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Watch how Gail Scott went from a physical, emotional and spiritual crisis to living with great health, success in life and love, and a deeper trust in herself and the Universe. Learn how she has helped others to do the same.


Gail Scott 

Trust Expert

Gail Scott’s mission is to ignite your hope and help you live your best possible life. Her personal journey brought her from dysfunction, to despair, and finally to Divine Awareness. Using her lived experience, extensive training, and powerful intuition and spiritual knowing she will bring you to a deeper human connection, greater intimacy and increased trust, especially with your family and in your partnership.

Working with Gail had me face my own self-imposed barriers and now I'm free with new possibilities emerging." 

MB, Realtor

I got to question the status quo and learned it was okay to put myself first."

GR, Realtor

I was at a crossroads in my life and I got straight what was important to me so I could move forward."

CH, Marketing Executive


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