Today is January 21st, 2021 and this is Gail Scott channeling.

Good morning. Yesterday we talked about the energy that is bombarding your planet and today we wish to bring to you a new concept.  It is important that you empty your mind of any other ideas of what you have experienced so far in life, for things are shifting to such a degree that you will eventually not recognize your paradigm from what it is right now, to what you are moving into.  

Vision of the Future

This message is to give you hope; a vision perhaps, a sense of what is to come, for in this moment there is very little of that for the masses. So this message is directed to assist the masses in understanding what is happening at this time on the planet. 

It appears as though you are self destructing, that there is a contingency plan, perhaps contingency is not the correct word, however a plan for sure, by certain factions of your human population, to run things a certain way on your planet. This is indeed what is evident in your current time space reality, for you are being herded we would say, with messages and action steps that require you to follow certain rules. 

It’s an interesting concept for us to view this (we are the Barr Council, the 8th Dimension Galactic Council of Light) for this particular energy brings fear. It is an energy of control, manipulation, coercion, order to a certain degree, but not a freedom, and this is not in your future. Yes, it is in your current reality right now, but it is not in your future. We repeat, it is not in your future.

And so how do you navigate this time with the intellectual awareness that it’s not in your future?

It is as if you are playing a game on the court of life that you cannot get out of in this current moment, but you know you will not play, later on. 

How do you navigate this time as an individual?

Navigating the Now

It’s important that you understand that much as the game has to be played in order to get to the score, and it is not that there’s a winner or loser in this experience, you’re just simply having the experience of playing the game. 

Let us try and make this simpler for you. 

Your life is a game. You come here as a player. Part of that existence involves other players in the field, the court, the paradigm that you play, certain things transpire. Birth, life, death. In the journey of birth, life  and death, you understand that there are things to be experienced, lessons to be learned, so to speak.  It’s a game and you chose it. 

The exciting part for you as a human being is that you get to play in a polarity on planet Earth. The polarity of the third dimension (3D)  has been the paradigm that you have played in, living from the contrast of fear and love, and this has been for eons as a learning experience for many souls. it is not an easy experience, but it’s an experience nonetheless. It is the game.

Changes Coming

Your court we would say, is changing; the paradigm in which you play is changing. The old structure of fear must be viewed with a level of consciousness that you have never seen before, never known before, never had access to before, for in playing the game in a certain way, you had no reason to see it differently.  However, that’s all changing now, and so this paradigm of fear is being revealed to you. Now, you’re not going to like it, for your consciousness is suddenly aware of the pain that it has brought. Again, not good or bad, just simply an experience. As you move through this fear based paradigm, you may experience many emotions; regret, anger, sadness, even more fear, but again, we repeat, it is just the game. 

Your level of conscious awareness; it is this that will assist you in understanding what your experience has been like as a human being playing this particular level of the game so to speak. And when you can begin to see it this way, that each person is a player having their own experience, and that you as an individual are also having an experience, and that even you as a unit, a group, a community are also having an experience, you will be able to move through this faster. 

It is not that those individuals who are attempting to control and manipulate the situation are bad, evil, no good, however you wish to describe this polarity, they’re just playing their part in the game giving you the experience that was destined for those on planet Earth during this time space reality. 

What Can You Do?

Now, you will be noticing messages coming from ones such as this and other lightworkers whose conscious awareness is at a different level than yours. It is not that they are better than you, for it is just that they have a different level of conscious awareness. So as you move forward, begin to notice your own level of conscious awareness. Open up to the idea that life is a game, that you are a player, and that you exist within this paradigm, with all of these different scenarios in front of you.

As in a game on the court, you can move this way or that way. You can take the ball, you can give the ball, you can pass the ball, you can catch the ball, you can throw the ball, what will you do in your own area of the court, in the paradigm that is your life, on Earth, in this energy field in this current time? You get to choose how you play the game. You get to choose how you catch the ball, throw the ball, stand with the ball, look at other people with the ball.  

You get to be aware of your choices. For in the past, there was no level of awareness. That was the game. You did not know that you were playing a game.  You did not realize the different offerings that came with the game.  You didn’t even know that other people were players in the game like you, but as is being revealed to you now, it eases up the emotion of fear.  It lightens your load, so to speak. It gives you the opportunity to be in choice. So when you notice that the way that you are playing the game is bringing fear, unrest, sadness, or any negative emotion, you can in that moment should you choose to, change it, for is only a choice of how you are playing the game.  It is not stagnant. It is not static. It is evolving. It is in motion. 

Energy In Motion

Are you aware that your life is a series of energetic motions; energetic motions, governed by e-motion, energy in motion? 

As you live your life, in energy, for you are energy, everything is energy, the game is energy and it is constantly in motion. How do you now choose with your conscious awareness to manage that energy in motion? When we say that what we mean is, which emotion will you choose with conscious awareness to live your life through? Will it be the emotion of fear or will it be love? 

The paradigm on your planet is shifting from 3D, the third dimension, where everything that you were aware of was built through your five senses. The paradigm is shifting now to a higher level of dimensional reality. You are ultimately moving towards what is called the fifth dimension (5D). This dimension has an energetic motion that is a higher frequency than the third dimension, and that higher frequency uses energetic motions such as love, peace, harmony, tranquility, calm, joy, passion.  

Emotion and Frequency

You can see that these emotions are far more favorable to you in your physical human incarnation experience, and yet you as a species at this time have been so ingrained in the lower dimensional frequencies of the third dimension, fear, stress, worry, unrest, control, that you are in a sense, shifting out of that lower energetic frequency, and into this newer one but you’re not quite there yet. There is a transition period that you as a human being on planet Earth must go through, and this is the difficulty that you experience right now. For all of this negative (and we call it negative but it is not negative, it is negative to you for it is a physical experience that is less than pleasant), we shall call it lower frequency, energetic motion, emotion of fear and worry and stress is now being revealed to you in your conscious awareness, and it is not a simple process, for it is an evolution for you to move through that conscious awareness (we call this the fourth dimension (4D)), so that as you transition through this conscious awareness of these lower frequencies, you are then given the choice to move into the fifth dimension.

And as a galaxy, your entire energetic frequency is being upgraded in order to allow you to assist you to move to this place, and you are in the process.  The game is changing as you are playing it, and morphing and moving forward into this new paradigm. It is almost as if the earth, the ground beneath your feet is changing, and you are attempting to stay grounded on this earth.  This is exactly what is happening, so it will be a little unsettling. You will feel ungrounded. You will feel unsteady for everything that you know to be true is shifting and morphing into something new. 

The Impact on Others

What are you going to do as you navigate this? 

For some; some choose to leave, for it is too difficult for them and their soul has not finished their experience of the third dimension. So they will choose to leave in whatever form that may come, at their own spiritual level of experience and there’s nothing you or anyone else can do about that for that is their own reality check. They, in a sense will say, “I’m out of here”. This will be very disconcerting for some of you for you would have hoped that they would stick around. However, this transition from 3D to 5D is difficult for a soul, for you, as an incarnated human being and so let go of that, for there are many others on your planet now who are, in essence, moving forward into this new dimension. 

There are many teachers, we call them Starseeds, Lightworkers, who are here specifically at this time to assist you in this transition of moving through this energetic motion paradigm in order to help you navigate it. They bring tools and strategies and ideas in order to make the transition easier, for it is a transition, and it is not easy. So they bring strategies to help you be more grounded on this unsteady playing field that you find yourself called planet Earth. 

This description is here to assist you in understanding what is happening for it appears as though everything is breaking apart, and it is but only to be reformed in at a very different energetic level. Everything is shifting and we are supporting you with these messages and more, to assist you in staying grounded on your planet Earth as it also goes through an energetic motion shift. 

We love you here in the galaxies, and we are here to guide you through this change. Do not be afraid of what is to come for this already exists in a future time space reality. But as on earth, time is… how should we describe this … time is a tool that you can use to have the experience, to play the game, to be in conscious awareness of it,  in it, to live through it, to experience it, to play the game in a sense. 

Yes, it appears as though everything is very unsettled and it is, but as you move forward, as you upgrade your energetic body, awareness, knowledge, you will open up to more love, to more stability, to more light in a sense, and we say that metaphorically as well as physically. 

Help is Close By

There are individuals available such as this one, to help you feel more grounded, understand what’s going on and navigate the change. Use them. Listen to them, be guided by them, work with them, so that your conscious awareness can integrate these changes faster, unless of course you’re one of those beings that have decided that that is not for you and you no longer wish to play the game, in which case in a sense, we’ll see you on the other side, for you should move forward into a different time space reality to continue your life as a being, whether it is human or not.

Little ones on planet Earth, this is a tumultuous, changing, wonderful in fact, experience that you are going through; a time like no other, an exciting opportunity for growth and expansion at a consciousness level that you have not had before. See this as a game, you are a player, as is everyone else.

Moving Forward

We will bring more messages to assist you later as you move forward.  Be at peace by learning how to elevate your own vibrational level through the things that bring you joy, through listening to your lightworkers, being in a state of unity rather than separation, for unity is where you are intending, and unity shall be the final result. 

We love you very, very much and we are supporting you as you go through this transition. This is the Barr Council, an 8th Dimension Galaxy Counsel of Light, and with that we are complete.

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