The evolution of your planet is something that we would say was predestined. It has been “in the works”, so to speak, for a very, very long time, almost from the beginning we would say.

You may ask “what does this mean, predestined or in the works?”. 

We would relate to you the story of the Garden of Eden, where Adam and Eve and the snake and the apple existed, and it was inevitable that change would occur; that they would not live idyllically without contrast in that environment forever and ever. 

For it is in the essence of the universe to evolve. It is in the essence of humanity to shift and morph and change. It is in the essence of all energetic forms to recreate itself. So, this is true also of your planet, of you as a species, and of everything that is known, and unknown. 

Now, “how is this significant to you?” 

To know that it has been an inevitability that this change would become your new normal, it is only in the raising of your consciousness, both as a planet, as a species and as individuals, that you would become aware of the need for change. For prior to that, just as Adam and Eve had no idea in the Garden of Eden that there was such a thing as shame, presence, image or feelings, other than the idyllic feelings they were having living in that environment, it is the same with you today, on your planet. For in the lack of ability to be aware of the way things really are, you could say that you as a species were existing within your own little garden of Eden. Of course, it was not idyllic.

But this is the essence of a lack of awareness where all that is known, is what is present,and without that higher level of consciousness you have no concern for how different it could be. For you do not have access to the possibilities that abound with a higher level of consciousness, but this is changing for you now, for in the essence of shifting out of that level of consciousness, you are now becoming aware that the Garden of Eden so to speak, or life on planet Earth could actually be very different, from what you have experienced for so long and so this is the growth process.

Much as you as a species grow from baby to toddler into child, into a young adult and then adult, it is an evolutionary process for you, and is exactly the same idea with your planet and with you as a species in general.  You could say that over the thousands and thousands of years of this particular timeframe within the existence of your planet in this solar system, and the existence of your species, on this planet in this solar system, that you have matured, or we would say more, maturing.  You are maturing into a more aware version of your species. 

Now, there are some growing pains as this happens, much as the child that moves into pre adult, and then adult. And you would all recognize the challenges that come to the individual in their preadolescence and adolescence. For this is something that you are moving through, and it shall take some time. 

And now you may ask, “how is this relevant to me, in this moment, today?” 

Much as the poor teenager has to deal with hormonal shifts, emotional state changes, and new awarenesses of who they are and what they want and what is important to them, it is exactly the same for you as an individual. As your level of consciousness expands and increases, you are now in this state of moving through this, so that you too can decide “Who are you? What do you want? What is important to you? Who are you evolving into?  And this is at every level; mental, emotional, physical, spiritual.

So as you transition through this timeframe, be gentle with yourself. We recognize that this may be a challenge for you for this is a new experience for you as a species in this time space reality. But this is not something that many of you as souls, have not already experienced in many other forms, and so we repeat earlier recommendations to you, that you use the experience of peace on your planet, to assist you with this.

For example, getting out and being in nature for your planet abounds with beautiful experiences that can calm you and bring joy to your hearts.  Being beside water, in your mountains, being with the trees; all of these experiences have a very grounding effect for you at a consciousness level, energetically, and especially physically, allowing your form to “ground itself” into the consciousness of your planet Earth. 

We also recommend becoming quiet within yourselves; deep breathing, water baths, meditation. It is a simple solution for you but not an easy one for you have created for yourselves many other distractions that you believe instead are the antidote to this sense of ungroundedness.  Using chemical shifts such as alcohol and food is not in essence a very good possibility. It’s one way of being but it is not very effective when it comes to these times that you are going through, unless of course you are using high quality, high level consciousness nourishment, for example, organic foods, fruits and vegetables, clean water, fresh air. 

These are the recommendations that we bring to you. Though they may seem simple, they are extremely effective in assisting you in moving through this transitionary period. It may seem a little trite to say that we recommend fruits and vegetables, for does that not remind you of the apple in the Garden of Eden? And yet it is these kinds of beautiful, organic, nourishing sources that will in fact raise your consciousness level. Anything that is processed or full of sugar, or anything that impacts you at a psychological level is not the best source of nourishment for you. 

Be gentle with yourselves recognizing that it is not a quick fix, for that will not assist you in this ascension process. And this is exactly what you are experiencing, an ascension process, similar to Adam and Eve when their level of consciousness is raised in that moment in that story (which is of course simply a story from your past). 

It is the same, we would say, kind of experience, except that this time you are moving out of the darkness and into the light. Use the light therefore to assist you to acclimatize yourself to the new level of light. And with that use light filled experiences; being in your sunshine, clean water, fresh air, peaceful situations, being at one with nature, and replenishing your energy source with gentle, loving actions. 

This is the Barr Council of the 8th Dimension. We bring these recommendations to you to assist you at this time as you go through this challenging experience, and with that we are complete.