light to darkness, all we really mean is there’ll be awareness, consciousness brought to your life, so that you will become more in the know, let’s say. 

This will be a new concept for many of you; this idea that you are now aware of what you are doing, and perhaps a sense of gratitude will create a different world for you as humans, in community, in your families, in your cities, in your world, for this really is needed. It’s all part of the up leveling of vibrational energy. It’s all part of the New World, the New Earth, the fifth dimension, but this is not the fifth dimension yet. This is simply a stepping stone towards it. 

So as you move forward after hearing this message, become aware, notice, pay attention and you will find that your life will dramatically improve as gratitude and awareness fills more moments to assist you in feeling more alive, more connected, more fulfilled, more in touch with, not just who you really are, but who everyone really is. And this energetic shift will create a ripple effect that will have you feeling much more content. And with that, we are hopeful for a new energy and a new world for humanity. 

It seems like a small shift but this new consciousness effect will have a ripple much as the wave on the ocean, much as the butterfly flapping its wing in one place impacts the energy and another on the other side of your world. This is the level of impactful change that will happen as a result of this new energetic conscious awareness, coming online so to speak. You will notice, you will wonder, how this is happening? Go with the flow and allow yourselves to be guided by this new light of consciousness, this new light of awareness, this new knowing of who you really are and who everyone really is, which is the energy of love. And with that we are complete.