“For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever shall believe in him, shall never perish but have eternal life”. There are many dogmas in your world; beliefs, philosophies, practices, and interesting ways of being that you have created as humans to live your lives. We are not saying that any of these are right or wrong. That is like saying one planet is better than another. No, we watch and we are fascinated by your adherence to these philosophies and beliefs that have been created; they have in fact, controlled your life. This is not a bad thing. This has been part of the tapestry that has made your evolution as a species so fascinating and for many of you, in fact all of you, different incarnations have allowed you to experience different philosophies and beliefs and these experiences have given you a breadth of knowledge, a breadth of thinking, a wide variety of experiences with each other and with yourselves. 


Every philosophy, religion, dogma that has been created has been created with the intention of you understanding that there is a Divine, that there is a coming back to the self, a returning home let’s say a re-centering, for it is in the experience of recognizing that there is another energy, one of love, one of honor, that assists and allows you to see this separation of you and you, of you and us, of you and a Divine order that is love. This is a difficult concept perhaps for some of you to understand or recognize or even accept because you are so entrenched in these philosophies, belief systems and dogmas, but that is all changing on your planet now for the frequency, the energy that will be the more predominant one now, is one where you begin to recognize you, and the idea that this Divine order of love is not another person, is not another Master, is not another philosophy, but you; that you are the Master, you are the Divine, you have all that you need within you, and that in that honoring, you become and return to, God. 

It is this practice of returning to the self and recognizing that there is no separation. 


You do not need to return to another Master or Deity or God but that you are the Deity, the Master, the God. Now, this can take a little bit of wrapping your head around when your current incarnation has you believing so firmly and strongly in a certain philosophy. So, you do not need to sacrifice anything. You do not need to go through anyone else. You do not need anything else, other than the self awareness that you yourself carry the Divine flame within you and that that energy of that flame is love. It’s as simple as that. You are love. 

Now you’re not always aware of how to express that unconditional love, either for yourself or for others. This has been part of your practice of separation, but this practice of separation is now coming to a close, and over the next little while you will begin to recognize that God, love, the Divine is in each and every one of you and when you can recognize that you will begin to cease this separation experience, this following of dogma, this dedication to something called a religion for that educational and experiential time, is coming to a close, for the establishments that run these philosophies, these belief systems, these dogmas are no longer required when you as an individual are connected to you the Divine and when you can recognize that that energy exists within every individual, now that will be a shift on your planet. 


Of course, this shift is not going to happen overnight for there is deconstruction required of these structures let’s say, these patterns, these establishments, but that is happening, and slowly over time you as a species, you as a collective, as humanity, as individuals and as one group, you will begin to recognize and see that you are all the same and that that inherent love once recognized in the self, can then be experienced with all, with every person, recognizing that you are each and every one of you, the same. Now, your practices and behaviors do not always reflect this but that is because you have lived with this older energy, this lower frequency energy on the planet. 


Of course, this is history, this is your evolution, this is who you have been, how you have lived, what you have experienced, how you have grown, this has been the process. It is not wrong but the energy of the planet is shifting, as we have been continually telling you now for several years, and when that upgrades, when it increases, so too does your vibration level as an individual and as a collective, and that shifts your awareness. It shifts your philosophy. It creates for you access to new belief systems, to new ways of thinking, to new ways of philosophizing and to new ways of being. 

Being love: Instead of being these lower frequencies of separation, governed by the ego, which comes from an energy of fear, this shall no longer be the norm and right now, you are in this change. You are within its structure, within the frequency of change and so, you are, let’s say, in the dynamic, in the energy of shifting, and that dynamic energy of shifting can be quite tumultuous. It can be quite life changing, so be gentle with yourselves dear humans, as you move through this transformational time of deconstruction and reconstruction, or we would say more, a remembering of returning to the self, returning to the element of love and Divine energy that is within you at your core. 


When all is said and done, there will be a new energy that permeates your planet like a river, a river of love, of compassion, of empathy, of energy of understanding of each of you as the Divine, as love and right now you are in the process of the shift and so, this is not a comfortable time for you but it is an exciting adventure as you explore what was, what is and what can be. We are here to support you on this journey. We are you and you are us in different dimensions and timelines, and so we love you, and we support this evolution of you as a species as a, let’s say, offshoot of the Divine. So be gentle with yourselves dear humans, as you go through this shift, for it is an exciting evolutionary experience that has not happened before in this way. And recognize that at the end of this you will be in a very different, let’s say philosophical place, seeing each other in a new light, with a new frequency, in a whole new dimension, a returning to the Divine, to love and to yourselves, and with that we are complete.