You're one step away from a Life You Love, especially if you're stressed out.


I was close to giving up and now I'm on a path of discovery and change.. 

HK, Sales Executive

The dark clouds have lifted and now I feel good. 

JF, Art Appraiser

Limiting beliefs were fueling me, and now I'm ferociously clear on who I am, and who I am not.

TV Writer

Gail Scott Trust Expert

Gail Scott’s mission is to ignite your hope and help you live your best possible life. Her personal journey of dysfunction and despair to Divine Awareness will truly inspire you. 

Using her lived experience, extensive training, and powerful intuition and spiritual knowing she will bring you to a deeper human connection, greater intimacy and increased trust in all areas of life with family, in love and at work.

"Gail has been a long time colleague and peer for many years.  In July of 2018, I was confronted with a physical ailment, and during a regular coffee meeting with Gail, she selflessly brought her metaphysical expertise to my situation.   Applying her unique coaching process, we discovered that past trauma was perpetuating my problem, and that this was having a bigger impact on my life, even more than I could have imagined.  

Gail gave so fully to get to the true heart of the problem, which on the surface initially seemed purely physical, but which we ultimately discovered was an “unconfronted” emotional wound. Her insight, intuition and grace in how she “coached” me was divine.

It was this session and time with Gail, that got me on a quest to truly love and accept myself and to make positive life-affirming changes. I have now embarked on a game changing weight loss/lifestyle program, begun meditating, and working on healing the inner me, as well as the outer me.

I cannot stress how important this was for me so if you are looking for a brilliant insightful guide, I highly recommend Gail."   


- DC, Author, Business Coach & Facilitator