Men and women have struggled to get along for centuries.  

Are we equal, different or the same?

The following message will help you to understand a little of the history of the Feminine and Masculine and women and men, and will bring some guidance on what to look forward to in the future.

Today is November 29 2020, and this is Gail Scott channeling. 

We are here to further the conversation that we started surrounding the feminine and masculine polarities on your planet within your species. This is a conversation that will continue for some time, for the dynamics of these two polarities is in a state of flux. This state of flux has been permeating your societies for many decades, for the old ways prior to the Second World War are no longer valid we would say, for the lifestyles and energies which are now present and coming onto your planet. 

Many young people are aware of the changes, and have no judgment or concern regarding these shifts in human perspectives and experiences. And we are here to augment what has already been said around the introduction of an advanced level of light and love, love and light. For you as a species have been polarized, and this polarization began to shift during the Second World War when women, the feminine, the female, were required to move into a more masculine energy environment and produce work that had been solely restricted to the male domain of your species. 

It is not to say that there were not women prior to this who were exhibiting many masculine energy practices, however for the masses this was not generally accepted. And this is as a result of the intense Iron Age Kali Yuga energy that had been inflicted on to your planet at the time, and for eons prior to this.  This Iron Age Kali Yuga energy, much like the energy of iron, was dense, heavy, non negotiable and conflicted. It was an energy with which the patriarchy thrived. It is not to say that this energy was a bad one, or to give it any negative light. It is simply to say that this was an evolution of your time where the Divine Feminine chose in a sense to step back many eons ago to allow the Divine Masculine to come forward. However, unfortunately, due to the Service to Others element, the Divine Masculine was not able to be forwarded, and a very strong patriarchal, masculine energy came into being, subduing the feminine in a way that had not been anticipated. And unfortunately for the feminine, the energies that were displaying this masculine patriarchal system did not allow for any freedom of the feminine in women, or in men. 

And so there was a great divide, an uneven environment for human beings, where many of the masculine traits became, in a sense, bullying behaviors, overpowering, strong armed, we would say. And the Divine Feminine choosing to protect itself stepped back, knowing that a future convergence and timeline would create an opening and an opportunity for it to return, and this is the place where you are sitting right now.  

Of course, it was necessary for the feminine to begin to stand up so to speak, against this patriarchal masculine energy, and by being given the opportunity to provide assistance and production through themselves during the Second World War, this was the natural progression of the feminine to begin to exert itself.  The masculine at that time was extremely powerful and strong, and so, as you have seen in your history books, much disagreement, oftentimes violence, and strength was required by the feminine to exert themselves and this still holds true to this day for the patriarchal masculine is not respectful, nor is it co creative or collaborative with the feminine as yet. And despite the fact that the feminine has, we would say in a sense edged itself more into the masculine in order to be heard, this is simply a swing of the pendulum and it will return to a more equal place. 

Equality is not what is the name of the game here. It is not essential that men and women, or any of your species, consider themselves equal to another for inherently they are.  This is a knowing rather than a learning. However, that has yet to be foreseen for you have much that influences your knowing at this time, but over time as the feminine begins to, we would not say take a stronghold, but exert themselves more and more and begin to show the masculine that they are in fact, a very supportive source, together. And together is the word that must be used for it is not a successful venture for only one polarity to, in a sense be in charge, for this never works.  

There is inequality when this is the realm and so, you are sitting in a place of transition right now.  You are noticing that the feminine in the workplace do not, are not given the opportunity to be fully in their divine feminine, that they are still struggling with matching the patriarchal masculine.  This will fall away, for as you can see in the government bodies in many of your countries, the Divine Feminine is very capable of being powerfully in charge in a way that creates better results for you as a species than masculine patriarchy. 

It is simply an evolution over time, where things will shift. It is not to say that the masculine will never be in charge again. It is more the idea that both masculine and feminine can collaborate, co create and co exist with some peaceful negotiations, recognizing the gifts that both bring to the table. This is true not only in your government systems but in all businesses and in families and relationships. And this will take time for there are changes still to occur at a cellular level within your body structures, patternings to be shifted, so that the hearts may open more and so that you may recognize the benefits of both polarities within each individual in any relationship, negotiation or venture. 

Collaboration is the name of the game, but collaboration cannot happen until there is mutual respect for the other. And this is the essence of our message today that we would suggest that you begin to view each other, not necessarily more from an equal perspective, but from a similar perspective, that what one has, the other has.  We do not say equal, because in a sense, each person has a different level of polarity of feminine and masculine within them, and so in a sense yes you are equal as an individual person, but your polarities are not equal. And it is not that they be equal either, for for some have chosen to exhibit and live more from the feminine polarity and for others, their experience will be better served by sitting more in the masculine polarity. And as we mentioned in our previous transmission, for many of you, you will be working on integrating both polarities in different ways in order to be more respectful of the other. It is not that one is better than the other either, it is that these polarities blend, shift, morph and co create together in order for you to have a full mind body spirit experience on the planet, alone and with each other. 

And so understanding the benefits of each of these polarities is in essence, a good starting point for you. And so begin to notice within yourselves and within each other, who exhibits which, and how. And as you do so, noticing where the feminine creates more calm, more centeredness, more equilibrium and how the masculine creates more order, structure and definition, and how they balance each other out, and dance with each other within any individual’s experience of life.

We will bring another message to you which will explain this in more detail in such a way that it will be downloaded into you so that upon hearing it, you will begin to recognize and notice this, not even with yourself but with others also. But for now,this transmission has been to give you more information, a little on the history and a little on the future of what is coming. And so we trust that this makes sense to you, and if it does not, please discuss this with this conduit or channel, for she is well able to help you understand this more fully at an individual and the collective level. 

We are the Revolutionaries Collective and we are very pleased to be here to assist you during this transition, this monumental time in your species’ existence on planet Earth. We surround you with love and light, light and love and we bring direction, hope, inspiration and the willingness to seek a new normal moving forward for the good of all in the galaxies. 

And with that we are complete.