What is the “impulse of your soul”, and how do you return to you? What does this mean? 


As spiritual beings in human bodies you come in for a physical experience, an incarnation, let us say, and in that experience, you forget who you are. This is true for almost 99% of you, for it is in the crossing over and the forgetting, that you begin to realize that there is a journey to be undertaken; the journey of the soul, the journey of the soul within the human body in a lifetime, on Earth and in essence, you are in school, boot camp, a process. You come in to experience various things. Some of them may be good. Some of them may be not so good. This is the essence of duality and in forgetting who you are, a spiritual being within a physical body, you get to have many experiences. You get to learn. You get to grow. You get to be. You get to do. And at the end of the day the entire experience is to assist you in returning to you. 

You may wonder, why is this the case? What is the point? 

The point is that you want to experience the variety of it all, but at the end of the day, the journey is the impulse of the soul to return to itself. Why would you do this? 

Each soul has a deep desire to experience all kinds of things and it is only by forgetting that you are a soul, a spiritual being in a human body, that you can have these experiences without any attachment. This may seem a little difficult to understand, the word attachment. What we mean by this is, you, you are not connected to yourself, the real you, during this time. However, the impulse of the soul is that at all times, you are deeply connected to the real you, to the soul, to the spiritual being that is housed within your physical body, and the journey is the returning to the knowing of who you really are. And who are you? You are a journey man or journey woman, a journey person, an element of the universe that wants to experience all kinds of things. 

Now on this journey, you will experience nudges from your soul. You see, your ego is created as a means with which to manage these journeys, these experiences. It is a useful tool for you as a human, for it brings to you an awareness of, let’s call them, rules. How to live, what to do, how to stay safe, how to experience life with others, how to bring meaning, how to understand, how to navigate this journey that you’re on, and all the while that your ego is, let’s say, calling the shots, in the background is the impulse of the soul. 

Now the impulse of the soul is the energy of love, is the energy of trust and faith. It is the energy of the all knowing. Knowing that you are love, the Divine, the Christ, the God Consciousness. The reason why you have the forgetting that you are this, is so that the ego can be developed, and so that you can have this life experience. There are many times the impulse of the soul is to give you nudges, knowings, let’s say, ideas of how to return to yourself. When we say return to yourself, we mean your true identity as love, and this is a challenge. It’s a challenge when you have an ego that is being run by the rules of the world that you live in. It’s not wrong. It’s actually part of the plan. It’s part of the game. It’s part of the experience. It’s part of the journey. 

The identity of the soul is revealed over time generally, but in many instances, often in childhood, you will have knowings from the soul that will assist you. Sometimes these knowings come in the form of dreams, angels, messages, intuitions, and often as children, they are scoffed and ignored by adults, for they are not connected as deeply to the soul as children are, and they do not understand this inherent knowing that can come to a child, for there’s less in the way, less ego let’s say. And it really depends on the journey that this soul has chosen to undertake, in a particular family or a particular situation, as to how much of those nudges and knowings will come forward. 

And so who are you really? You are a traveler. You are an explorer. You are an individual who seeks experiences in order to grow and learn and ultimately, to return to self, to become aware that you are the Divine. You are the Christ. You are the God Consciousness. You are in essence the energy of love. When you become aware that this is your truth, all pieces of the puzzle fall into place, and you can recognize who you really are.  You become awake to who you really are. You awaken. 

Now, many times you are actually always connected to the soul. You see what is happening in your life, but the idea that you have a strategy, a practice, a program, a way of being that has been created through the ego through other experiences that are not necessarily love, this is why it is difficult for you to be able to follow those nudges and these knowings, and often what happens in your life is that something major will happen, perhaps something tragic, perhaps something life altering and in that experience you find yourself faced with the dilemma of seeing who you really are, versus who you have become as a result of the life experience that you have had, and this is just part of the journey. You, as a human being and you, as a spiritual being and then you, as a spiritual being in a human being. 

And so, what is the point? The point is that your journey as a human is to have fun, to play, to learn, to be you and ultimately to return to Source, to return to love, to awaken to who you really are and this is the journey that you are all undertaking right now in a much greater way than you ever have before for it is time. It is time for you as a human being to return to soul, and to be that expression in the world. This is the journey of Ascension. This is the journey of Awakening. This is the journey of evolution of you as a being on planet Earth at this time, in this moment, for many of you are realizing that you are more than just your physical bodies. You are in essence an energy that gets to choose how it is being, and when you can connect back to that energy, that Divine knowing of self and of others, recognizing that you are love, and everyone is love, then the awakening process begins to happen. 

And so as you experience this life right now, you are beginning to know that you are more than just this physical body, that you are a spiritual body, within a physical human body, having an experience on planet Earth that is unlike any other experience you have ever known as a being. It’s a trip. It is one you signed up for, and as you move forward you will begin to realize more and more that the energy of the heart, not the mind, but the energy of the heart, not the brain, but the energy of the heart is where you truly reside, and when you can come from that place, you will find the peace that you are looking for, and when that happens, love will prevail, and heaven will return to Earth for you to enjoy the experience, and the ego and the soul will flow together, run by the impulse of the soul, and not the brain, but the soul, which is Divine love, God’s presence, the All Knowing, the love within, and with that we are complete.