Wanna know a secret?

Whether you consider yourself a success, a failure, or just getting by, you’ve got something special inside of you that you maybe don’t know about.  “It” is persistent consistency, and I call it your PC muscle! You’ll know you have it when you recognize yourself in a pattern, a habit, a routine. However, the thing about this PC muscle is that it can work FOR you or AGAINST you.

What’s yours doing?

Here are 4 ways to make sure you stay with it.

Know WHY you’re making this change.
When I decided to get fit it was because I’d just come back from Scotland and seen my mom looking like she was 6 months pregnant!  Obviously she wasn’t pregnant, but the typical middle aged spread and shared genes wasn’t lost on me.  I knew I never wanted to look like that.  Call it vain if you will (it was at the time), but this fear has driven me to stay slim and healthy, more now for health reasons than cosmetic ones.  When you can deeply connect to the BIG WHY that relates to your new behaviour you’re more likely to stay persistent and consistent.

Be Willing to Not Know What You’re Doing.
It was 2010 and I needed interim clients because I had decided to become a professional coach.   Maybe you were one of my clients back then?  Let’s just say I know I made a lot of mistakes, but I was determined to get that certificate.  I had a lot invested in it and needed it to work.  How much are you willing to invest when you don’t know if it will work and you don’t know what you’re doing?  It took 10 months, and $12,000 for me to get that qualification, and it was worth every hard earned minute and dollar. Be willing to take a risk and do something you don’t know how to.  Commit to learning and getting better.  Stay the course and make the effort.  By the end I guarantee you’ll be an expert in whatever you choose.

Change and Pivot When Necessary
How many times have you had to make alternate plans?  When have things not gone as smoothly as you’d like? There’s nothing more constant than change, and now more than ever, we must be able to change direction, pivot and refocus.  When my client Leisa had a personal crisis one morning in our scheduled session, we had to set aside what we were going to work on, and figure out how she could maneouver through what was going on in her life.  Can you or are you willing to see when you need to course correct, find a new plan, make different choices and still move forward? Nothing is ever lost when we do this.  Every time we continue with action, we are being persistently consistent, and it often works out better than expected.

Believe in Yourself
We often don’t think we can keep doing things when it’s hard, but speak to any new parent, early in the business entrepreneur or first year university student and you’ll hear “it’s hard” from them.  The difference is they believe in what they are doing and they stay committed to the end goal. Bite off more than you can chew.  Dream big.  Go for the goal.  Whatever it takes, believe that if you can think of, envision and connect to what you want, on some level, you’ve already achieved it.  Stay true to that core knowing and this will keep you going.  And don’t be afraid to get help.  Sometimes we need some assistance from a mentor, coach or guide, because it can be lonely climbing that mountain to the top.

And in these times of unprecedented uncertainty, it’s a challenge to be persistently consistent in handling the new and different challenges coming our way.  That’s why I’m here.

If you’d like to know how to move into 2021 (and who knows what that will bring), with a calm, focused and consistent way of being, let me help you.  Start by completing my intake form, and let’s see what’s needed for you to show up fully and shiny, just like the morning sun!  Or watch my FREE MASTERCLASS on How To Create Your Dream Life!  Find out in 45 minutes what it takes to really be FREE.