Let me introduce you to my most recent new Collective who have made a connection with me with messages for all of us.  They are a smaller group than I normally communicate with but they are nonetheless here with a powerful loving message to assist us to integrate our Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine and help us move forward into the 5th Dimension.

Here are “The Revolutionaries Collective”.

Today is Friday November the 13th 2020. And this is Gail Scott channeling.We are a collective of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies. We call ourselves “The Revolutionaries” for we transit from one galaxy to another in the hope of being able to assist species with the experience of energy exchange.  This is a novel concept for you as humans for you generally do not exchange energies, certainly not at the conscious level.

And so, we bring this message, for it is revolutionary to you. For this is the dimension into which you are traveling, the fifth dimension, the dimension of love, heart energy, expanded consciousness and revolutionary change for you; for this is an energy into which you have not existed in the past, for the eons of evolutions that you have gone through has taken some time to develop and be initiated at each new level.

We, as a collective, are a smaller collective than this one is used to channeling, and yet we are no less powerful than the other ones that she brings through. For we are very centered in our being and we assist other beings with the transition into a more evolved feminine and masculine entity, we would say.  For each of you as a species, as a human being in the human species, it can encompass both feminine and masculine energies. There have been some difficulties for you, for the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine have exhibited themselves in separation for a very long time. And we are here as “The Revolutionaries” to assist you to, we would say, solidify the connection between these two energies. And so this is as we described, the energy exchange.

It is not so much an exchange, but an interrelatedness for the Divine Feminine. Although it was highly evolved many eons ago, it has chosen to take a step back in your evolution, in order for the Divine Masculine to come forward to create. This is a bit of a dichotomy, for it is in the Divine Feminine that the creative energy is more powerful, but that is a different conversation.

The Divine Masculine has an excess of power in the creative realm around technology, structure, materialism. This is not at the level of the Divine Feminine, so to speak. And so there has been a chasm, a separation between the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine over the last eons of time. And now, you as a species are evolving to a place where both Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine will integrate, interrelate, exchange in such a way that you can call upon each of these energies to become a more fully rounded being.

This is a new concept at this level, at this time, and this one will be experiencing more and more learnings and teachings through us in order to assist you at this time.

There are many different ways that you as a human being can embody your Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine.  This is not a gender issue for your genders are shifting, morphing and changing into all kinds of evolutions as you have already witnessed in the last century.  We are specifically relating to the energy with which you inhabit your physical form, incorporating energies of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine.

This will be a new experience for many of you, a new intellectual knowing, at an energetic level. This may sound like gobbledygook for many of you, who do not understand what we mean and so, over the next little while, we shall be interpreting this for you at an easier level for you to understand what this means.

The Divine nature of your being has been somewhat lost in, we would say, the evolution of your species at a physical level, and we shall be introducing new concepts and new teachings to you, in order for you to understand what it may mean. For some of you will need to understand your Divine Masculine more and some of you may need to understand your Divine Feminine more, and some of you may just need to up the ante on both of them.

And so, we are here as an introduction at this time, to introduce ourselves to you. And we call ourselves “The Revolutionaries”, for this will be a re-evolution of you, an individual soul in the human experience, and also you the human collective, as an experience as a collective.

And so what does this mean?

This means that your soul inhabits you and an individual body and an individual personality with an individual spirit having an individual experience on the planet. But it also means that the soul, the whole, the One, is also having an experience of you as a group of human beings, as a mass of human energy, and as a mass of spiritual energy and a mass of soul energy.

And so how do you as a collective energy, accumulate all of the learnings and teachings that you will integrate at an individual level, into the collective level? This is the journey. This is the experience that you will bring forward at this time and this one will be teaching you, through us, how to do that.

And so be prepared for new teachings to come forward, for new ways of thinking to come forward, for new ways of being to be introduced to you in order for you to be able to assimilate and be more integrated in both the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine. For the essence of feminine and masculine has lost its connection to the Divine in a greater way, and we will be bringing this forward for you with ways that you can embody more of a Divine nature, for moving into the fifth dimension, this essence of love will require you to be more connected to the Divine.

You may not understand what this means, and this is not important at this time. But we are very excited to be a new channel for this one, to enjoy the experience of bringing forward her experiences and learning and knowledge and wisdom, through our experience and knowledge and wisdom. And together, we will bring this forward for you as an individual and as a collective.

We surround you with the love of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine. And we are excited to begin this journey with you today. And with that, we bring you the essence of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine light and love to surround you and to open your eyes to new possibilities, new ways of being, new soul connections, new spiritual enlightenments for you on this journey that you are on right now. This is not a difficult journey, but it will be a journey nonetheless. And with that, we close our message to you today in love and light.